Wanted! Katrynne Simms

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As you pass one of the many notice boards strewn about the compound- perhaps at the main gate, or a well traveled common area- you may notice a new posting that catches your eye. Crisp, off-white parchment impaled on the board with a simple steel dagger. The Parchment seems to have some neatly written orcish, but much of the sheet seems to be a rough sketch of a human woman.

Wanted: Katrynne Simms

10,000 Gold Pieces
Must be captured ALIVE

This cursed human has been profiled as a moderate threat to the Horde operations in the broken isles. It has been reported that several horde have had encounters with this assassin, and it is possible that the woman may be seeking out The Grim specifically. Subject must be captured ALIVE, and able to speak. Seek out Kiannis Ash'Therod for possible locations of the target, as well as bounty reclamation.

((Hello! There will be a few small conditions to be met, to claim this bounty! 
1. First, and foremost- the action must take place as Wpvp on the Broken Isles or otherwise. This being the case, you have been warned that anything goes, from special potions or flasks, to toys and special use items.
2. If you die against Katrynne, you are repelled- possibly wounded enough so that you cannot press the attack.. for now (PST if you wish to make multiple attempts)
3. Winning conditions are simple. Confirm an in-game kill on Katrynne (A screenshot never hurts here!) to represent your character subdueing and capturing her. After you have confirmed the kill, respond here or message myself in game. 
4. A draw (A situation where both parties die or flee) will defer to Katrynne, in that the hunt continues.))

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