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Hello everyone! I'm bored and in a rather odd mood this morning so that leads to some interesting pondering and a lot of what-ifs and wishing. Sitting here now, I'd like to ask the community what their most memorable and favorite and least favorite scenes/storylines/RP encounters were. What made them terrible or great? Why do you remember them? Did any RP invoke real emotions in you and if so was that a good thing or a bad thing, to be so invested?

On the flip side of this- what do you WISH would happen? What kinds of RP would you really like to see that just hasn't occurred yet?

In your own words, what have we already had? How do you feel about the plots we've already experienced- that can help in pinpointing a wishlist for the future. Do you enjoy the over-arching epic stories like Eclipse and Quorum which can spawn little spin-offs along the way, or do you prefer all the little individual stories without the larger guiding force?


If you're bored too, take a few minutes and share your thoughts!

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I won't talk about any I didn't like, because I wouldn't want to make anyone feel bad.   Actually, I can't even think of any I didn't enjoy.   But three stand out for me above all the rest.

1.  The Grim vs. Sanctuary conflict.  This is what drew me back into RP when I was about to quit WoW.  My first encounter with Kex'ti was after asking Xara OOC if there was any Sanct people on that were willing to be attacked by Sy, and she told me about this elf monk that was waiting for me in Nagrand.  I figured it would be a quick an easy win.  Ha ha ha.   It was fun to have a rival to RP with.  (You can't really RP against the Alliance while PVPing them out in the world.)  This is where Syreena started down the villain path.  (Not that she was ever a nice, wholesome girl!) 

2. Eclipse and all the spinoffs from it.  I met and RP'd with so many people during this storyline, and I was completely in awe at Xara's ability to hold it all together and see it through to the end.  The mystery and unknown elements, like with the characters that were being controlled by Accalia, kept me guessing.  The occasional dungeon master encounters were fun.  None of it ever felt scripted, and the spinoff stories resulting from it never seemed to be discouraged. 

3.  My very favorite were the captures.  Being the villain and capturing Skylah, and the resulting RP conflict with the Alliance.  And then my own character becoming a prisoner in return.  It was interesting to play with a completely different group of people.  Their characters often didn't react to things the way I expected, and it was very refreshing and kept me on my toes!  It was interesting watching peoples reactions to Syreena, and it was equally interesting seeing how other characters reacted to Marrus' plans for her, since he was basically a good guy, but pretty much using her as a guinea pig.   I didn't plan any of that, and I didn't know Eternal Aegis people at all when I let them capture my character.  It was kinda scary!  But through these storylines, I got to know some Alliance people.  Skylah was such a sport with letting us do what was done to that character.   The EA guys are awesome RPers and so nice OOC, and Marrus was so considerate in keeping my OOC wishes in mind through the RP.  And the same goes for the TE people who had control of my character the last night of her capture.  After all this, I started RPing on Alliance again so I could still play with the people I'd met through these stories.


I like both big storylines and smaller ones.  I'm not very good at sticking to a script though.  I like the ones that put my characters in new territory, or with some kind of challenge or obstacle, where I have to stay on my toes and be creative.   But I'm no good at all at coming up with storyline ideas on my own, so I'm hoping there are some big ones like this in Legion to get involved in too!  :)

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