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Those appointed Horns of the Shu’halo by Cairne, and now his son Baine, have come and gone over the years, but they have never quite gone away. They have always aimed to preserve the Shu’halo way of life for their own continued prosperity, and for a high quality of life of future generations. If they were not to take on the mantle of preserving their world and way of life, who would pick it up?

Breygrah Ragetotem has again lifted the old banner of the Horns, and seeks anyone that hears the call. Whether it be by word of mouth, postings in various major settlements, the draw of nature or the whispers of the spirits, any and all tauren are welcome to claim the colors and shout to the winds that they will persevere. For the Shu’halo, and for the Horde.

The Horns have been a staple of Ravenholdt roleplay since May 2007. Their presence has of course waxed and waned over that time, but they have always remained. We are a heavy roleplay guild and we accept tauren characters of any level, since our main and true focus is and will always be roleplay though raiding and PvP are always options for the future. Any in-game or composed tauren tribe is welcome, as we are representative of tauren people and not a single tribe as a whole.

We are still small when it comes to active members, but our numbers have already grown quickly! We welcome any sort of personalities, so long as their IC goals are aligned with ours and they show no aggression towards other members of their fellow Horde. Keep in mind that does not mean your characters must like everyone, or even be nice! We only expect the players behind the characters to be considerate, mature individuals that respect the others they interact with.

We have no initiation process, aside from being required to attend a roleplay meeting with at least three other full members. This goes for alts of people that are already members, because our goal is to inspire roleplay and character interaction and development.

Anyone that has questions or is interested in joining us, even merely participating in our meetings and events can whisper Breygrah-Ravenholdt in game, send an in-game IC letter of interest, or show up to any of our IC events. Don't forget to /join RP to see when we announce our activity!

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