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Dalaran Nights

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Aethere is a love bird.  He loves birds, love, and flying.  And whenever he got a chance to watch birds spread their wings and fly like it was a late night in Dalaran with the Moon up high, he did.  In fact, Aethere was quite the Moon aficionado.  He followed it's cycles and prayed to it whenever he was feeling lonely and wanted something to warm up to.

"Ah yes, late nights in Dalaran.  How I enjoy you!"  Aethere was thinking out loud.  After all, this was a late night in Dalaran and no one was around.

He moved over to the Antonidas statue and began to pray.  "Moon Goddess.  Thank you for always protecting me.  Guiding me.  And providing me with warmth, oh so many nights!"  He smiled.  He began to imagine what the Moon Goddess would say to him.  "Of course, my Aethere!  You are but a majestic play toy for me!  I enjoy your company.  And I enjoy setting you up with all those beautiful lovelies!"  He could see the Moon Goddess' form in his mind caressing her sumptuous body around the crescent Moon.  She really was a looker.

Aethere really didn't understand how the Moon, and its Goddess, worked.  It was a complete mystery to him.  "You realize, oh perfect Goddess, that I only want a simple life with Saelene.  Why do you thrust me upon these lovelies!  I mean, it is a blessing, but Moon Goddess, it feels so wrong!"  Aethere was trying to be genuine.  "I love your satire, my play toy.  We do get along well.  Aethere, how do you think the Moon Goddess loves her people?  By letting them drink moon water all day? NO!  They need love making and joy.  And my play toys like you allow my beautiful women to enjoy some love!"  Aethere still looked confused.  "But surely, you could utilize young, single, elves.  Not an aged married elf like me!" "Oh my Aethere.  You do not understand my women!  They are not disciminatory.  They enjoy the finer things in life too.  Your age matters very little to them!"  "if you say so.  Well I shall not let you down.  If you wish me to make someone happy, I will.  Saelene is supportive of my beliefs of you, thankfully, the loving wife that she is."  "Of course Aethere!  Who do you think convinces Saelene to allow our escapades!  It is *I* of cousre!"  "Well that would make sense then.  Thank you oh beautiful Moon Goddess for your blessings.  I will always do as you ask!"  "Thank you, my play toy."

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"Hi."  The kind girl greeted Aethere in his shop.

"Hello.  I think we've met, haven't we?  I'm Aethere."

"Yes, stupid.  I know you."  She huffed and proceeded to look busily around the shop for something.  "Oh my.  You don't have Fuzz Essence!?  What kind of a magical goods shop is this!  How do you expect me to shop here?"

Aethere was taken aback.  "I... I'm sorry ma'am?  I've never heard of Fuzz Essence."

"Oh well.  No matter I can get it elsewhere.  Do you at least have Mana potions!?"

"Oh yes, we have lots."  He gently passed her some.

"Yes yes, this will do for now.  I'm very busy you know."  She was quite rude to him.  Aethere took it in stride and was very polite back anyways.  "Can you deliver for me?  I can't be bothered to show up to this, rather... boring shop.  I live nearby.  Meet me at my house at 9pm, would you?  I need about 100 Mana potions."

Aethere was shocked by such a large order.  She was obviously rich.  And probably powerful too.  "Well we don't normally do deliveries ma'am.  But I would be happy to."

"For magic's sake, Aethere, you know who I am.  I've met you many times!  Just call me Jaron."

"Yes, Jaron, my apologies.  I see a lot of faces in this shop.  I will be sure to be there right at 9pn like you asked!  I will offer a 20% discount on such a large order!  We have them in stock of course.  I look forward to delivering them for you!"

She simply huffed again and was off.

That evening he rounded up the 100 mana potions and magically levitated them alongside him as he walked to her house she provided directions for.  "Heck I didn't even know there was houses here.  Wow they are nice."  He knocked on the door.  It was 11:20 pm now, he was terribly late.  Saelene had him busy cleaning up from a long day.  "Jaron.  Here are your Mana potions!  I do hope they are up to your standards.  My sincerest apologies for being late."  Without blinking an eye she pulled him in very close and passionately enveloped her lips onto his.  Aethere didn't know what to do, so he just went with it.  The potions all fell to the ground and some shattered.  That was of little concern to the new couple at this point.  "Take off your shirt.  We're doing this."  She quickly remarked to him.  Aethere said nothing and they headed for the closest object that could handle their weight.  It was a small office table that had a few papers on it.  It seemed she was a secretary in whatever place this was.  "Wait!  Are there people working here?  I heard someone!"  Aethere quietly yelped to her.  "Yes, but they're too busy working to know the difference.  Shut up and finish this!"  There wasn't really any time to get all their articles of clothing off.  There was important business to do.  Someone upstairs seemed to be talking business.  "Yes sir.  That's right sir.  We can set that up for you if you'd like?"  Aethere paused.  "How can we do this like this??  There's people talking!  How can you concentrate on this?"  "Shut up stupid.  I do this all the time!  Hurry up!"  Aethere barely worked up a sweat and it was over.  She threw his shirt into her closet as a sort of trophy and pushed him out the door without bothering with the Mana potions which were splayed out on the walkway outside.  "Please show up on time next time!"  She wasn't mad.  In fact, she seemed rather pleased by the transaction.

