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Winter, Year 32

"I actually have something for you," Kreyen said, "I was going to wait till Winter Veil, but..." He chewed on his lip idly as he considered, his eyes unmoving from her face. "...should I wait?"

Cat sat up and leaned back on her palms, her eyebrows knit with concern. "Well shit, I wish you'd told me," she said with a playful frown. "I haven't even wrapped your gift, yet."
"It's..." he started, then trailed off, faltering in his explanation. A soft smile formed at his lips as he shook his head. "Don't worry about it. I got you, Cat, And I think that might be enough for a few Winter Veils on it's own." He chuckled and dragged his feet off the bed, groaning as he got to his feet and moved over to where his pants had been deposited. He picked them up and began to rummage through the pockets, then let them fall back to the ground when he'd found what he was looking for. Whatever it was fit into his hand, something she couldn't see as he crawled back across the bed to her.

"That's the sort of thing you say when you get someone a gift you know they can't beat," she said dryly, smirking. Cat reached up and combed her fingers through her hair before shifting her legs beneath her to kneel on the bed, facing him. "Whatever you're planning, I hope you realize what sort of person you're up against. I've got the kind of gift-giving skills that'd make Great Father Winter feel ashamed of himself."

Kreyen gave her a shrug, coupled with an expression that was difficult to read as he sat down in front of her. He held his hand out to her, flicking the object out of his palm and up between his index finger and thumb. A rosegold ring, the narrow band was covered in small arcane markings. At its center was what looked like a gemstone, though something was certainly off about it. Blood red in color, it didn't reflect light terribly well. "I's early, and I don't want to pressure you, or make you think I want to rush into this super soon or something..." he said cautiously. "But I wanted to know if...when you were ready...if you'd marry me?" he asked as he averted his eyes. "Anyone else I' wouldn't be about love, and that''s important to me."

Cat's mouth hung open at the declaration, her eyes fixated less on the ring than on Kreyen's face. After a few seconds, she swallowed and blinked a few times, as if to convince herself that this was actually happening and not a hallucination. She reached for him, hesitating for a moment before putting her hands on his face to make him look her in the eye. " know, it's going to be impossible to get rid of me," she said carefully, before breaking into a wide grin. "Yeah I'll marry you, if that's what you really want. Here I was just hoping you'd stick around for a while. Way to blow my expectations out of the water."

The look in his eyes before she started speaking was by far the most vulnerable she'd ever seen him, lacking almost any of the usual swagger or confidence he usually held. It faded quickly as she started talking, and broke rapidly into laughter as he leaned forward to kiss her once before rocking backwards. "That's...part of what this is," he said apologetically as he offered her the ring. "The gem is actually crystalized blood," he explained, "Mine. If I disappear, and you take it to a mage, they should be able to find me. Even if I'm dead. I...I wanted to show I wasn't going to just run off into the night again." He paused and looked her in the eye then, his smile still weak, "I love you."

Cat's lip trembled as he explained the ring, a strange choking sound caught in her throat. A few tears gathered at the corners of her eyes and Cat seemed at a loss for words. She chewed on her lip and looked at the ring again, as if piecing together the information over and over. " know, it's kinda weird? It's like we just met again a few weeks ago, isn't it? Maybe months, now.. but.. it still feels like I've known you a long time. Have I? When we first me, did you feel like this at all? Because.. I think I did, and.. I didn't know why."
"It's been a few months," he said with a chuckle, "...but probably less than a year total, even including the stuff before." The laugh seemed to catch in his throat then, and he had to take a moment to collect himself again. "...I didn't know what it was then, but...yeah, I did." He thought for a moment, a guilty look on his face. "Took a lot to knock sense into my head. I didn't expect to find you again, and before you got your memories back I..." he sighed, shaking his head to get the look off his face entirely. "If you change your mind later, it's fine." He smirked and chuckled, "I can be a bit of a shithead, wouldn't exactly blame you."

