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Kargron's Defeat

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((I wanted to post this MONTHS ago, and I should have.  This explains what happened to Kargron in the first place and why he's acting so differently.  But I never managed to finish it, until recently.  So, uh, remember that it takes place several months ago in character.  This ain't a current event.))


((Oh, and sorry about the length.))


It was not possible to fully escape conflict while remaining on Draenor. No matter where one might turn, sooner or later one would find oneself embroiled in battle, if not against the Iron Horde, then against one of the various beasts or predators that inhabited the savage world. Then there were the fanatical, demon-crazed followers of Gul'Dan to contend with. And that was to say nothing of the never ending conflict between the Alliance and the Horde. It seemed as though this war might never end.


But though the battle may seem eternal, it was possible to find moments of peace and respite, if one desired it enough. Or perhaps, in this particular case, it would be better said as "if one were desperate enough."


Once again, Kargron found himself in Shadowmoon Valley, the land that he felt drawn to ever since he had stepped through the portal. The land that had once been his home, in another life. He found it much easier to clear his head here. The world around him just seemed to slip away, and he could meditate on whatever he wished.


The orc had been impressed by the sense of calm that he had felt while in this particular secluded location, nestled deep within the valley. Of course, that was the reason he had chosen this location in the first place. A gentle stream lay nearby, the water lapping at the soft earth. There was a faint breeze blowing through the trees, rustling the leaves and creating a soothing noise as it passed over the grass. Everything about the scene spoke of peace. Tranquility. Beauty.


And there, in the middle of it all sat Kargron, cross legged in the grass with his head bowed. His eyes were closed, his body motionless.


He was only wearing a simple harness, a few thin leather strips loosely tied together, common amongst the warriors of his people, though not something that he would wear under most occasions. He preferred the familiar comfort of the metal armor that he usually clad himself in. In fact, he preferred wearing heavy protection regardless of whether he was preparing for battle or not, removing it only when he chose to rest, and perhaps on a handful of other occasions. While in part this was due to his belief in eternal vigilance, he truly felt more comfortable while in armor than not.


But this situation was different. He needed to be free of all physical burdens in order for this to work. To feel the breeze on his face, the soft earth under his feet. To leave behind all that he was, at least for a few moments.


This would be the deepest meditaiton that he had ever achieved. It had to work. He was running out of options.


Kargron took a deep breath, furrowing his brow with concentration. The old orc had seen countless battles, enough conflict to last several life times. He had never run from battle unless he had been specifically ordered to do so. He had never slowed in a charge no matter how greatly he was outnumbered. He was and always had been a proud warrior of the Horde, eager for any chance to bring honor and glory to a worthy cause. He was a veteran of all three of the Great Wars, and had never even once known fear.


Until now.


Here he was, fleeing for the first time in his life. Bad enough that he had fled, but worse at what he had left behind. He was a coward, a deserter. He had abandoned his brothers and sisters of the Sanctuary. He had abandoned his duties, everything that he had believed in. He had failed, not only the Sancutary, but himself. His own ideals. And he had fled without a word, not letting anyone know either of his departure or his destination.


Gritting his teeth, Kargron shook his head, attempting to dispell the negative thoughts. They would not help him now. He needed to be clear-headed. To be at peace. Control. He needed control.


There was no war. There was no battle. Only peace. The sound of the river. The wind. The birds. The sound of his own breath. Nothing more. Nothing more.










There was nothing. Nothing at all. He waited patiently, allowing the seconds to tick by. Seconds turned into minutes, and still nothing. Time continued to pass, and still nothing. He'd gone longer than he'd ever gone before.


Kargron let out a breath that he hadn't even realized he'd been holding. He'd done it. He had purified himself. He allowed a slight smile to creep across his face. He'd won!


What are you so happy about, hmm?




Is this a bad time? You're sitting here in the middle of nowhere doing absolutely nothing, and you know, I just assumed you weren't busy.


