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Full Name: Fen'lao


Age: 25

Race: Pandaren

Gender: Male

Hair: Black

Skin: Panda skin?  (covered by white and black fur)

Eyes: Bright Green

Height: 5'5''

Weight: 300

Place of residence: Dragonmaw port

Place of Birth: Jade Forest, Sri-la village

Known Relatives: Both of his parents died, he has a grandfather named Sentza who is part of the Shado-pan, but he never mentions him

Religion/Philosophy: You dont eat you will die

Occupation: Lay-about

Group/Guild affiliation: Currently raids the Borrowed times panttries and the Wildhammer dwarves who live nearby

Guild Rank: 

Enemies: He is a very friendly person, but gernerally anyone who has underestimated just how much he can eat.  Oh and Cobrak.  (And sometimes Tazhani)

Likes: Eating, sleeping, eating, stealing, eating

Favorite Foods: Chicken and Sausage and Carrots.....and anything else

Favorite Drinks: Honey-mint tea..

Weapons of Choice: Fen fights with two unique sword arm blades *Look up Fist of the Diety*  Despite his rather nervous nature he is extremely skilled in combat with these weapons.

Dislikes: Running out of food, people taking his food

Hobbies: Stealing food!

Physical Features: He is extrememly portly and his stomach juts out, giving any passing panda immediate bouts of gut envy.  Despite this he is incredibly nimble on his feet.  He has a slim beard and mustache

Special Abilities: He can eat a whole feast in under a minute

Positive Personality Traits: Friendly, loving, joyful

Negative Personality Traits: Hide yo food, hide yo wine, cause otherwise its his

Misc. Quirks: He passes out while eating.  This does not stop him from continuing to eat.

Theme Songs:

History: Fen was born in Sri-la village in the Jade forest but by the time he was 5 his family had moved to the Valley of the four winds to set up a farm.  His grandfather Sentza is a well known and powerful shado-pan warrior who currently serves as an ambassador for the Shado-pan.  Around the time Fen was 10 there was a mantid invasion and his parents were killed, leaving him orphaned.  He was sent to live with his grandfather in the Shado-pan monastary, where, despite him passing his trials he eventually ran away, not wanting to live the life of a warrior.  Only one or two outside of the Shado-pan know his former allegiance and he does his best to avoid any encounters with current shado-pan members out of fear of being caught.

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"That blubberin' boob!" Cobrak laughs heartily, leaning back in his chair with his pipe puffing. "Swear that lad eats more thanna dozen kodos put together...tween 'im an' Mythiis, we go through double our rations sumtimes!" The orc blows an exasperated breath lined with arid smoke before another chortle is wormed out of him. "But tha lad leas' be useful! Started thinkin' right an' began swipin' food from them damn butterfly dwarves instead o' our supplies!"

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"He be always havin food! An he been eatin it too, but if ya just go up an ask nice-like -an it be helpin to look a bitty bit scary too- well den, he be happy enough to share an git ya gone. Been workin fo me, anyhow."

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