Cat frowned and playfully tapped Kreyen's chin. "Don't be stupid," she chided, shaking her head. "I never thought you'd actually wanna marry me, is all. Have a little fun, maybe. I guess I don't know myself all that well.. I fell kinda hard for you and I didn't know how to deal with it. You don't know how pathetic I looked when you turned me down at the Filthy Animal. After, I mean. I think I ate half your ice cream."

"Half?!" he asked incredulously, his brows furrowing. "That's..." Kreyen shook his head again then, the weight of her previous statements crashing on him more than the ice cream. "Wait, you were just going to be ok with me knocking you up, no commitments then?" he asked, managing an even more incredulous tone, "What, was I just going to run off or sit around and father the kid as your boyfriend in that scenario?" The hunter broke into laughter at the thought, then bowled her over with a series of barrage of teasing kisses.
Cat grinned and shook her head throwing her arms around his neck to hug him close. "I didn't really think kids would be possible. I never even thought of having kids before, to be honest with you. If its with you, though, I think I can handle it. Just... a long time from now. When I'm a little less... you know. Dumb?"

Kreyen nodded and grinned, continuing to press his lips against her face in a random pattern. "One step at a time, Kitten," he said when he seemed satisfied, "It's kind of comforting to know that all we have to worry about now is the Legion." A happy grin fell over his features, "And I'm not sure how worried about them I am now..."

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First Glance
Fall, Year 26

It was a Friday night in Silvermoon, and The Purple Hawkstrider was more crowded than usual. A smallish tavern with a regular clientele, they were used to entertaining common folk. There were less of them these days, years after the massacre of Quel'thalas. But tonight there was an influx of blood night trainees, thirsty for a drink after their first week of basic training. Dressed in their casual clothes, the only thing that set them apart from the average citizen was their youth. They were, most of them, just barely old enough to begin training. One of them in particular, a bright-eyed recruit with black hair tied up in pigtails, was happily chatting with the bartender.

"They told me they were out of Blackrock Ale! Can you believe it? Those orcs know how to drink!" She giggled.

The bartender smirked, filling a dozen or so mugs with beer. "You sure you can handle that kind of drink, girlie?"

"What do I look like, a lightweight? ..don't answer that."

A snicker issued from a man down the bar, dark haired and hardly fitting with the aesthetic of the place.  It wasn't any one thing specifically, but a collection of smaller issues.  His clothes fit a little too well, and his movements were a little too certain.  His gaze was the most telling, however, bringing to bear an intense focus no matter how long it lingered.  Amusement lingered in it then, coupled with a teasing smirk across his lips.

"Sounds like you know the answer to that one then," he called over, teasing.

Catalinetta blinked at the new voice and turned in its direction. In the haze of inebriation, she saw what looked like an attractive elf with black hair. Smirking proudly, she put a hand on her hip. The young elf was curvy and short, dressed in green and brown cloth pants and a white shirt with nothing underneath. One could tell by the way her clothes fit that she was athletic.

"I sure do. Don't let my size fool you, either. I might not be big, but I can drink with the best of 'em."

The other elf's eyebrow snapped upwards abruptly at the proclamation.  He watched her for a moment in silence, as the smirk slowly widened into a cryptic smile.  His gaze swiveled to the bartender then, swirling the dark drink in front of him as he mulled over a thought.

"What's she drinking?" he asked, mischief glimmering briefly in his eyes.

The bartender smirked at Kreyen, fully aware of the game being played. He stacked ten mugs on the bar, each of them the size their new allies, the orcs, were accustomed to. The bartender nodded toward Cat. "Here you go, ten rounds. You need help carrying them?"

Cat grinned and slipped her hand into one mug handle, then another, then another until each arm carried five mugs. She lifted each arm into the air, a show of strength and size at the same time. "Nope!" She said to the bartender, casting a quick smile in Kreyen's direction before she brought the drinks to a table full of new blood knight recruits. The cheered at Cat's arrival, and the dark haired knight in training beamed proudly.

