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A letter arrives in a most peculiar way onto the Coldstar boat; its delivered by having a small spearhead of rock jammed into its railing by a small earthen elemental that quickly departs by shattering into dust once its mailman duties have been completed. The envelope open to reveal what looks like an intricately written bill, the calligraphy most definitely showcasing its owners high class.




To The Resident/s of this Establishment,


Today it has been noted that one Lilliana Bloodshine, under Steamwheedle Sublaw #192, has been issued forthwith an outstanding debt due to services rendered in a case of emergency. In the case of one "General" Naring versus Ms. Bloodshine, intervention was requested by the trolless in question. In light of this, this issues a vocal contract between one consumer (Heretoafter, Ms. Bloodshine, shall be referred to as Party A) and one independent contractor (Party B). Under Sublaw #1203, this is a binding deal with terms not yet negotiated.


Party A is rescued by party B, and is therein told of the prices she owed for intervention, but refused to pay. With this, she has broken the vocal contract and is held in contempt and due for collection. Payment is owed in the following.


Violation of the Prior Agreement Pact for Employment: 500g Intervention in an Emergency Situation: 2,000 gold


Fuel/Device Usage: 150g

Roaming Charges: 500g

Hazard Pay: 1250g

Legal-Class Purgery Vs. Guards: 3000g

Total: 7,400 gold pieces


This bill is to be paid in full within several days or face legal or unpleasant sanctions. The earth elemental will be called when this letter is ripped and will receive the payment or full. Have a pleasant day.

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Once, Lilliana wrote in her journal a simple, yet important quote following a small argument with Tahzani:


“Deception and manipulation are valuable tools in getting your own way, as well as for avoiding confrontation. It works in war and is known as a valid approach in politics. However, when such mannerism are brought into the home it will destroy everything. There is no place for such things there, where only honestly helps to encourage the survival of whatever it is that you are trying to build.”




Tahzani’s mental nudge was clear in Lilliana’s mind, as was his formally worded request, "Lilly. We need to talk. Jah got a minute please stop by Coldstah HQ."


Her mental reply wasn’t meant to sound defensive, but he also didn’t usually sound so formal.  “What? What did I do?!”


" Accordin' ta dis guy? Rack up a majah debt."


“Huh..........? No I didn't.  I don't owe anyone anything right now.”


“I'll show jah de lettah... Just please come by."


Lilliana was already in the area, having gone to help one of the newer Grim with a task.  It didn’t take her long to fly into the Coldstar’s Headquarters.  When she arrived at the tavern, she saw Tahzani waiting for her, standing beside an empty table.


Tahzani looked surprised, not expecting such a prompt response from her.


“Hi.”  Lilliana grinned at Tahzani, "Please come by? Jeez, so formal!"

Tahzani leans leans against the table, letter in hand, “...Lilly did you go anywhere else aftah de time we spent in Zul'gurub?”

“Um…..well I left early in the morning. And was in Orgrimmar for a bit..... “

“Back to Orgrimmah... An' sometin' happened with Naring.”  Tahzani waited.

“Yeah....can I see the letter....?”  Lilliana’s question was interrupted by one of the orc peons who decided to cut through both her and Tahzani without so much as a word to excuse himself.  Tahzani held out the letter which Lilliana grabbed, it read:



To The Resident/s of this Establishment,


Today it has been noted that one Lilliana Bloodshine, under Steamwheedle Sublaw #192, has been issued forthwith an outstanding debt due to services rendered in a case of emergency. In the case of one "General" Naring versus Ms. Bloodshine, intervention was requested by the trolless in question. In light of this, this issues a vocal contract between one consumer (Heretoafter, Ms. Bloodshine, shall be referred to as Party A) and one independent contractor (Party B). Under Sublaw #1203, this is a binding deal with terms not yet negotiated.


Party A is rescued by party B, and is therein told of the prices she owed for intervention, but refused to pay. With this, she has broken the vocal contract and is held in contempt and due for collection. Payment is owed in the following.


Violation of the Prior Agreement Pact for Employment: 500g Intervention in an Emergency Situation: 2,000 gold


Fuel/Device Usage: 150g

Roaming Charges: 500g

Hazard Pay: 1250g

Legal-Class Purgery Vs. Guards: 3000g

Total: 7,400 gold pieces


This bill is to be paid in full within several days or face legal or unpleasant sanctions. The earth elemental will be called when this letter is ripped and will receive the payment or full. Have a pleasant day.


After reading, Lilliana’s eyes grew big, then narrowed. The anger in them did not last long, however, "What a freaking liar......." She mutters more so to the wretched bill than to Tahzani.

“...Ah don' care about de money Lilly. But ah wanna know what happened.”


