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Crimson Crier

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Standing in the middle of the Cathedral District in Stormwind, a lone woman, clad in a Crimson Robe, a tabard that mimicked the tabard of a Lordearon Soldier, but the blue replaced with a dark red. The robe was made of exquisite linen, gold lining, a matching cap on her head, her hair modestly up and tucked under the cap she began to speak to a crowd that was gathering, mostly civilians, and a few guards... behind her stood a hooded Paladin, a tabard of the Scarlet Crusade on his chest, his hammer resting beside him...


"Not a month ago these streets were soaked with blood. Surely you remember...Our guards, while valiant, stood no chance in the face of an onslaught of superior numbers and armaments. Like the vermin they are, the Dread Horde coalition swarmed through these very streets, placed their vile banners before this very church, and desecrated it. Our leaders were helpless to stop it... it is no folly of theirs, they thought they were doing what is best."


She pauses, observing the crowd, which listens, a few more guards gather about, some still showing signs of their injuries from the attack, glancing back at the Knight, who simply nods at her, his face covered... she gathers herself and continues...


"They always do what they think is best for Azeroth... but we cannot expect their judgment to be perfect... and in this case, it has proven to be in error. The King himself was forced to retreat after the Keep of our mightiest city was penetrated by these attackers... even he was not safe. If our leaders cannot even protect themselves, what hope do you have? Our common folk, our citizens, our innocents. Those who toil and provide for all of those under the banner of the Alliance... changes must be made! Protecting -you- is the priority of the Crimson Legion!"


Her confidence and sense of purpose growing with each word, her conviction growing stronger, the speaker continued and the crowed around her continued to grow a bit larger...

"Some within the Horde and the Alliance seek peace. A noble goal, and yet those factions of peace, textbook philosophers, have no sense of what is happening to -you- ... to those who allow them to daydream about the time when we will all live in peace and harmony. As they do, more suffer... more die. Perhaps one day they will wake from their dream and see the nightmare that is happening to everyday citizens of Azeroth. The Crimson Legion will stand for this no longer! We offer our services to you... and we promise that we will strike -back- at the cowards who rampage through our quiet streets with the goal of causing terror and  striking fear into the hearts of those who make this glorious Alliance possible! The people of Azeroth have been victims for too long and we must take further action to prevent more atrocities against you!"


Pausing and taking a breath, noticing the crowd grows ever larger...


"The Dread Horde will pay for their incursion, this we promise and vow! Our very leader, Sir Cavanaugh, has left the Silver Hand. This organization allows the heathens of the Horde to swell its ranks, fighting this so called "greater threat" ... what "greater threat" is there to you? When your loved ones bleed in the streets at the hands of the Horde, do our leaders not see a threat? Is this not a "Greater" threat? It is to us, your suffering... at any level, on any front, at anyones hands, is our "greater threat"! Even now we plan our counter offensive to strike at the heart of this Horde, and our soldiers also continue to battle the Burning Legion wherever they may be... we will fight on any front that is needed so that you may be safe, the citizens of the Alliance! The conviction of the Crimson Legion, the support of the innocents of the Alliance, and the unbreakable will of Azeroth will see us through to victory! Stand with us, citizens of Stormwind... and know that we will fight for -you-!


Several squires bearing the mark of the Crimson Legion emerged from the Cathedral bearing food and supplies and began to distribute them to the citizens that had gathered to them, standing up several steps the Paladin looked over the assembled crowd, a smile... covered by the mask he wore... came upon his face... he nodded to the crier, and the woman followed him back within the halls of the Cathedral.


"The board is set... the pieces are moving... excellent job, M'lady." The Paladin said quietly, his hushed tone barely audible to the woman a few steps behind him. She smiled and lowered her head as they withdrew.


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Tan parchment posters with a Scarlet L stamped on the top, perfectly centered appear in Goldshire, Lakeshire, Darkshire and Westfall.



The Legion, Scourge, Forsaken and Horde have for too long sullied our lands and taken our innocents! Too many of our brothers and sisters have fallen! We call upon all who are willing and able to serve to help us take the fight to them!

We understand our organization has a checkered history, with your help we seek to redeem not only our name, but the names of some of the greatest champions of the Alliance! Saiden Dathrohan, Alexandros Mograine and so many more heroes! Corrupted and led astray by agents of the Burning Legion, while losing none of the determination and drive that made the Scarlet Crusade one of the staunchest foes of not only the Scourge, but Forsaken as well! Join the Crimson Legion and let the Light see us through to ultimate victory!

Come, help us cleanse Azeroth of these unnatural and vile threats to the Alliance! With the Light on our side, we cannot fail!


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*Izeal reads over the parchment in goldshire and exhales through his nose audibly*

"Well, looks like things might start getting serious around here... Good, these animals have spread their filth for far too long and it's time we clean them up."

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