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What is a memory

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"Hrmmm... curious?"  Aethere pondered over his latest potion.

"Curious?  It kills you three nights in a row, is too addicting to stop using it, tastes beyond measure, costs one copper, and all you have to say is 'curious'!?  Oh, yeah I'm curious alright.  What did you have in mind?"  Saelene was having fun with him.

"Weellll.  What I had in mind was if I can imbue it properly I can forget whatever happened to me and hopefully pour this drink into those who saw it all go down.  And I think I finally figured out a way to make it work."

"Well now I am curious.  You think this will work?"

"It will work.  A few sips of this and my so called "friends" won't know I ever existed."

Aethere seemed happy.  After all, it was an enormous mess he had created last he left Dalaran and the shop.  He'd attracted the attention of more than a few dread lords and rallied a few Horde to his cause.  And *may*, just *may*, have reallllly bad-mouthed the Alliance.  Yeah... darned fel.  Always making a fel of things.  Well this was Aethere's plan to wash it all away.  Make them forget he existed, wipe his own memory, and move on.


*A few months later*

"Curious..." Aethere was pondering his latest customer.  "The customers are getting more creative.  Now they ask for me by name."

"Oh I'm curious alright.  I'm the one supposed to be doing the selling.  I'm the pretty face.  You're the behind the scenes guy.  You're taking my job!"  Saelene was having fun with him.

"No no, not that.  She knew my name!  I wiped her memory months ago.  This is... most unwelcome news."

Saelene nodded at the expression.  "Well then.  I supposed it's time for plan "Ignite The Flame" then?"

Aethere nodded.  "It is indeed."  He had dreaded this day, but it had come.

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"Khadgar.  Good news.  I'm fat, jolly, overly optimistic, arrogant, way too confident, and peaceful."  Aethere seemed to be in good spirits.

"Oh... great?  And senile too I see.  How's our best enchanter supposed to work like this?"  Khadgar knew Aethere's ploy.

"Senile?  Wonderful.  I am... complete.  Can you inform the Council?  My plan has failed Khadgar.  They're coming back.  The memories...  and the customers.  They aren't going away.  These people want either their money back, revenge, more power, more magical essence, or just to burn down the shop and the rest of Dalaran with it."

"Ah! It is you!  Aethere!  Knew I'd find you somewhere behind that mask of jollity and fat!  So what's the plan this time friend?  Shall we reinstate you as "Leader of the Kirin Tor" then?  That's guaranteed to make a stir!  The mages here seem to enjoy following a new leader each week anyways."

Aethere chuckled.  "Since when did you have a sense of humor?  We're supposed to be tired from war and overly concerned about mage stuff.  You know, like magic missiles."

"Don't label me!  If i want to be funny, I'll be funny.  So then.  How do we plan to avoid the next disaster then?  There's still plenty of fight left in this war, contrary to popular belief.  And the soldiers out there are tired, even if Dalaran is still holding up nicely."  Khadgar was getting back into serious business.

"Well, as much as I'd love to be Leader of the Kirin Tor again, I'm "busy".  But alas, there are a handful of customers anxious for my latest enchantment.  And they're not stupid customers, they won't accept anything less than a weapon destructive enough to kill Sargeras himself."

"Wonderful.  Seems like just the type of weapon we need!"

"Of course that's the type of weapon we need!  Problem is creating such a thing is darned near impossible!  But...  we've been making some great breakthroughs.  The rather obnoxious amethyst Nalthanis created in our shop pulls in magical essence like never before.  We've got a massive reserve of abundant essence.  Powerful enough to create a super deadly weapon?  Sadly no.  But certainly powerful enough to bring the Council together and have them sit down and actually discuss ending this thing once and for all.  You think getting a Council of Archmages in a room and having them come to an agreement on the best way to kill Sargeras is easy?  It's not.  It takes a lot of energy.  And I think we've come up with the "funds"."

Khadgar just smiled.  He looked Aethere in the eye for a moment.  "So your proposal to end Sargeras' terror is not to create a weapon to kill him, but to bring the Council together?  Seems reasonable.  When can we start?"

"It's already begun.  But... tending to the shop is the last thing on my mind.  I've taken to astronomy.  The stars are... a wonder.  It makes me... curious.  About a lot of things.  There's energy in those stars out there Khadgar, and I intend to utilize it."  Aethere never was one to dream small.

"Well if there's someone who can do it, it's you friend.  But can you at least get the Council together for us then?  And keep your shop employees working?  I still feel that you and your shop is a valuable asset to this city of mages."