“Well, I care....I never agreed to any of this.......!  This guy is making up this bill!!!!”  Lilliana folded up, goes to hand it back to Tahzani....realizes it's her bill...and just keeps it in her hand.  She seemed to delay in providing further explanation as was typical Lilly style, even though she clearly heard Tahzani’s question.

Tahzan stared at Lilly and held his hand out for the bill, “Steamwheedle laws be as multi-layered as an onion an' obscure as muddy watah but dere be a hundred loopholes if jah know how ta look... I'll eithah pay de bill or fight fah not payin' it until dis fool weeps blood... But in de meantime…..”  He paused, and then said with very clear deliberateness, “What. Happened.”

Lilliana hesitates, then offers the folded bill back to Tahzani.  At the same time the same orc peon that had walked between them came by again, but this time least makes a bit of a wide berth around the two instead of waltzing right in between them, then regards Tahzani, "Naring was just being an asshole in Orgrimmar....and do you mind?!!!!!”  She yelled at the peon with a snort, “And like, don't pay that...that's stupid. I'll deal with it.”  As if Lilliana knows how to deal with goblins.


This brought a blank stare from Tahzani. His patience for her usual stall tactics wearing thin, “Lilly.  Focus.”

Lilliana looks Tahzani over.  She bites her lip over his staring expression.  She was more than focused, perhaps overly avoidance. But when Tahzani made it look like she wasn't, she at least replied, "I got into a fight with Naring...because he's an asshole."  She points to the bill Tahzani took back from her, "That goblin 'intervened'.....and apparently thinks he is like, all high and mighty and  a savior doing a rather expensive job."  She points this out, even though the letter already made that rather clear.

“Yes Lilly. Dat much ah gathered from de Bill.  What ah wanna know is WHY Naring attacked you. In de heart of Orgrimmah. Ta de point dat jah NEEDED help.”  Tahzani straightened his shoulders, then continued, “So if jah got ANY respect fah me….. Cut dis bullshit circle talk, ommission, gigglin' off... An' tell me what happened.”

Lilliana bristles as that same orc walks in between the two, although it probably looks like she is bristling at Tahzani, “I didn't need help....I had a plan..... and....”  Tahzani's last comment makes her drop all of that, the bristling, her delaying in explaining what exactly was behind the letter, “I haven't.......”   She tugs on her hair, "Can we move to where we aren't like, in a freaking thoroughfare?"

“Fine.”  Tahzani lead them upstairs through the tavern, and to one of the balconies. A thick, metal chain has been utilized as a fence to keep visitors from falling off the edge.  Lilliana leans back on the chain, making the links clink against one another, "Naring attacks anyone...." she downplays, "He was pissed off....was trying to get a Sanctuary elf to go home with him."

Tahzani listened, but an angry twitch can be felt in every sense of the word, from his rigid stance and grimace to the flash of anger in his mind and twitch of his eye,   “...Lilly does dat have anytin' ta do wit what happened to him an' you?”

Lilliana had just gone for a casual shrug just a second before Tahzani's angry twitch which spread to his general stance.  That made her partially cringe, he was really mad!  "Um........"  Tahzani made it sound like something HAD happened between Lilly and Naring, and that was boggling to her.  She glances left and right, then offers, "Yeah."


Tahzani settles back down, slightly and motioned for her to continue. She had seen him at the end of his rope with people a few times. Though it was rarely aimed at her. This time he had zero patience for any of her usual games  However, knowing that it was aimed at her made her grip the chain tightly, white knuckling it.  Answering Tahzani went against her very nature...but then again....observing him so frustrated, even if he was settling down, seemed like something rather against his general nature too.  "I don't know Tahzani, whatever I say to that guy pisses him off.  Um, granted I don't always say the nicest things....but I had taunted him so much he just flipped....tried to knock my ass out and bring me...I dunno....and was in the middle of Orgrimmar....right in front of the Warchief's hut, actually."


Tahzani closed his eyes. He was already getting a throbbing headache " So jah made fun of Naring... An' he attacked you.  Den he tried ta bring jah somewhere.... Right in front a de Warchief's hut?”

Lilliana squeezes her shoulders up close to her neck, leaning forward.  Her posture is almost like a child who's being forced to relay something terrible they have just been caught for, even though she isn't really the one to blame, well...other than for not just leaving the situation, "I made fun of Naring, he made fun of me. We exchanged rude words...he wouldn't let the hell up, and he switched like, back and forth, you know, the usual...not making sense.  I was like....when he actually got a choke on me gonna let him make me pass out as the guards had responded at that point and then his ass could get arrested and like, take didn't quite work out that way."


“He tried to strangle jah?”


