The Twisting Nether Weekly

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To the editor of the "Twisting Nether Weekly",

Please make note of the following errors in your most recent issue.

1. Sanctuary is dedicated to peace for all peoples, not just between the Horde and Alliance.
2. Sanctuary's Commander is not a paladin, but a warrior.

Your correction of these errors will be much appreciated.

In addition, please note that Sanctuary has prevailed against Emerald Nightmare corruption, and under no circumstances would endorse the use of a mana bomb.

Commander Julilee Liene

Juli puts the letter in the envelope. It takes her awhile to find the motivation to get up from her desk and give it to a page to be delivered. Right now, it just almost doesn't seem worth the effort.

Edited by Julilee
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With a bemused smirk Zanas pens a letter to the "Twisting Nether Weekly"

Dr. Feelgood and Lady Love,

I am attempting to woo a trolless.  Do you have any suggestions to offer?


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Loranah was rapidly turning a brighter and brighter shade of red, her face was hot as her freckles became even more pronounced. "Dr... you said you were working on something for the newspaper..." She mumbled it to herself as she finished up the top portion of the front page. "I thought maybe it was an article about the latest Titan tech we'd found... not THIS." The paper rose to cover her face, shaking her head as she tried to calm her rapidly beating heartbeat. "Well... tonight's dinner will be very interesting!"

Edited by Loranah

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