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Full Name: Sir Russell Cavanaugh
Nicknames: Cav
Age: 34
Race: Human
Gender: Male
Hair: Short, Black
Eyes: Brown
Height: 6 ft
Weight: 200 lbs
Place of residence: Tyr's Hand
Place of Birth: Brill
Known Relatives: Sir Gregory Cavanaugh ( Father )  - Knight of Lordearon, Deceased.; Coria Bloodstrider - Magister, High Elf, ( Fiance ) - Deceased
Religion/Philosophy: Holy Light
Occupation: Enchanter / Jewel Crafter - Master 
Group/Guild affiliation: The Scarlet Hand ( Current ) ,  Knight of the Silver Hand ( Former ), Scarlet Crusade ( Former ) ,  Argent Dawn ( Former ) , Argent Crusade ( Former ), Fabled Paladin Order ( Former ) , Praetorian Guard ( Former ).
Guild Rank: Grand Crusader
Enemies: All Undead, Enemies of the Holy Light, the Horde ( As long as it follows the Banshee Queen ).
Weapons of Choice: Two Handed Weapons - Prefers Sword and Mace
Dislikes: Any who would bring harm to those that cannot defend themselves.
Hobbies: Devotes most of his time to honing his combat skills, studying the Holy Light and its teachings, and organizing the day to day operations of the Scarlet Hand.
Physical Features: A robust Knight, physically slightly larger than average. Has a few scars hidden by armor, one large one starting near his upper right shoulder and going towards the middle - left of his abdomen. A small cut above his left eye.
Special Abilities: None to speak of other than that of a normal Paladin.
Positive Personality Traits: Charming and Charismatic, devout in his faith, dedication to his cause, very well spoken and well read. A natural leader.
Negative Personality Traits: Can be arrogant at times, uncompromising, lacks empathy to people he sees as enemies, zealous in his religious beliefs, not tolerant of other systems of belief - considers it blasphemy and / or heresy.
History:  Cavanaugh was born to Sir Gregory and Lady Susan Cavanaugh of Lordearon, his father was a Knight and owned an estate just outside of Brill. His father was a veteran of the Second War, and served in many notable campaigns including the battles at Tol Barad, Crestfall, Tarren Mill, the Siege of Lordearon, Blackrock Spire and the Dark Portal. He became very close friends with a High Elven, minor noble, Magister Bloodstrider, during the conflict and this would eventually lead to Cavanaugh meeting and falling for the Magister's daughter, Coria, shortly after the Second War ended. His father also earned the respect of Alexandros Mograine and Saiden Dathrohan, due to his connection he was able to get Russell into being a squire for the Knights of the Silver Hand.

During the break between the Second and Third Wars, Russell's training progressed as did his relationship with Coria, and just before the onset of the Third War, as his role of squire was coming to an end, and his initiation into the Order as a full Knight was neigh, he proposed to the young elven maiden and their marriage date was set.

He was not called on to deal with the plague of undeath as it unfolded, however, his father was, and his father was part of the expedition to the Northrend - he did not return. During the Fall of Lordearon, and the aftermath of Prince Arthas returning, the remainder of his family was unfortunately lost as well.

Events moved quickly as the fall of Lordearon unfolded, and he was pressed into service and given his Knighthood shortly before the events of Stratholme unfolded and the Silver Hand was disbanded by Arthas. He took to Saiden Dathrohan's side and followed him into what would become the Scarlet Crusade. As these events unfolded, his fiancé was slain during the razing of Quel'Thalas, as was most of her family. He went with a small Scarlet Expedition to attempt to locate his fallen love, when her body was discovered he buried her near a small tree stump near the shoreline in Eversong Woods, the place where they shared their first kiss. He still retains a small locket that was given to him as a gift from Coria with a small picture of them together.

Not long after the formation of the Scarlet Crusade it was evident to many close to the Grand Crusader that something had changed after an assault on Stratholme, with several Knights, and a rising fanaticism within the crusade, Cavanaugh left and joined with the Argent Dawn. He fought for many years, however he would join with the more mobile Fabled Paladin Order after the Dark Portal reopened during the events of the Burning Crusade, where he would remain in service of the Alliance until the return of Arthas, in Wrath of the Lich King.

When the Argent Crusade was formed by Highlord Tirion Fordring, he quickly joined and was involved in many campaigns in Northrend, following the Highlord through the entire campaign. Some moderate personal justice was achieved due to the fall of Arthas because he held the Lich King as fully responsible for the deaths of his father and fiancé, as well as the rest of his family and his fiancé's family.

He has spent the majority of his time since the fall of the Lich King with the Argent Crusade rebuilding and helping to reclaim what remained of Lordearon, however he still bore a very open and hostile attitude to all undead, and still seeks to reclaim all of Lordearon for its living citizens, and put to rest those that were risen. This attitude often brought him into conflict with his superiors, however, he was not willing to rejoin the Crusade after the Legion's corruption of the Scarlet Crusade was exposed. He joined some groups during that time, including forming the Praetorian Guard to help protect the Alliance from Horde aggression during the Cataclysm, however, his role was mostly as a figurehead and he rarely left Lordearon, allowing the officers of the Guard deal with the threats.

During the conflict on Pandaria and during the Iron Horde invasions, Cavanaugh led a small personal force that was engaged in some minor conflicts, but again, most of his time was still spent in Lordearon, only moving to the front when called upon.

Upon the invasion of the Burning Legion, Cavanaugh set out with Alliance forces to the Broken Shore and was injured during the initial assault. It was during his time in recovery he saw an opportunity. He would bring retribution to the Burning Crusade for the destruction of Lordearon, the formation of the Scourge, and the corruption of the Scarlet Crusade. He formed The Scarlet Hand after several rather large disagreements with the new Highlord of the Silver Hand, mostly on dealings with the Horde and Ebon Blade. He seeks now to reform a purified Crusade against the Legion, and all who threaten the innocents of the Alliance. Wishing to redeem his old order, and the names of some of his greatest heroes and mentors, while leading the banner they corrupted against the Burning Legion itself, the Scarlet Hand was formed.

Due to his experiences during the Third War, and his fervent religious beliefs, he considers all undead to be unnatural and seeks to purify them. While he harbors no true ill will toward the other races of the Horde, seeing them as simply adversaries, their harboring of the Forsaken and hold on his former homeland is unforgiveable and he lumps the entire Horde together for that reason, along with the Banshee Queen being Warchief, he sees them as agents of the Undead. There is no middle ground until the Forsaken are removed from the Horde.



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