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[A] Night Vanguard

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"The night is darkest before the dawn. I will be the blade that cuts through the night. I will be the shield that guards my home. I will be the arrow that pierces into the Light. Elune, A'dal, Celestials and Holy Light together I will fight for, and secure another dawn for Azeroth."

This is the creed spoken by fresh recruits brought into the Night Vanguard, an order formed by Sorel Crescentsong, a night elf with a storied history within the Alliance. Although a new order, Sorel believes that he can affect change in the Alliance with it. He strongly believes that fanaticism and radical extremism will lead to ruin, so he discourages it within his order, and works to bring the short comings of radicals to light.

However, that is not to say he is anti-Alliance. The Night Vanguard welcomes all who wish to help protect Azeroth and Alliance lands, fighting all threats: Legion, Void, and aggressive Horde. All races, all walks of life, all are welcome to take up arms under the dark blue banner and fight for the world, and end the dark, symbolic night over Azeroth.



Who Are We?

Night Vanguard is a recently formed guild that encourages working with other guilds and Alliance players to attain goals. While small for now, we have plenty of active members. We're looking to do everything the game has to offer! Yes, that means role play, dungeons, world quests, arenas, battlegrounds, and hopefully raiding one day!


New members start out as Scouts. Upon getting involved with some guild activities, players become Rangers. Dedicated members will eventually be promoted to Vanguard. There are two different officer ranks: The Steward is for Sub-Officers, and full officers are Wardens. Lastly is Commander, the leader of the guild.

Role Play

Our guild is a primarily open RP guild. We want Role Players as our primary members, and although you don't need to engage all the time, taking time out to make scenes with characters is encouraged. New members will be Roleplayed in to help them feel welcome! Although Party, Instance, and Guild chats are OOC, there is a separate channel for long-range IC communications, think like a radio or, Horde-side, Hearthstone attunement. We will be organizing events, and when we get more members, hope to have a monthly meeting night to discuss guild affairs. We want to re-vitalize Alliance-side community.

tl;dr: open RP is encouraged.

Playing the Game

As mentioned, we will do everything in the game. We don't Raid yet, but our members will do BattleGrounds and Dungeons together, as well as party up for World Quests. If you want to do something, we will do it. As far as world PvP goes, actively attacking the Horde is discouraged. World PvP will happen, but it will be reactionary, not aggressive.


If you wish to join us, you can contact Shizari-TwistingNether, Margoz-Ravenholdt, Mardalius-Ravenholdt, or Eveste-TwistingNether.

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