“He was like, really mad.”  Lilliana swings slightly on the chain, that really can't be comfortable. It's cold and frozen, and her gloves don't cover all of her hands.  She's quiet a moment after her last sentence, then asks, "What else do you want to know....?"

Tahzani sighs and folds his arms as he leans against the equally frozen stone wall.

“Are you going to stand like that until I tell you like, every detail......?” Lilliana asked.

Tahzani decides to clarify, “So jah insulted him... HE attacked you. Tried to strangle you, resisted de guards... Tried ta kidnap you…….”  He continued, surpringly smoothly, “Anytin' else? Did'ja attack him back? Flay his mind?”


“Well I don't know if he was trying to kidnap me..... I just used magic to get him off me...screamed in his head.... burst him off a few times.”  She added with a somewhat muted mutter, “I did get a knife into his face though.....”  Doing that of course, at the time made little sense when she had a full arsenal of magic to use against the deathknight.  But, she probably impaled Naring in the face to be more insulting in the end, to show him she didn’t need her magic to win.  Only thing was, Lilly didn’t really win.


“So aside from de knife... Jah didn't really attack him?”


“Um, I guess not….but I wasn’t nice…….”

“What do you mean it didn't work out like dat when jah thought de guards would deal wit him?”

“Why it didn't work out like 'dat'......”  She sighs, looks somewhat that's what lead up to the stupid sneaky lying bill, apparently, “Somehow freaking Naring got mean....shackles on me while the guards were closing in, and then called in darkspear trolls that knew him....and entire fight broke out between the Orcs and the troll guards.”  What Lilliana was explaining sounded like a horrid mess.


“...He tried ta put you in chains... An' abused his rank ta perform an illegal arrest?”

Lilliana mutters with some honesty, with some shame, "Well he didn't try, he kind of did.  That guy that sent the bill gave me a quick ride out of there…. he took them off for me.  Said he'd wave the charge though....lying little bastard."  Lilliana attempted to put the attention on the goblin, if she could.

Tahzani's eyes spark, “...Ah see.”  He pauses, then continues, “Naring attacks... Abuses authority ta create a conflict between de guards of Orgrimmah an' personal attendants... Tries to arrest jah ovah notin' but mockery... Meanwhile jah call fah help. Dis Goblin intervenes an' sends a bill dat calls it a Vocal contract... den he violates dat contract by sayin' he won't charge fah sometin'... Den he does.” There is another significant pause, “...Anytin' else?”

Lilliana continues swinging, the links of the heavy, thick chain clinging with the movement.  "I didn't call for help....the goblin guy did that shit on his own, there was a panda there, also watching, that was screaming for help though."  She noted the eye spark, " want there to be more?"

“No. Personally ah'd rathah dere not be ANYTIN'.  But ah'd really like ta know what's been happenin' between you an' Naring...Less den a week ago jah was havin' Tea wit him...Den he's tryin ta strangle jah an' clap jah in irons.” Tahzani’s voice became somewhat tight, “Befoah dat he said some truly horrible tings about you... Befoah dat all ah knew of was dat he wanted in jah robes... So what happened ta cause dis leap?”

Lilliana's look that she gives to Tahzani is a mixture of discomfort and perhaps some vague panic. She did not like speaking of...well...anything.  She mutters her answer to him, and although she actually stated an answer, it's not comprehensible, sounding like, ……”robes.....*garbled*......listen.....*garbled*.........angry.....*garbled*.......bad......good.”

Tahzani exhales slowly through his nose, “Fine.  Why trust de warlock?”  He is not pleased.

“What...I just said.......!”  Perhaps she didn't even realize she wasn't clear in her speech, her expression certain said so.

“What robes hrmgrjghgf listen fghrhfgh angry ifdskjfk bad good?”  Tahzani asks, but then follows it up with something harsher, “...What is your problem?”

“Tahzani........don't get all mad at me.... She felt on the spot...him standing across from her, leaning against the wall and just....staring at her while she 'tried', yet failed as was usual, to properly relay.  She corrects, “And I said.....I guess the robes thing...but then I never listen to him...then he just gets angry and tries everything to get my attention, good and bad...probably more bad than good.”

“De robes ting?”


“You said you knew he wanted to 'get into my robes'.”


“Righ'....So das it?   Alla dis awful talk….. De assault de abuse a powah de attempted arrest….  All because he wants ta bang jah.”  Tahzani did not seem to so much as be asking this, as stating it.  He slightly believes her but it sounds like far too much to take at face value... Much like anything she says.