Aethere's face brightened at the remark.  "Thanks Khadgar.  That means a lot.  Yes, I'll keep the shop running.  If i can spare time away from my star charts I will tend to a few important customers.  I'd be happy to.  We'll get this Council together Khadgar.  Mark my words.  And they'll figure out how to end this terror of Sargeras.  The end is nigh friend."

And with that they nodded and went their separate ways.

Aethere had changed a lot in the past year.  He had studied magic more than ever and practiced his enchanting on a myriad of things.  He knew what worked, what didn't, when to use what magic and why.

"This is going to be a great project.  Even if I am only a simple astronomer on a simple planet named Azeroth in a simple Galaxy."  He thought to himself.  "Yes, a great project indeed."

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"Mages of Dalaran.  Thank you for meeting.  This meeting is to be kept of the utmost secrecy.  What happens in this room stays within our minds alone."

The group nodded.  A few of them held up their staffs and incanted something.  Quickly powerful silver rays shone from the staffs and encircled the whole group.  This was powerful magic indeed and they were now shielded from outsiders.

"The mage war has begun.  If you wish to be on the other side, please stand up now and leave."

A mage in full Tirisgarde gear motioned his head slightly as though the powerful magics was forcing him to stand.  Without a word four mages absolutely pounced on their victim.  The four were clad in Kirin Tor tabards.  This victim wore all orange.  It was a quick and painless death.  Each of the mages cast Arcane Supernova on him and within a few seconds he was all but ash.

"Very good then.  I'm assuming no one else would like to stand up?  Good.  Glad to have you on the side of the Light.  My fellow Archmages, the false Titan Sargeras is but a ruse.  The true demons are out there.  You know of what I speak.  We have been without the power to setup a full scale attack necessary to eliminate them.  The dread lords must be stopped or Dalaran will fall.  Now is the time to act.  I am proposing we setup an emissary to the very heart of the dread lord infestation.  To Stormwind."

A wise looking female mage quickly stood up.  "That's preposterous!  Stormwind made us!  You can't be serious!"  The leader stood with poise and cleared his throat.  "I understand your concerns.  Please sit for a moment, and listen."  She calmed down.  "This had better be good."

"They couldn't get into Dalaran, the dread lords.  Our wards, thankfully, were too powerful for them.  But they breached Stormwind and turned it into a demonizing fel hole.  It can been seen with the proper magical vision incantation.  I have seen it.  They are hiding very very well."

The female mage spoke up, this time from a sitting position.  "Have you any proof of this?  For all we know YOU are the traitor!"

"I assure you, I am no traitor.  As your leader of this secret Council, I ask our informant to show you his proof.  If you would please?"

The informant put up a portal to the Valley of Heroes so the mages could see it through the hole.  "Looks innocent enough right?"  He then incanted a vision spell.  Suddenly green fel was seen enveloping each one of the hero statues in the Valley of Heroes.  Several members of the Council quickly let out a concerned gasp.  "Indeed my fellows.  It is bad."

"Are you now satisfied?"  He looked over to the female mage who initially stood up.  Still sitting she responded.  "I am."

"Very well.  I am proposing we go there... Ourselves.  To the Valley of Heroes."

"Well that sounds easy enough."

"It is.  But clearing the statues of their fel and the links to the living heroes is the tough part.  You see, half the city is enveloped with the fel taint.  And one third of those half are powerful mages themselves.  We would be up against impossible odds.  We need to be discreet, yet powerful."

"Hrmmm.  A rogue mage assassin group?  The rogue mages are well... in hiding."

"Of course.  There's is only one way to operate with rogue mages.  Using mind connections to them and directing them to our goals."

A male Archmage, well armored, raised his voice.  "Mind control was outlawed years ago!  This is heresy!"

"Do you have a better proposal?"  The room fell silent.

"Why use rogue mages.  If we are going the mind control route, let's use the very mages we are afraid of.  The fel tainted mages."

The leader grinned.  "An interesting proposal.  I hadn't considered this.  Can we bring it to a vote then?"  The group nodded.  The voting process for this secret mage Council was... complicated.  It involved summoning your familiar and letting all the familiars battle to the death.  Of course, being mage familiars the mages coudl resurrect them, but the process was rather lengthly and painful for everyone invovled.  Raising a vote was always something no one wanted.   The familiars would team up into the groups of the decisions of the vote.  Whatever familiars were left standing determined the vote.

"Proceed."  The group each summoned their familiar.  It was a sight to behold.  These mages were the most powerful mages in Azeroth.  Each familiar was unique, majestic, powerful, and an expression of the mage himself.  "Assemble into your groups."  The glowing familiars began to move into a group.  They all grouped into one single group.  The "for" vote.

"What?  A unanimous vote?  I don't think that's ever happened!"

"The magic is with us today friends."

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