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Sanjay, The Desert Wind

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Full Name: Sanjay, Alexander III Redjay

Nicknames: Sander, Desert Wind, Doctor Jay

Date of Birth: May 21

Age: 36

Race: Burning Steppes Human (Descendant)

Gender: Male

Sexuality: Heterosexual

Hair: Black, shaved head, bushy beard

Skin: Dark brown

Eyes: Dark Brown

Height: 6'

Weight: 210 lbs

Place of residence: Dalaran Apartment

Place of Birth: Lakeshire, Redridge Mountains

Known Relatives: Alexander II Redjay (father), Joanna Redjay (mother, deceased)

Religion/Philosophy: Pandaren Spirituality

Occupation: Monk of the Broken Temple, Licensed Medical Practitioner

Group/Guild affiliation: Steward of the Twilight Empire

Enemies: The Sha, Mantid, Cultists of the Old Gods and the Black Empire, The Burning Legion, Nyomi of Suramar

Likes: Snakes, physical exercise, brewing

Favorite Foods: Cinnamon ginger snap cookies

Favorite Drinks: Black coffee

Favorite Colors: Green

Weapons of Choice: Staff, fists

Dislikes: War, hypermasculinity, the color red, recruitment of child soldiers

Hobbies: Researching medicine, brewing tea, mixing coffee, distilling beer, meditation, exercise

Physical Features: Large, muscular build. Dark skin and black hair. Shaved head and thick, bushy beard. Dark brown eyes, thick and bushy eyebrows. Scar over right eyebrow. Multiple surgery scars at the small of his back.

Special Abilities: Healing mists channeled through his staff and body. Physical excellence at its peak, as with all Pandaren monks. Spiritually in-tune, and able to commune with spirits and cleanse bodies possessed with dark spirits. Incredibly fast runner, and has high stamina to boot.

Positive Personality Traits: Warm, caring, and supported. Loyal and dependable. Hard-working and thinks practically. Patient and always willing to lend a hand for long-term projects.

Negative Personality Traits: Humble and shy, unwilling to step in even when he knows he can improve something. Strict sense of duty and a moral code. Easily overloads himself by working too much, and never asks for a lighter load. Won't argue a point unless he has to. Reluctant to change his mind on something; stubborn. Easy to manipulate.

History: Born to an illustrious Stormwind military family in Redridge, Alexander III Redjay was destined for a life of military service at the insistence of his father, Alexander II. During the conflict with the orcs of Orgrimmar, the night elves of Ashenvale called on their new Alliance partners, the humans of Stormwind. Alexander served in a battle in Ashenvale against the Warsong Raiders as a combat medic, having already shown an aptitude for medicine. During the battle, a cannonball shattered his spine, leaving him paralyzed and incapable of continuing his military service.

Drifting from his disappointed family, Alex  pursued his medical degree in Stormwind, often held back by his confinement in a wheelchair. After many years of hardships and isolation, Alex  earned his doctorate. Then, he shifted his focus to repairing his body. He investigated hundreds of claims from doctors, surgeons, physicians, magical healers, and spiritualists the world over to try and repair his paralysis, but all of them proved to be unable to repair his broken back. Still dissatisfied with his life, Alex  began using his inherited wealth to pursue selfish luxury and pleasure. His father confronted him and warned him to stop wasting his life and his family’s hard-earned wealth, but Alex told the man off angrily and bitterly. His disappointed father departed, cutting his son off from the family and the remainder of his inheritance.

After the mists lifted from Pandaria, Alexander half-heartedly travelled there with what was left of his wealth. Upon arriving, he found himself captivated with the beauty of the land, and enamored with the philosophy and lifestyles of the people. He spent the next few years training to repair his broken spirit, and upon lifting his downtrodden haze, he found his body responded, and he slowly regained the use of his legs, and dedicated himself to the preservation of the land that had granted his rejuvenation. He continued his training as a monk until he reached physical perfection and learned the healing arts of the serpent and crane styles.

Now imbued with new power, having cleansed his spirit, restoring his body, and reaching new heights as a healer, Alex cast aside the past that had embittered him so he would never be dragged down by it again. He cast aside all he had from his past, his possessions, his wealth, and his name. He took on the name Sanjay, and his new title of Desert Wind. With this new identity, he roamed the world to spread a philosophy of balance, peace, non-aggression, and spiritual purity.


(The Chakras, Yin and Yang, and the Caduceus Staff. Represent Sanjay's tangential relationship between spiritual and physical, his balancing of the two, and his engagement in spreading his balance to others through the art of medicine.)



(Appearance from Elder Scrolls Online)

Sanjay ESO.jpg



Sanjay Profile ESO.png

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