This sparked a fretful look from Lilliana.  She was now aware, thanks to a nasty little goblin, that the fact she hadn't mentioned this to Tahzani looked poorly, and probably felt like a slap in the face to him.  It was a shame she was only coming to that realization now.  If she said more, although it would put it all out there at least and clear the current air on her withholding information.  Yet, at the same time she felt it would probably offend him more. Still, she says, "I guess...I had originally pissed him off once when I wouldn't listen to him about the Grim getting investigated or something....and that started it all, he even got the drop on me and another when I blew him off because I didn't think he was like, a super savior, intelligent troll."  Her explaination still remained somewhat cryptic.


Tahzani blinked at her, “Huh?”  Then peered at her searchingly. Something clicks almost audibly.  “...Was dat... In Gilneas?”

Lilliana doesn't answer the warlock, although not giving a verbal answer should be more than enough.


“...Why?”  Tahzani asks.


“Why Lilly?”  He even asks again.


“WHY. would you not tell me about dis?!”  He refers to something that had apparently happened in Gilneas, “Jah said dat it was some nutcase strangah! Not somebody dat jah knew! He broke jah arm! Knocked Kogrona unconscious an' ah've been just standin' by tinkin' he just be misunderstood fah MONTHS!”

Lilliana covers her head with her hands, balancing on the chain, "I didn't want any trouble, Tahzani!  I know it looks like I search for trouble...but I'm just screwing around...I dont' want like....real trouble....and initially that would have started shit with Luna and the Grim!"

Tahzani’s rational mind agrees with her. The last thing the Horde needs  is more intergroup conflict.  However, Tahzani is not feeling particularly rational right now though. " SO WHAT?!"  He yelled, “If you brought dis shit up what would happen? De Luna ain't happy wit de way Naring is actin' eithah! Jah bring dis up an' maybe dey get rid of one USELESS membah!”


Lilliana was quiet at least, initially.

“...Anytin' else jah LIED to me about?! Any othah times Naring has hurt you? Or hell. Anytin' you 'Forgot' to tell me about because jah didn't wanna start conflict?”  Tahzani usually goes berserk like this during times of great excitement, such as lovemaking. Now his mind is in overdrive with the horrible possibilities of what else the sly priestess had lied to him about or kept silent about?

Lilliana keeps her hands over her head, crouched forward....she was about to try to further explain 'why' she had kept so quiet initially...and there were reasons out there, the Grim originally considering a small alliance with Luna (which fell rather flat)....but with that last question from Tahzani, she realized, just like how that was received by the Grim from Luna, just how flat it would fall.  So now she sat back up, feigning that she has regained her composure that was lost as she was hunched over.  "No other physical fights between Naring and I."   Then, as was completely inappropriate for the situation and Tahzani’s offended position, she, "You want me to get a pen and paper and make a freaking list or something.........?"  She felt some angry now, of the accusing words of ‘anytin’ else jah lied to me about?!’.


Tahzani takes a step back as if she had physically struck him.  He took what she said, however inappropriate ... completely the wrong way. Why would she need a list for this?  Has she really gone behind his back so often?! He always knew she had problems talking... Issues with being secretive. But it was  starting to sound downright malicious at this point. Perhaps she had killed someone... What if she had cheated on him…..? She never was able to return the words that he said so often to her, expressing how he felt.. At that particular thought there was a pain in his chest.


“...Get out...” Tahzani demanded.

Lilliana was struck dumb with shock, "What?"

He repeats himself, but this time he yelled, “GET. OUT.”

Lilliana narrows her eyes at Tahzani and doesn't move.

Tahzani storms off, not willing to deal with her compulsive NEED to be annoying, " FINE! STAY AS LONG AS JAH WANT! NOT LIKE JAH CAN TAKE MUCH MOAH FROM ME!"


Tahzani left Lilliana sitting there on the chain.  After a couple minutes she realized he was not turning around, she bolted after him.  By this point he had already made it up the path and the next hill near the exit to the garrison.


“Hey! Tahzani! Tahzani stop!”  Lilliana kept on yelling, and Tahzani kept on walking.  “Tahzani!”


Finally he stopped, and turned back to her, “Jah don' listen.  Why should I?”


“Stop it, I am listening!”


“Oh really? ...Well den.”  He paused, and then bellowed at her, “WHY ARE YOU STILL HEAH?!”

Lilliana visibly wilted under his bellow, "Because I'm sorry.....and I love you.  So like...."  She seemed more than mortified.  Perhaps he did have a right to be so angry, Lilliana withheld too much information and that was costing her currently.

Tahzani’s angry expression turned to one of misery. “...Of all de times jah finally can say dat back….. It be de time when ah can't believe a word you say.”

