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Wrong Place, Wrong Time

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I took father's book to Crowley yesterday. He accepted it with as much grace as I could expect, I guess. One door closes, like they say.

Some kind of sermon was going down at the cathedral, so I stayed to listen. The words were hopeful, but there were uncomfortable echoes of things I've heard so many times before.

I assumed he was just another church man. He was dressed like just another church man. Slightly more glowy and shiny, sure, but otherwise, you know, churchy, but it turned out he had his own Order and was just using the space? I guess his words were churchy, so why would they object.

He left an open invitation, but I don't know. Perhaps if I find a chance to speak to him privately, but I can't just go throwing my faith behind every person who declares the Light is their guiding star. There have been so many of them, and every single one of them has failed me. At least in Dalaran, the leadership doesn't pretend to know the will of the universe. They just throw their own personal power behind whatever seems like the right thing.

Figured since I had the time I would check out that Coalition group. I learned more about Alliance politics than I could ever get from the Kirin Tor, that's for sure. There were more of them than I was expecting. They're barking up the wrong tree if they think they can work with the Horde, though. It was a good question to ask, if it was okay to be neutral, but how is that legitimate while they're being led by someone who makes it her mission to torture the dead, our dead. 

There are enough organizations fighting the Legion. If everyone at that table wants to help fight demons so badly, they can go join any one of those gangs. The Kirin Tor are bad enough, just letting anyone walk through the doors. I get to talk with Horde all day if I want. Why would I want to here? If anyone should be drawing lines in the sand, it's the Alliance.

But people do what people do. See how it goes, huh.

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