Surprise and curiosity splayed across the dark haired male's face, his fel tainted eyes wandering over the exchange.  It was only as she began to leave that an amused smile fell across his lips, turning slightly on his stool so that he could watch the pigtailed recruit wander back to her friends.  Kreyen met the gaze of one of her peers as she caught him in the act, smiling and winking at her before he turned back to the bartender.

"Put their next round on me, Vythas,"  Kreyen said.  He lifted the glass of alcohol to his lips and drained it, then slid it across the bar to the other male.

"You hardly need such a wide net, Streamsong," the bartender shot back quickly, giving the hunter a knowing look as he did so.  Kreyen laughed.

"Who said anything about a net?"  The hunter's expression remained amused as he spoke, but began to grow earnest. "It's not like they'll have long to enjoy themselves like that.  May as well help them along."

"You're not fooling me," Vythas said with a grin, shaking his head at the elf.  The bartender produced a bottle of dark aged rum then, refilling the hunter's glass and passing it back.  Kreyen only shrugged in response, not conceding the point as he caught the glass.

It didn't take long before Cat was back at the bar, a wide grin on her face. Before she could ask, Vythas was already placing another round of drinks in front of her. The recruit blinked, confused, until the bartender pointed at Kreyen. Cat looked at the male with surprise. "Thanks! Your future heroes of Quel'thalas appreciate it!"

"It seemed a worthy enough expense," Kreyen said chuckling. "I remember when I was doing the same thing."  His eyes fell on her then, making no effort to hide the fact that he was looking her over.  "What sort of heroes are they training you to be then, foot soldiers?  Blood Knights?  Farstriders?"  His head cocked to the side then as an impish sort of smirk fell over his lips.  "Certainly not Magisters."

"Heh, what gave it away?" Cat asked as she slipped her arms into the mugs again. She didn't seem to notice that he was looking her over, because she was too busy awkwardly doing the same. "Blood Knights! Warriors of the Light, defenders of Quel'thalas, and someday, vanguard for the Horde."

"That makes sense," he said with a teasing tone, "They could use all the help they could get up in Quel'danas."  Kreyen's attention turned to his own drink then, lifting it in her direction in a brief toast.  "Good luck with the training, and enjoy yourselves."  Another smile drew over his face then, just before he took in a mouthful of the rum.

Cat smiled sheepishly, as if unsure how to respond. She nodded and cleared her throat before moving back to her table with the drinks. "Thanks." Another cheer went up for her triumphant return, though once she placed the drinks on the table, one of the other recruits gave her a playful smack over the head, nodding in Kreyen's direction. The two exchanged words for a moment before Cat was literally pushed away from the table.

Kreyen had made it a point not to ogle the recruit on her departure the second time around, content with being caught in the act once already.  With an easy view of the door from his position, he'd settled back against the bar to watch and listen to the conversations that remained within earshot.  It was Vythas who actually took note of the would-be blood knight's exile.  Cleaning a glass, he spoke as he started to move down the bar.

"Seems you might not be drinking alone after all."  It drew a raised eyebrow from the seated male, but little more.

Cat looked between her table and the bar, as if confused about what was happening. She was shoved again by one of the female recruits, a skinny brunette with a crew cut, who nodded at Kreyen with a mischievous smile. Cat followed the other recruit's gaze and raised her eyebrows, turning away with embarrassment before she was once again shoved away. The trainee stumbled over herself, much to the delight of her friend, who shook her head in a resounding "no". After a few seconds, Cat drifted to the bar, her face burning red.

"..can I get a whiskey?" She asked Vythas, her voice a little more high pitched than usual.

The bartender nodded, but left to go grab a clean glass and the bottle.  Kreyen meanwhile, cast his attention on the blood knight recruit with an amused look and a raised eyebrow.  He swiveled on the stool, leaning an elbow against the bar so that he could face her.

