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Are you interested in running Mythic and Mythic+ dungeons with other roleplayers from Twisting Nether and Ravenholdt?  Would you like help finding those people?   Well, read on!

Below is a link to a spreadsheet with a list of other people interested as well.  This will hopefully make it easier for everyone to find a group.


Mythics are not as easy as regular dungeons, so there are some general suggested guidelines.  Of course, the person forming a group can set whatever requirements they choose.

  •          Item Level – minimum 820 to start.
  •            Full gems and enchants.  (Old or lesser quality ones are acceptable to start)
  •           Consumables – bring enough flasks, food, and potions to last the evening. (Again, old ones should be acceptable to start.)
  •           Voice chat – be willing to use voice chat if the group leader requests it.
  •           Read up on the fights if you are not already familiar with them. (Dungeon guide links below)
  •           Be courteous to your team--be on time, prepared, and attentive.


Sign Up!

Notes about the signup sheet: 

  •         At the bottom, there are separate tabs for Horde and Alliance.  Be sure to sign up on the correct sheet.
  •         Fill in your name-server, class, role (Tank/Heal/rDPS/mDPS), average item level.
  •             Indicate whether you have completed the attunements to the Arcway and Court of Stars dungeons.  Don’t forget to update this after completing attunement! (Attunement details and guide link below.)
  •           Indicate your availability for each day.  Please use server times.  If you do not have regular availability, you can still sign up!  Just make a note in the comments that you don’t have a consistent schedule, but you’re still interested.
  •       Comments – anything else you feel should be added.

Spreadsheet Link:


Forming a Group

If you want to form up a group to run mythics, you can reference this list and contact people individually or make an open post to invite people.  It would be a good idea to let people know what days and times you want to run, whether it will be a regular or one-time event, what voice chat program you plan to use (if any), and any other special requirements.


Court of Stars and The Arcway

The Court of Stars and The Arcway are special, mythic only dungeons that require some effort to unlock for each player.

The quests required to unlock Court of Stars and The Arcway both can be found in the Suramar side story chapter: Statecraft. To start the line, you need to achieve 8,000 / 12,000 reputation with The Nightfallen, and have the Blood and Wine chapter completed. At that point, First Arcanist Thalyssra in Shal'Aran offers The Perfect Opportunity, which starts Statecraft.

More information:


Legion Dungeon Journal

Here’s a link to all dungeon and raids on WoWhead, with loot lists and detailed descriptions.

It is recommended, before doing each dungeon or raid, to read through the abilities and tips.  

Legion Dungeon Quick Guide

Here’s a link to a quick notes guide I made for the Legion dungeons, with separate tabs at the bottom for Tank/Healer/DPS.  The goal with this was to have something as a quick reference, even as people are running the dungeons.  Feel free to add useful notes as you learn the dungeons.



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I'm on there!

Edit: Oh wait. I must have been glitched, because now it IS showing up on my calendar as a lockout. I thought I could run them multiple times, just for no loot after the 1st. Does anyone know how it works?

Edit Again: I was right, and can help other groups after a run with the hubby :D

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To make this more simple for the glorious Alliance, we can always take a DPSer on our guild runs! We have heals, tank, couple dps that are on every night, and we are ramping up our efforts this week... already completed a few... so any non heathens, aka Alliance, who want to do some, let me know your time and availability and we can always sneak you in! :-)


Also... we are going to be setting up raids, but that's not going to happen for a week or so... perhaps I'll look at this spreadsheet and fill it out... but that sounds like taking my job home with me... and theres also a medical study that says spreadsheets are the cause of blindness in 4/5 people.*



*The same doctors said that Camel Cigarettes were their choice

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We finished our first mythic +2 within the timer last evening with 4 members of 9th Legion and 1 member of IS, and finished a +3 but sadly due to a D/C... my D/C, we missed the timer... its a LOT of fun, and we extend invites to anybody that wants to join! Running weeknights between 7-10:30 server time! :-) 


I'd prefer to bring Alliance RPers with us to fill that DPS slot, so don't be shy! We aren't super serious or using voice or anything at this point, so don't think its scary! Laid back group! ( This might change next week if we try to push mythic + 5, as in we might use voice, we still don't have any ragers haha )


Also, you do still get the loot if you finish the instance, even if you miss the timer!

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