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Felonius Gallows

When Alts Get Together

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I got to thinking about this and did a search on the forums here. I found an old thread (2008) where somone asked, "Do your alts know each other?"

My alts do, but since I just have one account, they are never in each other's presence actually. Their knowledge of each other and interactions are strictly RP. Then my thought was "What if they ran into each other? What would they talk about?" Obviously, they know each other indirectly OOC through me. Thus, they would realize that Felonius (105 Rogue) is my main, Bokar (81 Paladin) is my oldest character, and Kayaara (40 Monk) is my newest.

Here is what I pictured happening:

(The three meet in Stormwind, by the mailbox near the Auction House.)

Felonius: Hey there! How are you two doing?

Bokar: Oh hello, Felonius. I almost have all of the parts I need to build that motorcycle for you.

Felonius: That's great! What else do you need?

Bokar: Just engine parts. I can't make them myself, they are goblin-made. So I'm gonna need about 8,000 gold to buy them.

Felonius: 8,000 gold? That's a lot of money. I only have about 1,000. Kayaara, how much do you have?

Kayaara: Well, I just sold a bunch of stuff at auction, so I have about 1,200 gold. But I need some of it for posting fees for all the crap you two send me.

Felonius: OK. Kayaara give Bokar 1,000 and hold onto the rest.

Kayaara: Pfft. I guess I don't get to go shopping then. I wanted a new outfit.

Felonius: There's nothing wrong with what you are wearing. I sent both of you some nice heirloom pieces awhile back.

Kayaara: But they are ugly! I don't even look like a Monk wearing those. I had to buy these green Gypsy pieces to wear so I look half-way decent.

Felonius: Those do look great on you.

Bokar: Uh, yeah... about that. Those heirloom pieces are outdated now. They might be fine for her, but I have out-leveled them. I got some Felguard gear during the pre-launch, but I would really prefer something that looks more... paladin-ish.

Felonius: Don't even start that with me. Nobody is going to see what you are wearing in your Garrison anyway. By the way, why aren't you in your Garrison? You're supposed to be making parts to sell to help us raise... oh, I don't know... something like 8,000 gold? Hmm?

Bokar: Hey, don't get snippy with me, young man! You might be higher level, but I was around exploring dungeons and building RP guilds long before you came along.

Felonius: Oh really? That's how it is? Well, I'm level 105 and I have 240 Honorable Kills without BGs. What's your score, old man?

Bokar: I have a few. But you are only higher level than me because you took the boost. See all those Achievement Points? Most of those are mine. I did all the work the old-fashioned way. I earned every one of my levels.

Kayaara: What's a "boost"?

Felonius: Never mind all that. Kayaara, get this stuff auctioned and mail the money to Bokar. Bokar, you get back to your Garrison and start upgrading some stuff so we can get production moving.

Kayaara: Fine! Whatever.

Bokar: It would help if you would let me do some quests, so I can level up and get the upgrades for the Garrison.

Felonius: I'll see what I can do.

<Blizzard Pop-Up>: Class Hall Missions Complete.
<Blizzard Pop-Up>: Garrison Missions Complete.

Felonius: I gotta go. Get to work you two.

(( OK people. Your turn. Have some fun with this! ))

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I've always had an extremely strict policy that none of my alts knows the other even exists, and they don't know each other on even the most remote level. I'm not even sure why I do this, but it's something I've always been adamant about. The only exception was an alt I created for the purpose of advancing a storyline and it was someone that my character Nika hired. However, once that storyline ended and the job was complete, the two parted ways and have never seen each other again. 


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Your altversation was cute, Felonius. xD

Contrary to Nikaa, MOST of my alts know each other somehow. I really enjoy writing an intertwined narrative for them. One time I even made a bubble map of how they were all connected, just for the shiggles. It was very messy. *Laughs*

For example, Katelle is my main. Ketani is her cousin. Trelorian, my belf, is connected to Ketani and knows (mostly) the rest of their immediate family. Daerek, my mage, knows Katelle from a few years ago--but actively avoids her for Reasons. Buckles, my warrior, briefly met Kate while Southshore was being destroyed (here's looking at you, Infection *adopts TN Server Lore even though is a Ravenholdt native*) and they worked to get refugees out and to safety, and now works under her in the Empire. Kriabryve, my goblin, knows Kate through business (as Kate used to, and sometimes still does, supplies various buyers with herbs); Kria ALSO has a connection to Ketani through my boyfriend's belf/Ketani's lover. The only RPed character I have that don't know Katelle or any of the others is my shaman, and I haven't touched her in ages...nor have I ever RPed on her!

