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Catalinetta D'Aragon

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Full Name: Catalinetta D'Aragon
Nicknames: Cat
Date of Birth: January 14th
Age: Unknown - Died shortly after beginning Blood Knight training (at age 18)
Race: Sindorei
Gender: female
Hair: black
Skin: Dark Gray
Eyes: Blue
Height: 5'1"
Weight: 125lbs
Place of residence: The Kingfisher
Place of Birth: Silvermoon
Known Relatives: Alia Sunstrike (aunt)
Religion/Philosophy: Once proudly dedicated to the Light, Cat's current faith is nebulous at best
Occupation: Death Knight
Group/Guild affiliation: Sanctuary
Guild Rank:
The Scourge
Likes: comfort, friendly people, talking
Favorite Foods: cheesecake, chocolate, fried anything
Favorite Drinks: whiskey
Favorite Colors: pink, purple
Weapons of Choice: Runeblade Axe
Dislikes: being dead
Hobbies: drawing
Physical Features: Catalinetta is very short and small-boned. She has a round face, and dimples in her cheeks and chin. Her hair is usually tied into pigtails. Though usually armored enough to keep it covered, she has a large wound in her chest that goes clear through to her back. It has been sewn closed, but the wound itself will not heal.
Special Abilities: Can consume blood to heal wounds. It also enhances her senses.
Positive Personality Traits: Vry energetic, optimistic, and generally well mannered.
Negative Personality Traits: Talks a lot, casually curses.
Misc. Quirks: Cat enjoys all of the comforts lost to her in death; food, booze, and cuddles. Her favorite thing to do is go to a bar where she can drink whiskey and talk with people.

Since she was very young, Cat dreamed of being a heroic knight. Born to a fairly poor Sin'dorei family, Cat was spared during the first Scourge invasion, but her family was not. She was too young to enlist with the Blood Knights at the time of her family's death, but shortly before the campaign in Northrend, she finally started her training. She was part of a small regiment of trainees who were killed during an attack on Silvermoon. Shortly after dying to a sword through her back, she was resurrected by the Lich King to become a Death Knight. She was part of the group that attacked Light's Hope Chapel, and eventually one of the Death Knights who was able to break away from the Lich King's control.

Unable to handle the side-effects of undeath, Catalinetta eventually gave in to the curse of the Death Knights and went to Northrend. There, she spent years thoughtlessly killing to satiate the need for pain and suffering that all Death Knights possess. Eventually, she decided to leave Northrend and return to the Horde, though she can not remember how or why she came to this decision. Catalinetta proudly fights alongside Sanctuary, and hopes to someday become the hero that she always dreamed of being.



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