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[A] Tribute Manifesto

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The hand that shakes on peaceful terms will also be the one lost.

People, hear me! I am Illidari Velisath Glaiverend. I trained under Illidan's order in the Black Temple before Order Halls were common among the Alliance and the Horde. I have come to warn you; this fraternity must stop at once!

You think training with Kael'thas's whiny, mana-addicted screwups was fun? No, of course not, as a matter of fact, we were often at each other's throats! I ask you to remember who you are. Priests! Do the Elves who serve in the Temple of Elune really think themselves in common with that of the dead of Lordaeron? Paladins! Do the Tauren Sunwalkers, who worship the land itself, really walk by Draenic wisdom or human law? No! Why, then, do foaming-at-the-mouth Orc and Troll warriors, who glorify slaughter and cannibalism, rest on peaceful terms with a human? 

Consider the end result and you will realize that it all follows through. You know, we in the Illidari despise the Legion, but it would be all for nothing if an enemy of the same caliber, the Horde, tears us asunder after we have finished the good fight—battered and weary. The opportunity would be irresistible. 

We in the Alliance have the power to act at hand. The Horde at large are weak and leaderless. As those who ruled over the ages: humans, elves, and dwarves, we must establish an empire that is consistent with our ancestral right. We shall initiate the collection of tribute.

No longer shall we think, "This land is contested territory." Instead, we shall think, "All land is Alliance land." Those who resist will pay. Starting with the Broken Isles, Alliance auditors will begin expropriations till its indigenous people recognize the sovereign authority of its rulers. Afterwards, we shall engineer our efforts to protect our vassals by cleaning up Horde dissidents who illegally leave their segregated zones (i.e. the watchful gaze from the Kirin Tor of Dalaran or any Horde wasteland like Mulgore or Durotar) to cause mischief in the land.

Through tribute, we shall expropriate all of our necessities to strengthen the weak, allow our respective people to flourish, and keep the Horde in check. Azeroth will prosper under the Alliance, but none should be misled to think it will with the Horde conveniently pitting us between themselves and annihilation. Do not make the mistake of fighting a war on two fronts in a strange land, or else we will make Azeroth a repeat of Outland.


Tribute is an RPPVP guild idea that I have been generating ideas for over the past few months. However, the playerbase is small, so I want at least five people by the end of the first week or two of my posting this. I know of exactly two people who have shown express support for this idea by placing characters in it. If we do not get what we need, it will be scrapped. Below is some information about our premises.

1) Tribute explained: tribute will be collected through World Quests and Mythics. World Quests will prepare the guild for greater challenges by getting members geared up, artifact leveling, and purchasing artifact knowledge. They will be completed as a means of generating RP. Players will organize on a weekly or biweekly basis to report on their advances in tribute allocation.

2) PVP. We will PVP at a fixed time. It will be small-scale (BGs, Arenas, Wargames, and eventually WPVP and RBGs).

3) The manifesto memo of "our respective people to flourish" is a means of interconnecting RP guilds. I am sure that most people who do show interest in tribute will also have backgrounds elsewhere. With interguild participation events, like what Tuuroto holds (or organized meetings), we can exchange "gifts" to our Alliance allies.


1) The guild bank will be dedicated explicitly towards profession resources (from 100-110), Battle Pets,  and repairs. Nothing else. I would prefer people to either sell their mats or put them in the guild bank before they sit in the reagents tab.

2) We will not use any voice chat early on. Want to download Curse Client for PVP? Sure, go ahead. Want to use Discord app voice? Yeah, that's fine, too. For guild events, you should refrain from doing so. This is an RP guild premise. Voice chat ruins RP (an exception would be made for RBGs).

3) We will also not be using Discord for RP for any reason at all. If you want to RP, you should log into the game or write about it here on wow-tng in a thread. 

We are not a PVE guild. At best, the guild can run Mythics, not raids. I am in favor of running mythic carries for people since WPVP is a goal (and Mythics are kind of fun). WPVP is heavily influenced by gear, so having 1.5 million hp is nowhere near enough when it comes to the 3 million hp DK. 

Tribute is lawful neutral.

Ranks: All members are allotted status as part of the Alliance tribute collection committee.

Chairman: Organizes and hears reports from the tribute collection committee. 

Guerrilla:  The guerrilla has proven worth. Always ready for battle and demonstrates exceptional skill in combat or politics. A guerrilla can form plans for pursuing personal ambitions. The Chairman will present the guerrilla's ideas during tribute collection for auditors to pursue. Trains Auditors. Auditors refer to guerrillas for resolving disputes.

Committee Organizer: Skilled at analytics. Committee organizers assess the needs for efficient tribute collection and reports them to the Chairman. Auditors look towards committee organizers for large-scale tasks.

Auditors: The primary agent of tribute allocation. Auditors are responsible for enriching themselves and patrolling the Broken Isles. Auditors are subordinates to guerrillas and the Chairman. They can appeal to expropriation (fighting), inter-guild diplomacy, or for a secret police position to spy on enemies and assassinate subversives.

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