Character maps get messy. :D

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((Nice work, and funny. Most of my alts know each other, in fact my oldest character was married to an alt. Sometimes I wonder if I might have a split personality. My meeting would go something like this:))

Thunderbluff outside the bank near the mailbox.

Zarja: “Oh hey Kerchak nice meetin’ joo here. How it be goin’?”

Kerchak: “Its good.”

Zarja: “Dat’s it. All joo got?”

Kerchak: “Well … ok maybe it isn’t good. My class has changed so much since I started adventuring. Between figuring out all the changes and trying to build up engineering to get the motorcycle for you, I haven’t had time to really enjoy hunting.”

Brinks: “Hey you two, what is cooking?”

Kerchak: “Hey, Brinks.”

Zarja: “Kerchak was just complaining about class changes again. Always the same story.”

Kerchak: “Oh sure. Blame me. Warriors haven’t changed like hunters have. You guys still run up and smack people. We hunters have seen a lot of change. First, we can shot at any range, no more ‘dead zone’. Then ammo and quivers are gone. No more attack speed bonuses there. Then there is the mana to focus thing. I’m not my pet.”

Brinks: “I see.”

Zarja: “So, Kerchak here said he needed extra mats for mi motorcycle. Think joo can mine some up, Brinks?”

Brinks: “Come on, Zajra. You know I dropped mining ages ago to pick up Enchanting. Since you saw the price enchants got on the auction house. By the way, you’ll have to send me more vellum, if you want the gold train to keep rolling in.”

Zarja: “Oh right, I’ll mail you some later. I’m out of ink.”

Kerchak: “Did you get dat Bijou I found in my bank, Brinks?”

Brinks growls menacingly.

Brinks: “I’m not the ‘bank’ character anymore, Kerchak. Not since it was discovered that Shaman are enjoyable to play, by our player.”

Kerchak: “Oh right.”

Ajraz: “Hey you three.”

Brinks: “Ajraz.”

Kerchak: “Hey. I could use some bigger bags, when you have the chance, Ajraz.”

Zarja: “Yea mi too, mon.”

Brinks: “A bigger enchanting bag wouldn’t hurt.”

Ajraz: “Whoa, talk about bull rushed. Kerchak, your new bags are in the mail and you should have them already. Brinks and Zarja, I’ll send you some later. Maybe if you sent mats like Kerchak, I wouldn’t have to buy mats off the AH.”

Brinks: “Any of you guys got some extra gold? I’d like to get my epic flying. I got that bronze drake from old strat the other day.”

Zarja: “Is that even around anymore? I heard that mounts are account bound. I haven’t looked into that.”

Male Orc Rogue: “Don’t know either. But I have it listed on my mount page.”

Female Undead Warlock: “Me too.”

Kerchak: “Who are you two?”

Rogue: “We’re the alts the player uses to take a break from being IC all the time.”

Warlock: “Yep, and I just made half way to max level last night.”

Brinks: “…”

Kerchak: “Um … dude.”

Zarja: “Max level is 110 now. You’re going to need another 10 levels for that to happen.”

Warlock: “What!? Srsly? Damn it. Every time I make half way it changes. I haven’t been on in awhile clearly.”

Rogue: “Yep, that is true.”

Zarja: “We all haven’t been on in a LONG time. Something like four years.”

Kerchak: “Yep.”

All the characters turn toward the screen.

All together: “Get with the program, player!”

Me: “Come on guys, don’t hate me. The game just isn’t playable on Dail-up anymore.”

Zarja: “Well, get back to us when you get high speed then. Until then, we’re gone.”

Brinks: “Yea.”

Screen flickers and goes black.

Me: “Damn.”

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((My alts don't know each other either, and never should, but "what if" is still fun to play.))