No! It couldn't be! He had done everything right, it wasn't possible. He had control!


Or are you still refusing to accept the truth of my words?


Kargron lowered his head, clasping his face with his hands, shaking his head back and forth. It was back. The voice had returned. It sounded just as it had every time he had heard it in the past. Filled with a dark foreboding, malice, and cold evil. Venom dripped off of every word. And yet he could do nothing to stop it. He gave audible voice to his inner doubts. "I have failed."


Of course you failed. I'm a part of you. Always have been. Or is your memory really so poor?


Baring his teeth, Kargron snarled, whipping his head from left to right. "You are NOT a part of me!"


So eager to fight. It's the only thing you know, isn't it?


A low growl emitted from deep in Kargron's throat. He felt a surge of violent emotions swelling within him. He wanted to tear the speaker apart, rip him limb from limb. But how could he face an opponent that he could not see?


Yes, eager for battle. And yet....a coward. Fleeing the moment you first heard my voice, abandoning all that you knew. Such a shame. I had thought you made of stronger stuff. But oh well, I suppose appearances can be deceiving.


Kargron bared his teeth, clasping both of his hands to his forehead. He didn't just hear the voice now. He could feel something, something in his head. Something that wasn't supposed to be there. A presence that felt very wrong. "Get out, demon! Leave me!"


Demon? I am no mere demon. Oh no.


I am so.






Grunting, Kargron staggered forward, lifting his arms just in time to catch himself from planting his face into the mud. His breath came out in ragged gasps as pain shot through his chest.


Oh yes...I know you. I know your secrets. I know everything about you. You and I...we're so similar.


"We...are...not....the same!" Kargron snarled. He was panting for breath, and it seemed like he just couldn't get enough air.


I know your innermost secrets. The voice continued on, ignoring him. Oh yes....let's look inside, shall we? See who you really are.


Incredible pain seemd to shoot through his entire body. Kargron threw his head back and screamed, his voice echoing throughout the valley. He was fortunate he was in such an isolated part of Shadowmoon, or else someone might come looking for him.


Of course, he didn't fear for himself. He feared for the sake of whatever it was that might find him. What he might do to them. He couldn't control himself. Not like this.


Let's see what's in there.....


Images flashed through Kargron's mind, he couldn't shut them out. Visions of places that he had been before, familiar faces. want what I do...oh yes....


Kargron fell forward, only barely able to prop himself above the ground using one of his elbows. He continued to pant heavily, unable to control his breathing.


Suddenly, he wasn't doubled over in pain anymore. He wasn't near a peaceful brook in Shadowmoon Valley. He wasn't even sure if he was still on Draenor. He could barely see anything, it was too dark.


An icy wind tore at his face, forcing him to lift up one of his hands in order to cover himself. He could hear the wind howling all around him. Looking down, he could just see well enough to make out the solid sheet of snow beneath him. Wherever he was, he seemed to be caught in the middle of a blizzard.


The voice had fled him, for now. He couldn't sense it's presence, couldn't hear it echoing through his head. This fact provided some relief for the orc, though it was short lived. He soon realized that he still didn't have his armor with him, wearing nothing more than the harness in the freezing cold. Of course, this fact didn't bother him, as being a Death Knight, he rarely felt the cold anymore, no matter how intense it might be.




Kargron blinked his eyes as the howling winds ripped at his face. He was feeling something entirely unfamiliar, something he hadn't experienced in ages.


He was cold. He could feel the chill spreading into his bones. He could feel his extremities all going numb, one by one. He had to escape the freezing weather, and quickly. As stunned as he was by the fact that he was now experiencing a sensation that should be impossible for him, he was a practical orc. He needed to find shelter before freezing to death.


Peering forward, Kargron thought he could catch the faintest glimpse of a light shining from up ahead, through the storm. Gritting his teeth, he stumbled forward. The snow and ice was already reaching up to his knees. Everything below his waist was completely numb, and he couldn't feel his arms either. The storm raged so fiercely that he could scarcely make out where he was going. He continued to press forward, hoping that he was still heading for the light.