Lilliana clearly struggled for a moment at Tahzani’s words, however she was quick to sort herself out like she's always done.  She manages a simply nod to Tahzani and says in a voice that is clearly a presented as a façade, but seems realistic if one didn’t know her, “Alright.  Well, I was telling the truth, but I'll go if that's what you want.”

Tahzani's face contorts. This wasn't fair... This wasn't fair at all! SHE was the liar yet he's the one being made out as the bad guy?! Why was she doing this to him?!

“...Just... Leave me alone...Lilly.  I can't deal wit you right now...”

Lilliana’s voice is fairly smooth, "Can I have the bill?"


“Why not?”

“It was sent to me. Just anuddah remindah of all de shit ah've put up wit because of you.” 

Tahzani sounded petty and insulting. Though right now the one silver lining of this moment is dominating the cocky goblin and making him weep blood for every cent he sought to take.

Lilliana had regained all of her composure at Tahzani’s statement of not believing her words to him, words of bearing out her heart, something she had not done before.  But, with the next insult she is thrown out of her briefly presented facade. She visibly looks hurt, well...maybe crushed....even if she did kind of cause all of this.


Tahzani opens his mouth, almost as if to kick her while she's down. Then just clamps his mouth shut and shakes his head.  “……………”

After some moments, Tahzani says, “...Just... Come back latah….. Ah need time.”

Lilliana’s demeanor changed, and it clearly showed that she's given up. She stepped by Tahzani...not acknowledging what he said to her, but obviously leaving.

Tahzani brushed past her, his robes touching hers.  He went the other way.

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By the time he had finished the letter Tahzani could barely keep his eyes open. He blinked several times and slapped his own cheek hard enough to leave a handprint as he fought to stay awake and finish his reply to the strange letter he had found impaled to his ship's railing. His usually tidy room was now covered in open tomes and covered in parchment from where he had taken notes on articles of interest. Steamwheedle Business and Tax Law was a form of madness that would make even an Old God green with envy. Thousands upon thousands of tiny little laws and sublaws and clauses that could direct them in any direction and covered millions of different scenarios were packed into tiny print on the massive copies that totaled 4 books for standard law and many more for substandard and even regulations regarding questionable activity; only goblins would write down regulations for being a thief. 

It had been more than a day since he received the letter and less than a day since he and Lilliana had fought. He could still taste the acidic coppery tang of rising bile mixed with bleeding from his gums, his jaw ached from the near constant clenching and his face was numbed from the scowl he had worn all day. The anger and pain he had felt had been harnessed and used for the task at hand as he purchased and researched the dreaded laws that this goblin so eagerly threw in his face. He still had no idea why he had received the letter, Lilliana had been horrified that he had been told, it was supposed to be yet another secret she would keep from him.

In a way, he felt gratitude towards this goblin. This greedy fool had given him the keys to gather information that was worth far more than the money he was demanding; with one letter, this man had forced Lilliana to open up and talk normally, something that no amount of gifts, favors, and shows of trust had unlocked. If he had been in his right mind, he may have even felt bad for him, but it was the little one's fault that things had deteriorated so rapidly. His selfish actions had shattered the peaceful illusions Tahzani held, and for that, Tahzani would reward him with equal aggravation.

The letter seemed to be in order or at least made sense to him, yet it was obscure enough that the collector would be forced to look it up as he had and then dig further to come up with a counterpoint. The one thing that goblins never expected was that another race would look into their laws. The painfully dense books acted as a deterrent that would allow most collectors to make claims that most people would pay just to avoid reading them. But Tahzani was used to pain, used to frustration, and right then he wanted at least one other person in the world to be as angry as he was; why not some cocky extortionist? 

Tahzani cursed as he stepped away from his boat and into the light of the afternoon sun. The dim light of his cabin interior made the blazing sun painful to his eyes as he hurried away from the docks to the dry land beyond. He removed the original letter that the goblin had sent him and tore it partially down the middle to signal the collector's elemental. His letter had been rolled into a scroll and sealed with wax pressed with  the Coldstar Merchant Company's crest. It was his counterblow to the sucker punch thrown by the self-entitled greenskin. He had refuted every claim and countered with any loophole, clause, and thin argument he could find. Some laws would not even be found in books, it would require him to contact outside parties to check Tahzani's facts. If this collector was experienced, he held little doubt that he'd find a way to work around it all, but even if he did, it would force the goblin's face into the dreaded books and buy the trolls time. Nothing was more painful than forcing a goblin to wait even longer for money it could practically taste.

The earth elemental rose in a rolling cloud of dust before him and held out a hand expectantly. It snatched the letter from Tahzani's hands and turned to disappear back into the ground, if it was surprised by the light load it was returning to its master, it did not show it. Tahzani let out a bitter, mirthless chuckle as he slogged back towards the boat, he needed sleep, the Cantina would open in a few hours.