"Going to get sloppy switching to whiskey after pounding that much beer back so quickly,"  he teased, "Celebrating something, or is this a usual night out for you and your friends?"  Vythas returned then, setting the tumbler on the bar in front of Catalinetta and pouring two fingers of the amber liquor into it.  With a brief glance between the two dark haired elves, the bartender stoppered the bottle and left again to return it to where it'd come from.

Cat took the whiskey and drank down half of it before answering Kreyen. "Usual Friday night," she answered, setting the glass back down. "I mean, usual for the past few weeks. Basic sucks so when Friday hits, we party, and sleep it off on Saturday. Our drill sergeant says we better enjoy it while we can, because once we're actually put to work there isn't going to be another weekend in our future."

"Things are a little frantic," he said with a raise of his eyebrows, "But you'll get rotated out for leave often enough.  Maybe not to Silvermoon, but still.  The sergeant is probably just trying to scare you."  Kreyen studied her a little then, taking acute note of how much of the whiskey she'd already pounded back.  Casting an amused glance back at the table her friends were at, he pondered aloud, "You the only one who likes whiskey, Miss...?"

"Oh, Catalinetta. Sorry. Wait no, you can call me Cat. Everyone else does. Whiskey? Yeah. Pretty much." She nodded back to her table, her voice already a little slurred. "My brothers taught me how to drink whiskey. I like beer too, but whiskey is my favorite. Nobody over there knows how to drink it, they just shoot it back like a chump."

"Some whiskey's made for shooting, Cat,"  he said with an impish grin, "But I can see how that'd be irksome."  Kreyen lifted his own glass and drained it, then set it across the bar for Vythas to pick up on his next pass by the area.  "I'm Kreyen, by the way," he added after, extending a hand in her direction.

Cat looked at Kreyen's hand for a second before actually responding. She shook her head and took a few steps toward the male, grabbed his hand with her own and shook it firmly. Her hand was small, and her nails cut short in a utilitarian kind of way. "Nice to meet you. Thanks again for buying the beer. You're gonna be their hero in a few minutes. I'm pretty sure they're about three quarters of the way toward being completely smashed."

He gave her a shrug as he spoke.  "You guys have better things to spend whatever spare money you have than a round of beer, and it's not like rum is expensive."  A teasing smirk fell over his lips then, scanning her expression for hints about her own state of mind.  "If they're about to be completely smashed though, where does that leave you Miss Whiskey?  Just less of a lightweight than your peers?"

"Much less," she said boldly, swirling her glass. "First of all, I know how to drink, and that means eating before you drink. Second of all, I'm not as light as I look. Third of all..." She held up a third finger, but seemed suddenly preoccupied with her own hand. Bringing it close to her face, she wiggled her fingers. "...huh. My hands are so skinny. I never noticed it before. That's kinda weird."

The dark haired sin'dorei listened attentively until she lost track of her points, managing to contain his laughter until after she'd completely lost track of them.  Grinning at her afterward, Kreyen shook his head.  "Seems to me that you might have overshot your comfort zone with that one, Cat."  He nodded towards the half-full glass of whiskey as a teasing, but off kilter smirk fell back over his lips, "Gotta be careful how you string them together."

"I'm careful," she shot back, taking another long sip from her glass. "Plenty careful. Actually, Ayla over there said I was too careful. That's why she shoved me over." The whiskey seemed to be doing its job, and Cat found her boldness at the bottom of the glass. "Were you checking me out, earlier?"

"Of course I was,"  he said almost immediately, but burst into laughter afterwards.  When he settled a few moments later, he arched an eyebrow up at her and then glanced at the table where her friends were still drinking, "Doesn't mean your friend was right though, I'm not sure I'd trust me either."