As he moved on, he could make out the silhouette of structures. A wall, covered in ice. Buildings all buried in snow, just the tops of the huts visible. There were no signs of life, everything was buried in a sheet of white. Stumbling against one of the buildings, his hands somehow managed to get caught in some kind of banner. Despite the overwhelming cold, he studied it for a few moments. Though most of it was covered in ice, he could just barely make out a few pieces of a golden crest atop a purple cloth.


Sanctuary, he thought to himself. He was in Sanctuary's garrison.




A voice somehow reached him, piercing through the shrieking of the wind. Looking up, he could just make out a thin figure standing in the doorway of a building ahead of him. It was the Command Center of Sanctuary's garrison. That must have been where he had seen the light coming from. He couldn't tell who it was that was calling him, but he supposed it didn't really matter. He had to make his way there. Or otherwise freeze to death.


Somehow, he managed to stumble his way to the entrance of the Command Center. Pulling himself through the door way, he gasped as he felt the heat pouring over him. The contrast between the freezing cold of the outside world mixed with the warmth flooding over him at the entrance filled him with pain, causing his breath to come out in a ragged gasp. Shuddering, he managed to grab hold of the large door that guarded the entrance of the building, using all his strength to bring the door shut. The wind howled and protested, threatening to rip the wood from his fingers. Finally, he managed to seal the room off from the outside world, the door closing with a loud "Click."


The old orc stood still for a few moments, allowing his large frame to rest against the massive door. The wind screamed outside, it's howls only faintly audible through the door, now sounding very distant and far away. He let out a breath he didn't even realize he'd been holding as he felt the warmth surround and consume him, chasing away any lingering chill on or in his body. His thoughts were a whirlwind of chaos and confusion. Where had that storm come from? The nights in Frostwolf territory could be brutal, but he'd never experienced anything like that before. And even if he had, why had it felt so intense? He couldn't remember feeling anything like that in so long that.....


Kargron shook his head, his breath finally stablilizing. No, he couldn't remember such a time. It had been that long. What was going on here?


"Are you alright?"


Whirling around, Kargron reflexively reached for the axe that was strapped to his back. It took him a moment to comprehend that he was looking at a friend, not a foe. There, standing in front of the fire, was the Commander, Julilee. She was looking at Kargron with one eyebrow tilted upward. Her hands were a few inches above the fire. Evidently, she too was affected by the cold.


"Commander." Kargron gave the elf a curt nod, pleased to see a friendly face. "Forgive me. I am a bit....confused."


Julilee gave him a light smile, shaking her head. "It's alright. I am simply glad you are well." With that, she turned away from him, thoughtfully studying a map of Draenor that was in the center of the room.


Kargron stared at the Commander for a few moments, silent. There was something wrong. Something very wrong. He couldn't figure out what it was, not at first. Something was stirring in him, something he didn't recognize. Something powerful.


He found himself turning his head from left to right, taking a quick survey of the room around him. There was no one else there, all of the guards and advisors had long since retired. It must be the dead of night. They were alone together.


Without even really thinking about it, Kargron took a step closer to Julilee. As he did so, he stared downward at his legs, confused. Why was he moving forward? He wasn't trying to. He had no reason to. Then, glancing back up, he found himself staring once more at Julilee's back-side. And the feeling came to him again. He took another step forward, and another. He wasn't wearing his heavy armor, so he was much quieter than he might otherwise have been. The Commander had no idea what he was doing, completely absorbed in the map that she was studying.


His breathing began to grow unsteady. He had never seen the Commander in this light before. The fire in the center of the room flickered and cast it's glow on her, illuminating the features of her face, it's warm light reflecting off of her armor. She looked.....desirable. More than that. He wanted her. He NEEDED her.