Dear Party B,


As you have given me no name with which to respond to you I shall continue to refer to you by the title you have chosen until we are formally introduced. I regret to inform you that due to the unprofessional, poorly edited, and vague nature of your letter that you will not receive payment until certain requirements are met.


I will be arguing the case of Party B’s service to Party A and the outstanding debt in the incident of “General” Naring versus Ms. Bloodshine. While your claim of a vocal contract is valid under Steamwheedle Sublaw #192 your actions would be qualified as an act of vigilante justice or heroism. Under Steamwheedle Sublaw #2009 the act of heroism or vigilante action in the defense of another requires a written contract for reparation to be given in the form of currency, luxuries, and various property. There is also the issue of your violation of Steamwheedle Sublaw #2009 under clause A that requires a name to be valid for the purposes of merchandising.

Given Ms. Bloodshine’s actions were purely defensive and not actively causing harm to “General” Naring when the incident occurred she would be considered a non-combatant, civilian, or Damsel in distress under Steamwheedle Sublaw #1204 Clause C which states that in the event of an outside party intervening due to a perceived vocal contract they are entitled to a reward at the discretion of the rescued damsel. Such a reward is to be determined by the saved, not the savior.

As stated above, the validity of your claim is in question. The vocal contract you believe to have had made is in regards to aid given in a time of need for saving property in conflicted zones in Azeroth or for aiding militant individuals in times of combat akin to mercenary work. In the case of a damsel in distress, you are attempting to enforce a contract that has no legal standing.


The content of your bill is also unprofessionally written and vague enough to call into question the validity of your charges. As stated above, the vocal contract may have no ground to stand upon given the actions of Ms. Bloodshine. Issues taken with your charges are as follows

1. Both your intervention cost and penalty for the violation of your agreement would be stricken from the bill. Given Steamwheedle Sublaw #2009.

2. You failed to mention the specific devices/fuels used, which calls your methods into question as throwing a rock or shooting a spitball into an enemy’s ear would not be worth one hundred fifty gold pieces even if done so by a professional. In addition, you had a vocal agreement with Ms. Bloodshine that she would not be charged for the use of  (1) lock pick.

3. Your roaming charges are not applicable as you were in the vicinity when you were needed and not required to move or travel to a destination to perform your requested service.

4. Your hazard pay will be applicable if and only if the vocal contract has legal grounds, otherwise the hazards you faced fall under Steamwheedle sublaw #26, a.k.a. the ‘Wrong place, wrong time’ act.

5. We fail to recognize what a ‘Legal-class Purgery’ is in regards to your actions against Orgrimmar’s guards and why it would be so costly. In the case of a Legal-class Perjury vs. Orgrimmar’s guards this cost is only valid based on the assumption that Ms. Bloodshine contracted you for legal expertise as well. Given that your perceived contract was only for the rescue service, the cost of your actions against Orgrimmar’s guards fall under a business cost that you as contractors are required to pay, not Ms. Bloodshine.


Next, there is the concern for the many labor laws and unions that you violated when using your personal mail carrier for business purposes under the Steamwheedle Cartel's name. Violations include the following.

1.     Using an earth elemental as a personal message carrier for business in violation of Elemental labor laws set forth by the Earthen Ring.

2.     Violating the Steamwheedle Postal service union by not using one of their approved runners for the delivery of your business mail.

3.     Violating the Steamwheedle Cartel’s requirements for backroom business deals and shakedowns. As you have not provided me with a name, a business, or even a face to recognize you by and have requested payment under the threat of further legal or unpleasant sanctions this bill delivery falls under Cartel Underbelly Sublaw #1 which states that in the event of a shakedown or threat in regards to collecting debts owed, the owed party is required to leave no paper trail. You may correct this violation by providing me with an appropriate title or address for further contact purposes.


Finally, there is the small matter of damage to my ship. Your messenger purposefully penetrated the railing to deliver this message when slipping the envelope under the door of my residence would have been perfectly acceptable/preferable. The mark is both noticeable and given the area in which the boat resides, a potential hazard as the moisture of the area may cause rot and damage to the railings integrity, leading to a safety hazard. As such, it must be replaced and given that it was your actions that caused this damage, I expect you to cover its replacement. Payment for damages is listed below.

1.     Oak planks: 30 gold

2.     PTI wood preservative and Wax stabilizer: 50 gold

3.     Labor and installation: 200 gold.

Total cost: 280 gold

This bill is to be paid in full within several days or face legal or unpleasant sanctions.

