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~WANTED!~ Bounty of The Jade Lion

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*Posed throughout billboards, walls, and other locations in Alliance territory can be found these recently placed wanted posters*


Wanted - Captured

Danariel Bishara-Poor, and known crew of The Jade Lion

By order of the guard, any known members of the ship of The Jade Lion are to be arrested or captured on sight. Last known to be somewhere off the coast of Westfall, presumably using an old Defias hideout. The ship, The Jade Lion (property of the Royal Alliance Navy) was last seen being stolen on its last duty station of Menethil Harbor. The former captain Danariel Bishara-Poor was observed recklessly setting sail without order and crashing into two docks and puncturing the hull of a docked merchant ship, sinking it. The former captain is also suspected to be involved in the recent murder of two gravediggers near the graveyard in Ravenhill, Duskwood.

Known crew members to have assisted in the theft include: Raeh (former Commander), Verrek, Elrich Raynes, Falia, and possibly the escaped fugitive Resia 'Lightstone'. Any information that helps lead to the capture of these suspects will be rewarded 200 gold each. Any information that leads to the capture of the ship itself will be rewarded 1,000 gold.

The Jade Lion is a triple decked, frigate-class ship. The ship is heavily modified with gnomish technology and a reinforced hull and ram. Caution is advised if approaching or confronting the ship, or the crew. It is recommended to report any seen activity to an alliance official.

Danariel Wanted Poster.png

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The deserter crew of the Jade Lion was spotted in the neutral port city of Booty Bay. It is advised that civilians of the Grand Alliance stay clear of these potentially dangerous individuals and report it to royal authorities or any member with outstanding status within the Grand Alliance. Local sources suspect that the perpetrators are seeking contract work in the slums of the great wooden docks, please avoid these areas.

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