"Trust you to do what?" Cat asked curiously, leaning an elbow on the bar. With her curiosity out of the way, she suddenly felt free to speak her mind. "It's okay, I was checking you out too. I just didn't know if you were and I didn't want to look like an asshole."

"I'm not sure looking someone over briefly at a bar counts as being an asshole, Catalinetta,"  he said easily, dodging her question with a smirk,  "It's not like you were staring, or that I'd take even that as something other than a compliment."  Kreyen chuckled and leaned forward a little then, "Should I have been offended?"

"I don't think so?" The recruit shrugged, clearly unsure of how to handle the conversation. "I don't know how this sort of thing works. Ayla said I should just go talk to you, but I'm pretty sure she's just trying to embarrass me."

"It depends on you're looking for," Kreyen started, wry amusement on his features, "If it's just small talk then it seems like you've got that down well enough.  You could always try cheesy pick up lines or physical contact though, if you're looking for more than that.  The key with either is just to be confident, and then just roll with however they react."  He shrugged, "Getting embarrassed is a choice."

"Is it?" Cat looked into her glass with a concerned expression. "Why would I choose to be embarrassed?" She murmured to herself. "That's a terrible choice.."

Standing up straight, the recruit finished the last of her whiskey and looked pointedly at Kreyen. "Well then, how about this. I'm a new recruit, still in basic, working on becoming a hero. I've got no hangups and my girlfriends are working really hard to make my life hell until I can bring them back some good dirt. I think you're cute, and I have nothing but time until Sunday. So what do we do with that?"

Kreyen's eyebrows shot up at how direct she was being, needing a moment to digest the information.  When it sank in, he hopped down from the stool and drew closer to her, looking over her expression with a distant sort of smile.  "How about we start with this," he said, reaching up with his fingers to tilt her chin towards him.  He pressed his lips against hers lightly then, in an earnest but not overly eager embrace.  He pulled back quickly, studying her reaction with a heated look, "And maybe we just go for a walk?  It's a nice night, and if you change your mind I can help you make up some dirt for your friends."

Cat blinked rapidly, her breath caught in her throat. She stood dumbfounded for a few seconds, staring into space until a loud cheer went up from behind her. The other recruits had been watching, amongst them the buzz-cut bruinette who yelled. "I told you!" from her place at the table.

After a few seconds, Catalinetta laughed nervously and swallowed. She cast a glance at the table and made a rude gesture at the other recruits before looking back at Kreyen with a red face. "H'ooookay. Walk. Sounds good. I could use some fresh air."

Kreyen shot look mixed between annoyance and amusement at the buzz-cut recruit, not sure what to make of her shouting. He turned his attention back to Catalinetta with a softer look quickly though.  "Me too,"  he said, shoving his hand into a back pocket and drawing out the necessary gold for the drinks he'd purchased, the tip, and another round for the remaining recruits.  There was no sense in giving them a reason to follow.  He smiled at her then, looping his fingers around hers and starting to lead her towards the door.

Cat was suddenly holding hands with someone, something she had never experienced. She hastily used her other hand to pull out some money for her whiskey, which she practically threw at the bar before following Kreyen's lead. It was obvious by the way her palm started to sweat that this was new for her. Her skin was very warm to the touch, either because of nerves or alcohol or both. Finally outside, she took a deep breath of the cold night air and looked for the fel green glow of Kreyen's eyes. "..they are going to give me so much shit when I get back," she said with a nervous laugh.

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A Conversation on Running
Fall, Year 32

Cat's voice came through Kreyen's hearthstone. She sounded shaken, and quiet. "I gotta go, Krey. I gotta go back to Northrend. I'm sorry."

"Me too. I didn't realize you actually wanted to fight."


"You're going to have to, if that's what you've decided."

"You don't understand. I hurt Lora. I hurt her bad.. this.. dreadlord.. he made me think she was dead, but when I attacked it, it was her. I almost killed her. I can't be trusted."