With a growl, he surged forward. The commander must have heard him, as she turned to him, still with a soft smile on her face. It was replaced with a frown when she saw what he was doing. Her hand reached for her weapon, but it was far too late. Kargron slammed into her with enough force to lift her off the ground, his large hand curling around her neck, lifting her up into the air and slamming her against the nearby wall.


He couldn't control himself anymore. The desire was too strong. She clutched at his hand, trying desperately to pry him off, but his grip was far too strong. Her struggles ignited an inferno within him, giving rise to excitement and feelings that had been buried inside of him for so long. Her every gasp for breath, the frantic squirming of her body in a vain attempt to break free, her eyes filled with terror of what was to come....


Kargron had never found anything so alluring in his life. He leaned forward, his mouth just inches from hers......


And then he realized what he was doing.


"NOOOOO!" Kargron screamed, releasing the elf from his grip. She immediately fell to the ground, coughing and gasping for breath. Breathing heavily, he stared at his hands with horror, as if they were responsible for what he had done. He took several steps back, then dropped to his knees, clutching his hands to his face in horror. "Commander, I....I am sorry! Forgive me!"


Kargron didn't know what he expected the Commander to do. Perhaps she would berate him. Perhaps she would order him to leave Sanctuary, never to return. Or perhaps she would simply run him through, finally sending him to the end that he deserved, now more than ever.


He did not, however, expect her to start laughing. "What's the matter, Kargron?" She tilted her head ever so slightly to the side, offering him a lop-sided smile. "Afraid to take what you want?"


"No..." Kargron rose to his feet, backing away. "What....what is this?"


"Oh, Kargron....won't you show me what a real orc can do?" She laughed again, walking toward him. Every step she took, he took a step back. "What's the matter? Are you afraid of a little elf like me?" The orc continued to back away until he felt something hard behind him. Turning his head, he realized that the door had somehow been shut. He was trapped.


"We could have had something together, you know. But you lied to yourself." Julilee was talking to him. She had stopped just a few feet away. She pulled out her sword and ran her fingers gently along it's edge. "You just can't take what you want, you deny yourself everything." Her gaze locked with his, and she smiled. "Fortunately, at least one of us isn't so....afraid." With that, she lunged forward, arcing her blade in a vicious horizontal slice, aiming for his neck.


But Kargron wasn't about to wait around for the sword to find it's mark. He dove to the side, so narrowly avoiding the blade's arc that he could feel the displacement of air as she missed him, hear the sound of the blade slicing where he had been just a moment ago. He rolled across the floor and leapt to his feet, whirling around and facing the Commander.


"You've failed the Sanctuary, Kargron." She leveled her sword at his chest, pointing at him with her blade. "The punishment is death."


Kargron stared at her for a moment, then shook his head. "You are not the Commander." He raised his hand over his shoulder, reaching for his weapon, but then stopped, slowly withdrawing his hand. "This is another vision. Fighting you is pointless."


"I may be a vision, but....I can still draw blood." She lunged forward once more swinging her blade toward him. He attempted to get out of the way, but she moved a little quicker than she did last time. He felt the blade glance against his arm, and he winced in pain, still putting some distance between himself and the Commander. She didn't move again, remaining where she was and watching him with a bemused smile on her face. He stared at her for a moment, then looked down. His arm had been grazed, and was now dripping with blood. The pain felt VERY real. In fact, he couldn't remember the last time he'd felt pain like this, even with wounds far more grievous. His condition as a death knight made him far less susceptible to such things.


"Want to fight back now?" Julilee asked him, lowering her sword and shrugging her shoulders. "Or are you just afraid to hit a girl?" She laughed at that.


It was her voice. This thing looked exactly like the Commander. It's movements were graceful like hers. It even matched her tone and expressions. But what she said, and how she said it, were nothing like the Commander Kargron knew. Grimacing, he reached for his axe, knowing what he had to do.


