Because of You...(writing prompt)

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While we're all waiting on the results of the story contest and gearing up for the holidays why not lean back and churn out a story theme. As above this theme is "Because of you" you're allowed to interpret it however you want, post whenever you want and make it as long as you want so long as it is self contained and posted below. No prizes for this one, just something to get the creative ball rolling.


Have fun!

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Because of you mother is dead.

I have no home.

Because of you the damned roam our halls.

The music is still.

Because of you I will boil the seas.

The land will cry.

Because of you my heart is cold.

The deadwinds blow.

Because of you father. 

Because of you.

-Found on the inner binding of Zanas' journal.

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Because of you, my life was changed forever. There was a path once, a well-planned path that I thought I could follow, but that path is gone now. You made me make choices I never thought I'd have to make; choosing between friends, and family, and whether or not I could ever be the person I wanted to be. Because of you, my friends are dead. Because of you, I had to look inside myself and find out just how ugly I can be. Because of you, I know just how deep that ugliness goes. Because of you, I will never know what it's like to feel secure, or safe. Because of you, everything burned.

I can't keep blaming you, though. You're dead. It doesn't matter if all these things happened because of you.

Because of you, I grew up.

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