Jinchan Mistdance (Tauren Monk)

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Full Name: Jinchan Mistdance

Nicknames: Jinny
((namechanged from Chanchu))

Date of Birth: year 2
Age: 31 

Race: Tauren
Gender: Female

Hair: So dark a shade of red it's nearly black. Corn-rowed with beads.
Skin: Red fur
Eyes: Ambergold
Height: 9'6" (high average)
Weight: 708lbs, lean

Place of residence: Sanctuary guild hall, Dalaran

Place of Birth: ...
Known Relatives: No more alive. Dad Antur deceased. People usually come from a mom, right? She's probably dead. Brother killed.

Religion/Philosophy: Life sucks and then you die?
Occupation: Mooching off people
Group/Guild affiliation: <Sanctuary>. A Skytotem tribe healer

Enemies: In constant volume flux based on inebriation and boredom
Weapons of Choice: Gorgeous looks. The cripple card. Failing those, dirty tricks. She is not afraid to drop to the floor and sweep out with leg or stump, and may do so simply to play to her strengths. She usually tries to avoid physical contact (of the combative kind), but if grabbed she tends to grapple very well due to an exceptional grip strength. She is extremely flexible and therefore slippery to hold onto or maneuver against her will.
+Weaknesses: CRIPPLED. Abysmal self-esteem

Likes: A good drum rhythm. Buttons, tokens, good luck charms, all those kinds of nicknacks. Good music. Dancing. Nature in all it's chaotic order. Animals.
Favorite Foods: Peaches. Dried peaches. Peach yogurt. Peach ice cream. Frozen peaches. Peaches and cream. 
Favorite Drinks: Bellini (peach) tea
Favorite Colors: Pink 
Dislikes: Judging a soul by the color of fur it wears
Hobbies: Stealing stuff (all of the stuff). Solving puzzle games. Collecting things.

Physical Features: Jinchan is a tauren woman of strikingly beautiful features. High cheekbones, delicate nose with smallish nostrils, straight teeth in an easy smile. Her fur is a less common shade nearer to true red than the usual brown hue. Her eyes are a bright yellow, surrounded in lush dark lashes. A lot of the time, her eyes appear more of a rosy peach color from reflected light off her fur. 
Her black horns are wide and back-swept. The nearly black locks of her mane are kept in tiny braids arranged in neat rows like a cornfield. At the end of a braid swings a bead. Some are a tiny pink gem, some are of simple gold, and some are a natural material that isn't quite wood... those are most prominent. Even the tuft of her tail is in a trio of cornrow braids and decorated.
Her body is lean and just muscular enough to fill her out with a pleasing figure. Her fingers and limbs are long and slender in proportion with the rest of her. Her movements seem effortless with a grace that reminds one easily of a dancer... unless they see her walking.
Jinchan is crippled. She may wear a skirt which hides the deformity, but her left leg is missing a knee and everything lower. She almost always uses a walking stick and travels with a pronounced lurch. 

Special Abilities: Uncanny balance when she chooses. Sleight-of-hand thieving. She absolutely excels at picking locks. Deft at tying or untying knots. Pretty much anything to do with strings or ropes- she's good at.
Positive Personality Traits: Surely there are some...?
Negative Personality Traits: Compulsive liar. Total hypocrite as well, bound to judge things at face value. Falls apart in a crisis. Sarcastic. Holds grudges.
Misc. Quirks: Compulsive liar. Must have something to occupy her hands.

Theme Songs: ...

History: Jinny lies so much that who knows what is real or not? Ask her how she lost her leg sometime. Currently the monk resides in the Sanctuary guild hall. She'll be lazy so long as they continue to enable it.



Edited by Jinchan

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YR        TITLE        SUMMARY
?        A Big Hunk O Love         - about the luck charms
2        [JINCHAN BORN]         
5        [Baine born?] (if 29 Legion)         
8        [Baine born?] (if 26 Legion)         
17        Any Man of Mine         - Jinchan's brother punches her crush
17        Bubbly         - Jinchan's brother joins the army

25        WORLD OF WARCRAFT 2004-11-23        

26        BURNING CRUSADE 2007-01-16        

27        WRATH OF THE LICH KING 2008-11-13        

28        CATACLYSM 2010-12-07        

30        MISTS OF PANDARIA 2012-09-12        
        ((Ravenholdt merges with Twisting Nether 2014-07-31))        

31        WARLORDS OF DRAENOR 2014-11-13        
31        Eclipse: Does Not Play Well With Others         - Kerala summons the Skytotem
31        (Maiden of the Mist)         - (Jinchan becomes an official Skytotem healer)
31        Eclipse: Flying Against The Hurricane         - Breygrah leaves the Horns, Kerala too
31        Eclipse: Spirit Walk (Log)         - the skytotem locate Konro's trapped soul
31        Eclipse: Grim Retribution         - The Grim attack Kerala and leave her comatose
31        Smooth Criminal         - Jinchan steals a button after a bad dream/memory
31        Eclipse: And Found         - Mudhide cures Kerala's claustrophobia
31        Get Up Offa That Thing         - Jinchan meditates
31        She's Got the Rhythm         - Jinchan uses her curves to distract marks
31        Luck Be a Lady         - Jinchan plundered Blackrock Mountain

33        LEGION 2016-08-30        
34        Maiden of the Mist         - Jinchan remembers becoming an official Skytotem healer
34        The Beauty Of Gray         - Amietia emerges from depression with Jinchan

Edited by Jinchan

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