"I knew it," she prattled on, evidently oblivious to what he was doing. "You're a coward, just like I tho...." Her sentence was interrupted when Kargron drew his axe, then in one bound, leaped toward her and thrust it forward, embedding the weapon into her stomach. The elf simply stared downward, mouth agape at the massive weapon buried inside her, then looked up at Kargron.


And then she laughed. A horrible, twisted cackle. It no longer sounded anything like Julilee. The voice shifted, changing into something much, much darker, and yet, to Kargron, oddly familiar as well.


"So you're finally ready to fight?" The voice laughed again "That's good. But let me give you something a little" With that, "her" face contorted and twisted before Kargron's very eyes. Her flesh appeared to liquify, her eyes melting into a thick boiling goop before rolling out of their sockets. Her entire body was wracked with convulsions, her body soon having almost no features left besides a basic shape and outline.


Kargron stared at the thing for a moment, wondering what to make of it. Then, without warning, the thing seemed to explode, sending Kargron flying backward. He struck one of the walls, causing the whole building to shudder with the force before he tumbled to the floor below. The blow was strong enough to disorient him, at least for a moment. His vision was all blurry, and he shook his head back and forth to clear his head. When at last the room stopped spinning long enough for him to clamber back up to his feet, his eyes were greeted by a new form waving at him.




"If you're going to fight something, why not fight someone that you hate?" Kexti chuckled, then took a swig of the vial he was holding. He swirled the concotion around in his mouth for a bit, then made a pleased "Ahhh" sound after swallowing, looking at Kargron with a grin. "Come on, we both know you want to smash my face in. Give in to it!"

Kargron stared, caught completely off guard for a moment. Then, after recovering his senses, he shook his head. "I do not....hate....Kexti."


"You hesitated! You lie!"


"No...." Kargron refuted him. "I do not hate him. That is....that is not true."


"Well...hate is an awfully strong word." Kexti nodded in acceptance, his smile fading. Then, he looked directly at Kargron, a spark of excitment in his eyes. "But you don't like him, do you? You resent him. You resent all he's done, you resent the fact that he's so powerful, yet he's merely an elf. You resent his philosophy, his views, and deep down...." Kexti paused dramatically, to emphasize his point. Then he narrowed his gaze in Kargron's direction, a haughty look on his features before he continued. " think he looks down on you. That he regards you as a simple minded orc warrior with absolutely no need for brains when he has brawn. Isn't that right?"


Kargron stared back at Kexti, his fists clenching and unclenching repeatedly. He wanted to shout at the elf, deny it completely. But the painful fact was that there was some truth to his words. He didn't like Kexti. And it was unnerving just how accurate this....other Kexti's analysis of him was.


"He's right to do so, you know. You ARE an inferior mongrel that....." Kexti never got to finish his sentence. Roaring, Kargron was upon him, swinging his fists at the elf as hard as he could. Kexti didn't even try to dodge, simply accepting the blow as it came, getting knocked to the floor. Kargron dove on top of him, kneeling on the elf's chest, then started beating the elf with both fists, swinging with all his might. Between blows, Kexti simply laughed at him. It didn't take long for his face to be a bloody pulp, and his laughter became more strained as his throat became choked with blood. Still Kargron could not stop. His rage had consumed him completely, he would break this elf in two.


When Kargron finally stopped, the elf wasn't making any noise anymore. His face was little more than a bloody stain beneath him. Kargron panted heavily, leaning back as the rage finally let go of him.


It was when he started to rise to his feet that Kexti made his move. In a motion so quick so as to compare to a lightning bolt, he struck Kargron's face with his fist with far more force than the elf's meagre frame implied possible. Kargron reeled backward, spinning around. His lower lip split open from the blow. He whirled back to face the challenger, roaring in challenge of his attacker.


Only to find himself face to face with Kanda. She smiled sweetly at him, then took a step forward, her hips swaying ever so slightly. He was so in shock at the change that he coulnd't react, simply staring at her as she approached.