I await your response as I believe a settlement can be reached without further need for these letters. If you have any more evidence to protect your claim and refute my defense in the case of Ms. Bloodshine, you may contact me at Dock #2, Bladefist Bay, Durotar. If you wish to meet in person, that is also acceptable.


Tahzani Tallfisher



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Nearly a week had gone by since Lilliana and Tahzani had crossed paths or communicated in some fashion or another.  They had run into eachother briefly at the Wyvern’s Tail, after Lilliana had set out to meet one of her Supplicant’s, the firemage, Le’sara.  When she entered she found the place packed.  One of the occupants was Tahzani.  The resulting discomfort and awkwardness was obvious to the both of them.

Tahzani wearily raised his hand to greet Lilliana, “Eya, Lilly.”

At first Lilliana was unsure of what to do.  However, her instinctive thought process that inevitably revolved around self preservation and manipulating the situation kicked in.  It was almost immediate that the priestess deemed to include Tahzani in a group greeting, not singling him out as one would think she would – or how she KNEW that she should.  Her words and waves were meant for the multitude of patrons present, including Tahzani as merely one of them.  After she was satisfied with that the only thing that suggested she regretted the greeting was that she eyed Tahzani on her way up the stairs with Le'sara.  Although she felt a pang of regret there, it was time to discuss Grim topics and she could not look the least bit distracted.

Once Lilliana was done with Le’sara, she returned downstairs. Tahzani and Selash had been engaged in their own conversation for the duration of Lilliana’s with her firey Supplicant.  Lilliana had kept half an ear to their words, although she was not able to catch the entire conversation.  Selash was just leaving, and on his way out he gestured to Tahzani while staring at her.

“Give the guy a break, alright?“  Selash seemed to only know how to provide blunt observations and suggestions, even when these were given in public amidst multiple ears and eyes.  A result of his exaggerated cockiness that bordered or a word that is none too polite.  Tahzani had attempted to intervene, whirling to clap an oversized troll hand across Selash’s mouth a sentence too late.  Apparently the two had been talking about the fight between Tahzani and Lilliana.

The priestess momentarily offered a blank look, as if she didn't understand.  She clearly did understand, and that simple encounter made her wish her reply would be different than how she felt herself leaning.  This was as much her fault, if not more her fault, as the warlock’s.  However, she failed to acknowledge Selash and only muttered something with a grin to say goodbye to him on his way out.  For some time she fidgeted awkwardly near one of the braziers, lingering in the tavern when she could very well have left.  Sometime through the din and racket of the tavern, she found herself to the bar, settling herself a few feet beside Tahzani. She remained there in silence.

Tahzani had attempted, on a couple of occasions to gain her attention through the mind link that they shared while in the tavern. 

The first time Tahzani gave Lilliana a ‘mental nudge’ to gain her attention she was minimally responsive.  She easily knew that he was there and what he was attempting, but he received no mental reply from her.  Instead, when she stood at the bar with him she slid her mug of juice his way as perhaps a form of acknowledgement.  It did little to make him feel better.

The second time he attempted to gain her attention, she did reply.  He gave his usual nudge, mentally, the most that he could muster in their connection.  Tahzani was rewarded somewhat.

“Hi Tahzani, what’s up?”  She replied quickly at this time to their mental link.  She kept it superficial, her tone bland.  To the other patrons she appeared to be leaning casually, and perhaps listlessly against the bar.

Now that he had her attention, Tahzani wanted to say many things.  Wanted to demand explanations. Express his own hurt. Apologize profusely. Go into a rage as she STILL acted as if nothing happened.  What he did do was begin to apologize.

 " ... Ah shouldn't have said it." He thought to her.

“It’s fine, Tahzani.”  Was Lilliana’s mental and simple reply to him.  If Lilliana knew what a slap that would feel to Tahzani, she did not seem to let on within her mental tone.  Outwardly she was fidgeting at the bar, however she often behaved like a bored child and it was unlikely that the others present, even if watching the two troll, would think much of it.

“….It’s really not….” Tahzani mind whispered back.

Perhaps, at the urging of Lilliana’s lackluster response, Tahzani realized that trying to express an apology or even speak to her at this moment was futile.  There were too many elves and regular patrons present and making noise in the tavern.  Even with the added bonus of Lilliana’s priestly mind link, where they could technically discuss things in ‘private’, Lilliana did not seem to feel that it was private enough, at least, that is what Tahzani guessed and hoped. This would need to be handled when they were alone.

The warlock whispered a mental question through their mind link, "Can we... Can we talk latah?"

Lilliana’s thoughts were still a moment, but eventually were heard in Tahzani’s mind “You told me to come back 'latah'.  I just....haven't.  So like, yeah…I guess.”