Qabian sat in a corner of the Filthy Animal, hunched over a mug of something. An orc slid into the chair across from him and grinned. Her teeth were surprisingly white.

"Excuse me," Qabian muttered. "I'm busy."

The orc just kept grinning.

He rolled his eyes. "Go away."

She waved at him.

Qabian sighed. "What do you want?"

She took out a candle, placed it on the table between them, then lit it with a snap of her fingers. She blew lightly on the flame and a thin wisp of smoke curled into a soft, greyscale image, disturbingly accurate, of Qabian and herself casting spells at a target dummy.

Qabian raised an eyebrow. "You want me to... teach you?"

The orc nodded, still grinning.

"Oh, I've heard of you. You're that Blackrock... thing. Aren't you? Kumai, was it?"

She nodded again.

"Well, too bad. I've never been a teacher and I'm not taking students."

Kumai stopped grinning. She tilted her head to one side and laid a finger along her jaw, looking thoughtful.

Another orc dragged a chair loudly across the floor and slammed it down at the table, causing both Qabian and Kumai to start in surprise. The new orc's skin was grey and her eyes glowed blue. She had a faint but definite smell of rot about her. "Why you asking him for help anyway, girl? Don't you know pinkskins are good for nothing?" She cackled. Her voice had an edge of gravel. She held out a hand vaguely to both of them. "Name's Ratbite. Couldn't help but overhear -- well, not you, since you don't talk."

Kumai gave the offered hand an awkward high-five-ish slap, and resumed grinning again.

Qabian stood up from the table, glaring at the orcs. "Thanks, but no thanks. I don't want what you're selling." He meant to leave with speed, but immediately bumped into a pandaren as he turned, causing her to spill her drink all over herself, and reflexively setting her on fire. The spilled alcohol made the effect dramatic, but with a shimmer of light, the blast of flames died away. The pandaren smoothed a glowing hand down her sleeve. 

Qabian dusted off his robes. "I -- "

"No need to apologize, good sir," the Pandaren said. "My name's Qingsong." She bowed slightly.

Qabian threw up his hands. "No. No more introductions. I'm leaving and I'm never coming back." He marched briskly out of the bar.

"Ah, let him go," Ratbite said with a dismissive wave. "Come on and sit with us, Qingsong. I'll buy you a fresh drink." 

"That's very generous," the pandaren said, bowing again before taking the seat Qabian had just left.

Kumai watched Qabian leave, her expression concerned, and her lips twisted in a gentle frown. Then she shrugged and turned to her new friends with a wave, the candle smoke drawing out her name in soft cursive in the air over the table.

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"Hey Grathier!  They're asking if alts know each other.  We should add some-"

"Shut up Cerestal.  Go away."

"What's wrong?  Are you still angry about that one time?"

"What part of 'shut up' does an idiot like you not understand?!"


"But it was fun.  And you know you broke my cheek as well."

"Which I doubt gives you debilitating migraines every now and again."

"It was five years ag-"


*Anavea enters*

"Hey guys.  Did you see that alt po-"

*She takes one look at Grathier, pales and runs screaming from the room*



"She looked familiar.  I think I slept with her."

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Filora was vaguely understood to be one of Xara's cabin girls way back when, and Nokokomah is Fhenrir's niece so Xara and Fhen visit her occasionally, but Xara and Juli, my two most-played characters, explicitly have never met and have nothing to do with each other. Right now, the closest interaction between my characters is probably how Siané gets assignments from Juli as Sanctuary's emissary to the Horde, but that and Xara and Fhen's family visits have never been written out, only mentioned in passing.

There have been a few exceptions to the vague-interactions-at-best rule though. One was when as an exercise in perspectives I wrote a meeting between Juli and Filora. There have also been times when Juli and Siané have been in the same place, usually when TE and Sanctuary have come together for good times like fighting a dreadlord, though I was usually far too busy to waste time having them interact with each other. Ardyan and Siané did also have some interactions which were briefly touched on in a thread. But the latest and most glaring exception is when Siané and Jessaya met face-to-face recently in roleplay, which was pretty egregious scene-stealing but good friends let you get away stuff like that. I wouldn't otherwise impose on people, though.



She-who-must-not-be-named and Siané might be a different story.



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