She never said a word as she approached him, never made a sound. Her arms came around his waist and she pulled herself close, then grabbed hold of the back of his head and pulled him downward, locking her lips with his in a passionate kiss.


She pulled away, licking at his ear before murmuring "You want me, don't you? It's a secret that you'll never tell anyone....not even me...."


Kargron couldn't do anything. His mind screamed at him that this was a trap, that this was some kind of trick. He needed to do something, get her away from him. Yet his body wouldn't listen. Perhaps there was truth to this. Kanda was a fine orcess, both beautiful and strong. She would be a fine mate. But Kargron would never admit this to anyone, not even to himself.


" not deserve you." He whispered. Despite his words, he could feel his body reacting the woman. Her warmth, her nearness to him. It awakened emotions, desires that he didn't even know that he had anymore. "But...I.....I do." He breathed. "I want you."


"Good." She smiled at him. There was something off about the smile. Something sinister. Then he felt a sharp pain in his back. He gasped, then lurched forward. She darted away, holding two daggers in her hands, sticky with his own blood.


"Wh....what...?" Kargron asked, confused.


"You're too old. And you're so stuck on tradition!" The orcess rolled her eyes before continuing, admiring the bloody knives that she held in her hands. "And you're just waiting to die. So I'm going to grant your wish!" With a smile, she lunged toward him, brandishing her weapons.


But Kargron wasn't about to simply wait for death to claim him. Despite the immense pain he was in, he darted forward, grabbing hold of her wrists and squeezing with all her might. She gasped in pain, the daggers dropping from her hands. He seemed to have the upper hand now.


A flash of anger crossed her face. Lightning filled the sky, which should have been impossible, since they had been indoors the whole time. Kargron looked up, momentarily distracted. They weren't indoors anymore. They were in the field that he had been in before this whole thing began. In all likelihood, he had never left. He'd probably been here the entire time, and all of this had been in his head. He turned his attention back to his foe.


And he found himself staring into the face of death itself. He was holding the wrists of a skeleton, the skull just inches away from his face, grinning fiercely. There was a dark red energy emanating from the eye sockets. A vaguely familiar energy.


Cackling, the skeleton suddenly unleashed a blast of dark energy from it's fingers, striking Kargron squarely in the chest. He stumbled backward, screaming in pain. It felt like clawed hands were ripping through his stomach and guts, shredding his insides. The pain was almost too much to bear.


He managed to look up just in time to see the skeleton barreling down on him. He held up his hands in order to block, and it slammed into him, their hands locking together in a struggle for dominance. He dug his feet into the earth, desperate to hold his ground, but the skeleton was too strong. He was being pushed backward, ever so slightly, being overpowered.


This was more than a simple physical competition. He could feel the energy being drained from him, feel his consciousness ebbing away. He roared in fury and pain, making one last desperate attempt to gain control. For a brief moment, it seemed to work. The skeleton's advance stopped.


The thing was silent for a moment. And then it spoke, in a voice forged of darkest of nightmares, echoing in his mind. "Fool...I served Gul'Dan. I am one of the original Death Knights! You.....are......NOTHING!"


Kargron felt himself being overcome. Darkness surrounded him, and he felt his very soul being consumed by the entity. This was the end. He had been defeated.


And yet, as the darkness finally claimed him, he realized that he was not regretful for his own defeat, for that meant little. He would have welcomed death. Rather, he feared what this would mean for those that he would call friends....


These were the last thoughts that he head before the darkness claimed him.








The large orc threw his hands up into the air, as if to embrace the moon that hung overhead. He threw his head back and roared loudly, expressing to the world his triumph.


Looking down, he examined his hands. Hands! He could finally see his HANDS! Of course, they weren't really -his- hands, per se. But still. They would do. Large, tough hands. Grinning, he looked over the rest of his body, admiring every muscle, every tendon, every vein. He was alive! He had a body! For the first time in decades, he was FREE!


