The Gathering of the Tribes [H]

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The call has been sent out for Tauren of all tribes to gather under the Golden Bull once more, and the message is simple:

The Horns of the Shu'halo answer the calls of Thunder Bluff.  We safeguard our culture, our way of life, and our lands from any that would threaten them.  This includes our place in the Horde and her cities across all of the lands.  Breygrah Ragetotem has again taken up the mantle of Chieftain and brothers and sisters young and old are welcome to join us in service to our people.

Meet on the Elder Rise in Thunder Bluff in the Great Tent before the bonfire on the 8th bell Monday evening.



Monday 7/18 at 8pm server time, come join us at our gathering in Thunder Bluff.  <Horns of the Shuhalo> is a heavy RP guild for tauren and by tauren.

Only partially a recruitment drive,  Breygrah has sent the call to gauge interest in the Horns, who had been a staple of Ravenholdt Roleplay and PvP since nearly the server's commencement.  Tauren that want to join are welcome.  Tauren that don't know, or know that they won't want to join are welcome.  Any other (Horde) race that just wants to see what's going on are welcome.  Join us for RP before the patch hits!

Anyone with questions (IC or OOC) can contact Breygrah-Ravenholdt in game through whisper or mail, PM here on TNG or in Discord, or through at Burger#1497

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((Thank you everyone for making the evening so wonderful <3


And thank you BWT for this because I totally forget screenshots.))

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The Horns of the Shu'halo are gathering again in Thunder Bluff.

Get to know one another and discuss what we are doing.  Need some help with something?  Have an idea?  Bring it to the bonfire before Baine on the High Rise.  All of the Horde's peaceful citizens are welcome to attend as well.

((Speak to Breygrah-Ravenholdt for an event invite if you wish.))

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