"Something tells me her business is not with Mana potions."  Aethere was right, for once.

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"Aethere.  I have an interesting gift idea for us!  I want a statue that looks kind of like me, but really jazzed up!  It would be perfect for your desk when I'm not around, you know?"

"Sounds lovely!"

"Great.  Here's some gold.  It's a gift of me, from me!  There's a wonderful statue shop over in Ironforge.  Please go there, it's got a statue that's perfect."  She drew a likeness of it onto a small piece of paper and folded it up and passed it to me.  "You'll have to dress like a night elf.  Just put some paint on your skin, they'll think you're an Alliance member."  "This sounds dodgy. You sure about this?"  "Trust me, this statue is worth it!"

Aethere liked the idea of having a likeness of his wife on his desk so he began the long trek over to Ironforge.  When he left it was midday, by the time he arrived in the great city it was nearly dusk.  "I hope the shop is still open!"  He made it just in time.  There were two really nice looking Night Elves working there.

"Hello there!  You're looking like you need a gift!"

"As a matter of fact, I do!  How did you know?"

"Oh we know our customers when we see them!  What you looking for?"

Aethere carefully pulled out the paper Saelene had drawn the likeness of the statue on.  He was trying very careful to act like a NIght Elf, but he was pretty sure they were on to him but didn't seem to care anyways.  When she saw the paper she nearly dropped it.  "Oh this.  Yes of cousre Mister.  What did you say your name was?"  "Galatia.  Aethere Galatia."  She tripped on a shelf nearby and asked again.  "Oh I'm sorry I thought you said Galatia.  Haha!  What's your name?"  "Galatia."  "Oh.  Okay then...  Well here's the statue."  She pulled a rather dull looking statue that just happened to be close to her and handed it to him.  "Well then that's 2 copper.  You'll be on your way then?"  Aethere knew there was some funny business going on.  "Actually that statue way up there looks like the right one in fact.  Do  you mind retrieving it for me?"  It was clearly located somewhere that it was basically not to be sold.  But after seeing the remarkable detail on the statue Aethere knew this beauty was coming home with him.  He pointed up to it and smiled.  "Oh, that one!  Of course Mr. Galatia.  My apologies."  She huffed and went and retrieved the ladder.  When she returned Aethere swore she was wearing a little less clothing, but wasn't sure.  She glanced him in the eye slyly.  "Oh you know what?  That one happens to be 10 gold!  Wow... Well surely you don't have that kind of money.  I'm afraid you'll have to choose another one!"  Aethere smiled.  He pulled out a sack of about 120 gold pieces and clanked a bunch into his palm.  Her eyes met the stash with a smile.  "Oh very well then!  I would love to set you up with this lovely piece!"  About 10 minutes later, after her rather poorly trained ladder work was done she got it up onto the counter to allow me to pay for it.

"So how do you like it?"

"I'm sorry?"

"You know?  Quick and dirty?  Slow and steady?  Or just realllly long."

Aethere literally had no idea what she was talking about.  "I'm sorry, I'm not from around here... Darnassus you know? right?"

She grabbed the whole 120 gold pieces from him.  Then she pulled off her shirt slowly.  So slowly that Aethere really had no option but to allow her.

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"Mr. Galatia.  I have a question for you."

"You do?"

"I do."

It was a pretty average meeting for the couple.  Drinks over dinner.  Well if you can call cherry cheese cake dinner.  It was their favorite meetup spot, as friends.  A really nice restaurant in Silvermoon.  "Who needs dinner when you can have cherry cheese cake?"  Was their running joke.

"We really should keep meeting like this.  It helps me keep my knowledge of Dalaran in order."

"We should?"

"We should."

Nikala was pretty well known in Silvermoon.  Her contact list was very high end... and mostly exclusive.  Some of Silvermoon's strongest male Elves.  All wealthy, all with refined taste.  Aether was no exception.  He was a strong (mentally) male Elf from Silvermoon, or Dalaran we weren't really sure which, with refined taste.  He fit the bill.

"Same time next month?"

"Of course, Nikala!  I always enjoy our cheese cake parties!"  The couple chuckled.  "How you convince Saelene that this is valuable business connections for your shop is beyond me.  But hey, I'll take your cheese cake Galatia if you are offering."

"I always offer free cherry cheese cake for my "business associates"."

"I've noticed.  I've also noticed a few other things about you."

"What's that?"

"That we should really have dinner."

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