"I don't think you understand. The only way you're going back there for good is through me."

"I hurt everyone who gets close to me. I don't want to hurt you, I couldn't live with myself. I can hardly live with myself now."

"It's not like you were tricked into picking up and spooky sword that compelled you to kill all living people Cat. Wait until I get there before doing anything. Please."

There was a long pause.

"If you don't, I will come after you."

"I don't want to hurt anyone else…" Cat whimpered into her hearthstone. "Ariavan hates me... what do I do?"

"Look, unless you killed Lora I very much doubt that is the case. Did you stick around to help, or explain the bit about the dreadlord?"

"I got them out of there. I drew the rune so we could escape, but.. I couldn't talk to them. I can't look them in the eye after what I've done."

"... Because you weren't innately equipped to deal with a one of the most dangerous manner of demon there is? Cat..."

"I should have known. I was so stupid. I tried to go in there and be a hero, and all I did was make everything worse. Tirien didn't need me. Nobody did."

"Did you kill it? Did you save Tirien, or get everyone out alive?"

"I killed it, yeah." The sound of waves crashing was transmitted through the stone. "But I shouldn't have brought them there to begin with. I put them in danger to help someone, and Lora got hurt because of it. Because of me. All I seem to do is hurt people."

"So does everyone else, Cat. It's called living. You fix it by apologizing and making amends, not running away."

"How can I ask someone to forgive me after I almost ripped her throat out?"

"Being brave, setting aside your pride, asking, and explaining what happened. Cat, being a hero isn't just doing the right thing all the time. It's also accepting and fixing your mistakes..."

There was another long pause. "I'm an idiot."

"Does that mean I don't have to drag you back by your pig tails then?"

"Not unless you want to. I deserve it."

"No you don't."

"Why'r you so nice to me? I'm a gods damned monster. I eat people."

"And I'm an asshole."

"Not to me. ...not recently, anyway."

"That's not the point," he laughs, "You're not much of a monster either."

"I've almost killed two friends. I don't really have a good track record..."

"Your 'track record' involves withdrawal from a powerful potion and a deadlord's magic... At least mine was intentional enough to be called a record."

"…but you're good to me, Krey. And I don't think I deserve it."

"The feeling is mutual then."

"I'll go apologize. I'll beg if I have to."

"Should I just meet you at your guildhall then?"

"Uh.. sure. Okay. Yeah."

"Got it. Good luck, Cat."

"Thanks. Be safe."

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Winter, Year 32

"So.. after me, you had girlfriends?"

Cat and Kreyen were sitting together in his apartment at the port. They were in the middle of getting dressed, something they usually did together while talking over the day’s plans. Today’s conversation was starting off with something that had been weighing on the death knight’s mind for some time. She tried not to sound too petulant as she questioned him, but it was unmistakable. "Did you love them, too?"

"After a time," Kreyen admitted quietly, "and for a while before they'd passed.  Those relationships lasted two and three years each, so..."  He sighed, then turned around to face her with an apologetic look, "I'm not going to hide anything from you if you have questions, but I'm not sure how much of this you actually want to hear, Cat."

Cat stood up, finally dressed, wet hair from a recent shower still down past her shoulders. She fidgeted with the front of her shirt, twisting the fabric around her hands. "..I guess.. I don't need details, I know they're personal and I don't want you to think I'm.. super jealous or something, but.. I would like to know, because its a part of you. And I think I should know all about what makes you... you, I guess."

Kreyen sat backwards onto the bed, fidgeting with the buttons of his shirt.  "Tai'jin, the troll, was the one who knocked sense into me.  Didn't put up with my bullshit when I just wanted someone to fool around with.  So, you can thank her for that one.  She was younger than you are, but I'm not sure I've been with many that had as much authority as she brought to bear."  He frowned, finishing his shirt and looking up at her with a distant look.  "Maera...was a more mature relationship.  We'd been friends for a long time prior, and it just...sort of happened.  She was sweet, but played games I had problems keeping up with.  The...other already know about."

