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strewn about the streets of Dalaran, of Orgrimmar, of Stormwind and even those of Thunder Bluff to Silvermoon and Darnassus to Ironforge; there comes a wave of fliers that adhere to every wall and alley*


*Sponsored by the Borrowed Time company*

Come one come all!

To further relations between the Horde and Alliance, we are proud to announce a fundraising event that is sure to be worth every copper spent!

The Mystery Auction Extravaganza!

A one-time event that is sure to have you on the edge of your seats with the sheer suspense of it all! Come buy yourself a date, based not on race nor faction nor even looks! Buy them from self-made cards describing themselves for that pure mystery of an unknown rendezvous!


What could he or she be? An orc? A dwarf? A tauren? A kaldorei? Who knows!


All are welcome to join us January 7th at 6pm on the goblin clock; with our hosts of Phyruss Arath’dorei who will be announcing and bidding on behalf of our wonderful women and the beautiful Siane who will be representing our hunky men!


*Fine Print*

Purchasing a date does not constitute offers of sexual favors in exchange for money. All dates are confirmed eligible of age and are of their own minds. All contestants are guaranteed safety on their dates, covered by Borrowed Time, Sanctuary, and Twilight Empire enforcers.

Obey the rules or they break your face.




So the rules are as follows!


-The Biddees are to write a 255 character maximum description of their characters, without using any proper nouns; i.e. Faction, Race, Names, Guilds, etc. They are asked to instead describe personality, hobbies, ideas for a date, anything to represent themselves before an audience.

If you would rather not write one, we can write one for you! Send a description to us, but it's all the more fun if you do it yourselves to best give the full disclosure on your character, right?

-On Jan. 7th, there will be a Discord up for cross-faction RP, but the auction itself will be transpiring in Old Dalaran in the Legerdemain Lounge. In-game RP is encouraged, but we also hope to make use of this server to talk between Horde and Alliance!

-Its up to you and the person you won to set the dates for your schedules to best go on them!

-We hope to be able to use real gold for this, but with enough protest, we might just switch to RP currency with a longer time limit. With real gold however, we will be able to purchase gifts for those who participate!

-The rule for actual gold: 2 minute auction time, can only do a max increase of 100g until the bud reaches 2000+, then the bids come with a maximum of 200. RP currency, the time limit will be 3 minutes with 50g increments.

-Your description will be sold on that night, not necessarily you! So this way, this allows your character to not have to attend the night themselves if you have a conflicting issue, or wish to come on a different character to place bids!

-Dates don’t have to be romantic! Buy someone who sounds like you’d have fun with!

-Please whisper Cobrak on Discord, or PM me on wow-tng with your descriptions! And honor code here, but don't tell anyone what you wrote for maximum surprise!


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[[ It's this weekend! Please PM Cobrak your cards! If you need help writing one, ask him and he can do it, or ask a friend... odds are they'll be all to happy to do it for you! ]]

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Thank you everyone who attended! As with the first date auctions, the organizers learned a few lessons on how to ensure everyone has the most fun, but it seems like a good time was generally had by all! We wanted the most people to have the most fun, and I hope y'all enjoy your random RP!


Entries & their winners


Shokkra - 7900g
I’m one hell of a beautiful bitch. I’m angry most of the time. I’m honorable as I can be. Fighting is one of my favorite things. I’m strong as fuck, and could deadlift anything short of a fel reaver. War is my profession, when I’m not smithing.

Won by: Cymbidia


Vilmah - 1900g
Enjoys knitting, playing with puppies and talkin over battle strategies. Isn't a stranger to a good fight, but would like to keep things friendly. Ideal "date" would involve a good meal, a lot of drinking, and maybe a game of some kind.

Won by: Gunheya

Julilee - 1700g
A strong leader with an unshakeable sense of duty. Years of experience on the battlefield makes for some great stories, and she has plenty to tell. Compassionate, warm, and charitable, she lives to serve others in the name of  honor, integrity, and justice. The perfect date would involve helping those in need, and maybe a nice meal, but nothing too fancy.

Won by: Nathandiel


Fayleah - 7000g
Not for the faint of heart. Our evening out will end with no less then one death. Possibly yours if you can't keep up. Have some drinks, Climb up somewhere nice and enjoy a good meal. Possibly you if you fall into the fire... I am told that your safety will be ensured by Borrowed Time but honestly have no clue how they can save you from falling for me... HAHA Get it? I'll pack you a glider.

Won by: Baalthemar


Aneerys - 9200g
There is this shy young lady who enjoys sweet treats and pretty things.  She seems to be fond of animals and light-hearted fun.  If you are a nice man, you should take her out.

Won by: Nathandiel


Ketani - 1300g
Skilled, multilingual seamstress and enchantress who enjoys quiet discussion and tea as much as she enjoys dangerous adventures through difficult territory. Platonic encounters only

Won by: Lazarus


Lilliana - 1100g
I'm shorter than usual but I make up for it in attitude. I'm fiercely loyal to my friends and family but can be a little a little evil at times. That just makes me even more lovable, though. Also, my sister is going to kill me for this. Peace!

Won by: Lazarus


Vilmah (again) - 3400g
Perseverant protector with amazing stories to tell... Likes to get along with everyone but isn't afraid to knock heads when necessary. Bonus: free handmade mug cozy with purchase.

Won by: Karthok


Myaka - 3200g
Quiet craftsperson who enjoys smithing, and smithing design. Enjoys adventures and sparring.  Platonic encounter preferred.

Won by: Gunheya


Kahlan - 2900g
Sin'dorei female seeks someone to help her understand the concepts of bonding. Enjoys killing, alcohol and time alone. Humans need not apply.