Tahzani felt the sting of Lilliana’s indifference, even though it was expected, "... Ah don' wanna give it all up because a dis. I'll... I'll talk to jah soon."

Tahzani shook his head while he drained the last of his whiskey from a rather tall glass.  He had been drinking heavily that night and the slight slump in his already sloughed posture was an indication that it was starting to take it’s toll.

“Righ’” He said to those in the tavern, including the bartender, Gravy, “Ah’m off. Everybody have a good night now.”  Tahzani blinked, for Gravy was motioning to Tahzani’s pocket. 

“….fine.  Ah’ll – walk – home.  Wasn’t gonna ride anyway.” Tahzani snorted and then stumbled slightly, stepping away. He caught his balance on the table, slightly tipsy but still mobile.

Faylea interrupted her own conversation with the other multitude of elves present to offer helpfully to Tahzani, “Maybe take a bed upstairs?”

Tahzani wouldn’t consider such a thing, “BAH! If Ah wan’ fleas Ah’ll get ‘em at home! …… Wait…. No.”

Solaniel, a blood elf new to this tavern offered a vague wave, “Best of luck, friend. Don’t end up in the gutters.

“He’ll be fine.” T’suro said with all the confidence of a righteous paladin.

“I should hope!” Solaniel nodded, turning away back to their conversation as Tahzani continued with his stumbling walk.

To those in the tavern, Lilliana only seemed to be quietly watching Tahzani leave.  She felt her grip tighten where she was holding the bar, leaning against it.  She almost opened her mouth to offer to go with Tahzani in his half drunken state. It felt wrong not to, considering how nearly every night was spent with the warlock.  But, what happened was that verbally she offered him no goodbye.  Physically she raised no hand to wish him pleasantly on his way or to suggest that he stop and that they make 'latah' now. 

Lilliana was restrained in thought to him as her words were heard within his mind, “Goodnight, Tahzani.”  She had closed her eyes as she thought this to him. Neither the patrons, nor Tahzani (who was nearly out the door) noticed.

“Goodnight Lilly,” came Tahzani’s reply as he disappeared out the door.

The elves continued their conversation, with Faylea asking as she went to the bar to gain a refill on her drink, “Hey so I probably missed it. But what brings a Farstrider into Orgrimmar?”  She was asking Solaniel, the new elf.

Solaniel paused in his drinking, having just touched his glass to his lips in order to answer her, "Official business. Just meeting with contacts here and there to exchange information."

Lilliana didn’t join in with the elves, instead with a quick move of her arm she whacked her mug of juice (which had been resting innocently on the bartop), into the bottles behind the bar.  The resulting upset with a huge smashing of glass and pottery.  Liquid spilled everywhere, including over Gravy’s feet.  This particular bartender did not have Tahzani’s level of patient, and he hissed and swore loudly.

Faylea had only just come to the bar.  Her face fell in overaggerated depression.  What would she get to drink now?

Tsuro spun around, almost bellowing at Lilliana, “………the hell was THAT for?”

Faylea tried to salvage, “Eh... bring me whatever isn't broken.” She said to Gravy.

Anock wandered into the tavern at just that time, happily humming to himself.  He deactivated his helm to fold into his armor. He stretched then digested the scene before him. “Uhh....what storm hit here?

T’suro provided an answer, somewhat flat, “….the storm’s name was Lilliana.”
Solaniel decided to provide very important input as he sighed, "So many good drinks were just wasted..."  He tipped his glass back to his lips, "Most of that was probably rotgut anyway..."

Lilliana was merely standing there, apparently shocked at what she did.  She had not even though, just reacted. Her arm seemed to have a mind of it’s own and had been bent on furious destruction.  She almost looked dumb at the disaster she had caused.

Faylea saw Lilliana’s distressed look, “You alright over there Lilli?”

Lilliana covered up the shock at her own behavior with a shrug, "Yeah."  She waved in a rather absent manner to the group.  It was almost like a switch had been flicked, and she now refused to acknowledged anything had just happened.  As she moved to leave, she did not offer to clean or to pay for the mess her brief tantrum caused.

“Oh heya, Ms. Lilly....Were those Alliance drinks?”  Anock smirked, hoping to alleviate the mood a bit.

Lilliana replied with sarcasm, "Yeah, all those drinks broken there fucking Gravy was saving for the Alliance.  They were poison anyway, I saved you ALL." 

This elicited a blink from Anock.  “Ummmm…alright, Ms. Lilly…have….a good one…?”

Behind Lilliana Faylea followed, commenting, “You seem moody even for you ….. “

Lilliana did not stop, her reply to Faylea was somewhat cold, "Yeah, maybe it's my time of the month...."

Faylea was left shrugging behind the female troll.

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