"Kargron" let out a deep, contented sigh. It was so good to be out of the darkness. Free to do whatever he pleased. No longer trapped in the other one's mind. And now, there was no one to stop him! He wouldn't make the same mistakes this time, he wouldn't follow some mad man through a portal and get himself trapped for another couple of decades. Oh, no, no, he had much bigger plans this time. And he woulnd't follow anyone ever again. He'd be his own boss, follow his own destiny.


They will....know....who you are.


A strange voice echoed in Kargron's head, causing him to furrow his brow in confusion. It took him a moment to place it. "Ahhhhh! Kargron! It's you! So you're in my place now, trapped in my mind! How....delightfully ironic!" The orc giggled to himself, feeling absolutely giddy over what had transpired. "Well, now you get to be me for another....oh, I don't know. Let's start with a couple decades and see how we feel after that?"


No.... The voice went on, determined. They will find out....who you are. They will stop you. They will destroy you.


"Who?" Kargron raised an eyebrow, despite the fact that he was talking to a voice inside his own head. That fact didn't seem to bother him much.


Sanctuary. They know me....who I am. What I believe. are everything I am not....


Kargron sighed. "Alas, you make a valid point. I'm not you." He snickered to himself before continuing. "But I am smarter. Much smarter. And I suppose they will eventually discover that something is wrong. But they wouldn't DARE hurt me if they thought it could hurt you. I know their type."


You're wrong. You are worth destroying, no matter the cost.


"And will your friends agree with you, do you think?" He shook his head. "Its not like you're going to be able to tell them what you want. And even if you could, they'd try to find a way." He shrugged his shoulders, grinning widely. "Who am I to deny them? Let's give them what they want. If they find out, I'm sure I'll find the words to convince them that I can be a good little dog, follow them around, and....well, we'll see how it goes. I've got a good feeling about your commander." He licked his lips in anticipation. "A really good feeling...."


I will fight you. I will fight you to the end.


"Ha!" The old orc barked a cruel laugh. "You will try. And you will fail." He clapped his hands together with excitement, rubbing them against each other while anticipating his next move. "Now, what to do first? I suppose you've been gone a while, so I'd best make my way back to Sanctuary's garrison. Don't want them to think anything's TOO amiss, now, do we?" He cackled, then began to gather up the equipment that the previous master of his current body had left lying around in his vain attempt to maintain control.


There was a flower growing in the middle of grassy knoll that he now stood on. All by itself. A lone survivor. Like him! "Look at that!" He voiced his thoughts aloud. "A little flower growing up all on it's own. It must be tough. Strong. Like me!"


What...are you talking about?


"No, you wouldn't understand, would you?" Kargron sighed, then dropped to his knees in front of the plant. He ran one gloved hand against the stem, stroking it softly. "It's beautiful, in it's own way. And what it represents is power. Power and a will to press on, despite the odds." He smirked. "But like all other living only keep power until someone else.....takes it away from you." With those words, he extended his palm outward, a dark energy emanating from his hand. The flower immediately began to wilt and die, it's colorful and beautiful petals falling away and withering. The plant was soon completely dead, and the very ground that it grew in turned black, ugly, and decayed, corrupted by dark magic. Kargron laughed gleefully and clapped his hands, pleased.




"A point, my friend!" Kargron rose to his feet, then threw one of his arms up in a grand sweeping gesture, indicating the world all around them. "This world is filled with people struggling to survive, struggling for power and the right to exist. And it's all so pointless! They're all going to die, sooner or later. The delusional fools." The orc shook his head and sighed in disappointment. "It's up to me to free them from their delusions. And add their power to my own."


"I followed Gul'dan and Ner'zhul. I followed the Horde. But no longer." He shook his head, a cruel smile forming on his lips. "I follow no one. I will seek my own power, I will see this world and all in it burn to ashes around me. I will have my revenge for these long years lost!" He raises his fist into the air, clenching it as he imagined draining the life from as many as he possibly could.


"I shall be FREE!"

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