Won by: Cymbidia


Siane - 2500g
Shy and sweet, wouldn’t harm a fly. Make her blush if you enjoy that sort of thing. She can go anywhere, but odds are trouble will find her. But she’ll love you forever no matter what happens, because she just can’t not.

Won by: Lazarus


Resileaf - 4200g
Ten thousand years of life experience in anything you can imagine,  she may not be very talkative, but it does not make her any less passionate. This Sentinel's presence will not go unnoticed, wherever you go, whatever you do. Enjoys standing still in a time stop spell.

Won by: Karthok, for Shokkra



Aruku - 200g
With all the fighting and anger out there, it's nice ta relax and just enjoy each other's company. Have a nice cup of tea, maybe go fishing... see where things go. That's how I found my wife! We got's an open relationship because there always need to be more loving in the world, for everyone! Just go with the flow, spreading the loving and happiness.

Won by: Nathaniel


Gunheya - 2100g
You don’t have to settle for easy on the eyes, ears, or mind with me. My mouth works as fast as the machines I build and I’m all too happy to fence with an equal mind. Flexible but fun if you’re a woman looking for some excitement I’m always game.

Won by: Vilmah


Fen’lao - 3200g
Large dark and handsome, this exceptional example of manliness is also a wonderful cook and extremely outgoing. Strong as a bear he is ehat everyone is looking for in a man, yet has a gentle side too.  It'll never be a dull moment when you are around him, food is included.

Won by: Nathandiel


Mavis - 1900g
He's big and warm and fluffy and always sneaks a snack before bedtime. No lies and always has hugs even though he looks scary.

Won by: Tirien


Rand - 3000g
Music, romance, a quiet night out after this handsome man takes you got a sweet motorcycle ride. What more could you want out of a lovely evening where a mysterious man sketches your beauty and serenades you with sweet melodies. Don't miss out on this bad boy that you could take home to meet the parents.

Won by: Fayleah, for Darilea


Vathelan - 800g
Young attractive single male with an interest in knights, chivalry, and the annihilation of the Legion. A skilled weaver of the arcane who specializes in frost magic, bureaucracy, and has extensive knowledge of noble houses and history. The perfect date would involve Arakkoan food and nice conversation.

Won by: Lahcania


Daerek - 700g
Quiet, intelligent craftsman who enjoys discussing magical theory, herbs, and alchemical delights. He’d love to broaden his horizons, and with a little coaxing, he might broaden yours too!

Won by: Boneslave/Edgar for Lilliana


Nathaniel - 1300g
I like to spend time in the company of an interesting person. Notice that I didn't say "people," because when there is only one I am truly take in their brilliance and learn about who they are; their hopes and dreams, what they're doing and where they've been. I'm an avid listener but I'm also willing to the lead. I have strong hands that can protect you, nimble feet that can dance with you, and a mind fit to entertain you long into the night. I love science and I love a little bit of danger. Tea is my favourite thing to drink and furs by the fire are my favourite place to cuddle.

Won by: Tirien


Kiannis - 400g
Want someone smoking hot that will treat you like shit? Bid on a date with me. We can stand around while I blow a lot of hot air. Probably get a drink and talk about how much we hate people.

Won by: Lazarus’ imp but Fayleah got the card


Tuuroto - 900g
This humble villager of the muck and mire is looking for a companion. He's friendly, he can make you laugh, and he's very good with his fingers. His favorite things include scavenger hunts, hot springs, and strawberry ice-cream. A quote from him, "Dalaran Law? Those are just unofficial suggestions, guidelines at best."

Won by: Rhork


Tirien - 1600g
A kind soul who can be your best friend or your worst enemy.  Patient, trusting, and friendly, they enjoy exploration and has lived in most parts of the Eastern Kingdoms.  Can get moody, though keeps brooding private; slow to truly open up to others.  Always on the look out to make new friends or stumble upon something more.

Won by: Lazarus, for Lilliana


Rupert Coldwater - 500g
He's a man of coin by day, but a man of whispers by night. His ideal date involves showering his special someone with copious amounts of gifts and treasures. He enjoys rainy days, for even the dullest blade can be a precious collectible. He's only 5' 3", but he'll be the first to tell you he's massively sized in other ways. In fact, he's so adaptable, he'll go both ways.

Won by: Rhork


Un’qo - 3800g
Honor. Peace. And Family. Standing at 9' 1", the cold doesn't bother this fellow. He may appear rather shy and standoffish, but he's just a fixer-upper doing something new for the first time in forever. Only one question: do you wanna build a snowman?

Won by: Vilmah


Kirital - 1100g
Fun loving and charismatic, this person enjoys life and what it has to offer; often with reckless abandon.  Confident and respectful, they make friends easily and genuinely sees the good in most anyone.  Can be a flirt and a huge goof.

Won by: Siane


Rhork - 300g
Young and excitable, there doesn't seem to be an end to this person's creativity.  They wear their emotions on their sleeve and can offer moments of wisdom well beyond their years.  Equally, however, they can bumble and trip though will always bounce back with optimism and energy.  A fan of adventure novels, they hope to explore the world of Azeroth.

Won by: Aneerys


Lazarus - 1100g
Enjoys walks down forest paths, pies, enchanting, and loves a good discussion.

Won by: Tirien


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(Very glad people enjoyed my cards! I truly laughed out loud at Rand's reactions to my shenanigans. The savagely written card for Kiannis was also done by a mischievous Fay. I was laughing so hard.  Writing cards for two hunters might not have been the safest of ideas but now I own them both for an evening so my plan worked! *fans self with cards* awww yassss. Now to figure out how to top this while I dodge arrows)

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