Kahlan Gustblade

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Name: Kahlan Gustblade

Nickname: Phantom

Age: 40s (Late teens/early 20s human equiv.)

Date of Birth: Undisclosed

Race: Blood Elf

Gender: Female

Hair: Strawberry blonde

Skin: Healthy pale

Eyes: Fel green

Height: 5'7"

Weight: 115 lbs.

Place of Residence: Dragon's Roost Port, Twilight Highlands

Place of Birth: Shattrath City, Outland

Known Relatives: Selash Gustblade (father, alive), Carrowyn Cealliagh-Gustblade (mother, deceased), Nanori Gustblade (adoptive mother, alive), Kailei Windstalker (aunt-in-law, alive)

Religion/Philosophy: Seemingly agnostic. She doesn't talk much about her beliefs in any kind of higher power, nor does she seem to have much interest in doing so.

Occupation: Assassin and Mercenary

Group/Guild Affiliation: Borrowed Time

Enemies: Seemingly intolerant of humans. Serinar and his allies, the Raven and members of the Inner Circle.

Likes: Her father and both of her mothers, swordsmanship, being able to work alone, machinery and working with formulas and compounds.

Favorite Foods: Things that won't slow her down, prefers lighter meals but does appreciate pandaren cooking. Has a soft spot for sweets, particularly chocolate.

Favorite Drinks: Anything fruit based, particularly if its tropical or exotic. Has a growing appreciation for alcohol, following in her father's footsteps.

Favorite Colors: Reds, blacks, golds

Weapons of choice: Her signature katanas and revolvers, handed down to her by her adoptive mother and father respectively.

Dislikes: Anything to do with physical intimacy of any kind, killing/acting without purpose

Hobbies: None witnessed

Physical Features: Very lithe and flexible, almost always frowning or carrying at least a neutral facial expression.

Special Abilities: Fully ambidexterous, has very limited use of arcane and fire magic. Very fast in her movements when fighting, almost to the point of being unnatural.

[Will finish later]

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"Yeah, she's cool. I think so, she's nice to me. She might stab you. But probably not! Go on, go talk to her. She's nice. Is she? But don't get to close. Oh, no reason..." Once the interviewer is sufficiently confused or scared or both, she walks away.

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"For some reason, I don't think she likes me very much," Syreena responded with an amused grin.  Then she shrugs.  "She's Selash's daughter though, so I hope I never have to hurt her.   Often times when I run into her, I get the feeling she's trying to prove herself."

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“Poor girl. There's really so much to pity about her and she clearly has no clue how the world works, but I have to say I admire both her hair trigger temper and her lack of patience for social overtures and outright lunacy.”

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