"It's not like any of you are the same," he said quietly, "And there were different reasons I fell each time."  Kreyen gave her a long look, fidgeting on the bed nervously, "You don't have any competition though, and it's not as though I'm settling or something weird.  I was trying to avoid getting this attached again in general, but..." he trailed off, opening and closing his mouth once as he collected himself, "I'm glad you pushed through that.  I haven't been...actually happy for a while."

Cat stood still as she listened, her face gradually becoming sadder as Kreyen explained his losses. Eventually, she moved carefully toward the bed. She sat down next to the hunter and put her arms around him from one side, leaning her head on to his shoulder. "I'm glad, too," she said quietly. "And I'm sorry you lost so much, and went through so much pain. I wouldn't wish that on anyone. Especially you. I'm sorry for asking you about it, but... it does explain some things I'd been meaning to ask about. I promise, I'm not jealous or freaked out or anything. I'm just thankful that after all that, your heart is still open to something."

He looked at her quietly as she spoke, then leaned over and pecked her forehead quickly.  "More difficult to hide from someone I already had feelings for, Cat." Kreyen looked into her eyes then, his expression difficult to read.  "I don't know how many times I've said it, but it's not like you have changed.  Behind that death knight magic and blue eyes, you're still the girl I fell for years ago."  A soft smile lit to his features, "Even if you find it hard to believe."

Cat didn't seem to want to move from her position. She closed her eyes for a few seconds and squeezed him before speaking again. "...did you ever think about me? After you left? I mean... I thought you died. Did you ever think about coming back?"

"Tai'jin made me confront how I'd felt about you," he said quietly, "and then her.  So, it's not like I forgot I just...I owed them a debt.  Without the druids help I'd definitely be dead.  Or...undead, probably. After getting downed by a death knight, I mean."  Kreyen mulled over his thoughts then, chewing on the inside of his cheek.  "I was...too angry to come back, after Maera.  She'd coaxed me out of the loss of Tai, and with everything else I..."  The hunter sighed, "It's why I agreed to take up the bow.  Honestly, I thought it'd kill me just trying to make the bond.  When it didn't, I had another purpose."

Cat blinked at the mention of his bow. She glanced down to his tattoo, but didn't let go of him from one side. One of her feet drifted toward his ankle and curled around it. "So… what's your purpose, now? With the bow and all?"

"Ease it's pain," Kreyen said quietly, but didn't elaborate.

"..the bow?" She let her toe drift along his leg. "How? Er.. why? Sorry, I'm not really good at this kind of thing.. why is the bow in pain?"

"Xaxas'delar was crafted during the War of the Ancients by a Satyr," Kreyen explained, "After tearing the still beating heart from the Ancient of War, it was crafted into the shape it has now.  It was used on the elves and their allies mercilessly until its owner was killed.  Part of its soul remains within it, and that's what gives me the headaches.  It wants to kill demons almost constantly for what was done to it."  He sighed then, shrugging, "For what it was used to do."

"Oh.." Cat shifted and sat up a little straighter. "That makes a lot more sense, now." She ran her fingers through his hair, still leaning her head on his shoulder. “So.. you agreed to take it up because you felt like you owed it to the druids who saved you. Now you have to kill demons to satiate it." She smiled a little, twisting his hair between her fingertips. "Kinda like me. We both have to kill to ease our pain."

Kreyen raised his eyebrows at the thought, then turned his face to look at her with an earnest expression.  "I ease it's pain,"  he said carefully, "You ease mine."

Cat gently leaned her forehead against Kreyen's and smiled. She held herself there for a while, as if content to just be near him. "Always," she promised, adding playfully. "You can't run from me, this time."

The hunter smiled at her, and then managed to chuckle at the thought.  "Not with that ring on your hand I can't." 

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