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Full Name: Kazarak Bloodskull
Nicknames: Kaz
Date of Birth: May 20
Age: 39
Race: Darkspear Troll
Gender: Male
Hair: Bright Red
Skin: Blue
Eyes: Crimson
Height: 7'2''
Weight: 270 lbs
Place of residence: Orgimmar Valley of Wisdom
Place of Birth: Stranglethorn Vale
Known Relatives: Makaba (Grandmother), Harubo (Father), Molira (Mother), Kubo (Brother), Kibari (SIster), Melisha (Wife), Naavi (Daughter), and Ramo (Son). All deceased.
Religion/Philosophy: Loa worship, ancestor worship.
Occupation: Shaman, soldier
Enemies: The Alliance, and any who claim allegiance to Garrosh Hellscream or the Zandalari Empire
Likes: Fish, swimming, and smoking his pipe
Favorite Foods: Fish, any fish will do
Favorite Drinks: Cocunut Rum
Favorite Colors: Blue and green
Weapons of Choice: Hand axe
Dislikes: Dry food, cold places, deserts, and the smell of corruption
Hobbies: Fishing and cooking fish
Physical Features: His face is a tattered mess of scars and burns. His throat has clearly been slashed deeply by some cut.  He comes off as highly intense and threatening. All across his body, he is decorated with tattoos and scars alike. His body is lithe and agile. As a troll, he carries the trademark build of tall and thin, but is by no means brittle. Signs of age can be seen in wrinkles and pockmarks across his body. He keeps his bright red hair tied in several braids draped down his back. His tusks jut straight out in front of him.
Special Abilities: As a shaman, he has been trained in the use of the elements, and spirit magic. He can utilize the water, wind, fire, and earth as an extension of his body. He demonstrates a trollish style while bending these elements to his will, almost dancing with the world around him as he fights.
Positive Personality Traits: Kaz is honest, and truly kindhearted to those he trusts. He often dotes on young children with gifts and food, and sometimes even prepares meals for adults as well. 
Negative Personality Traits: Once he has been wronged, Kazarak will never forget his grudge. He would stalk his foes to the end of the world to return the favor, even for what might seem a simple slight. He is also very traditionalist, and will vehemently defend "the old way" of doing things, even when he is clearly wrong. A staunch believer in staying true to who he is, no matter what. Often called stubborn for this.
Misc. Quirks: Likes to smoke, and gut fish even in the midst of conversation. Will often take the loftiest -- or most comfortable -- seat available unless at a formal meeting.
Theme Songs: 

Before he was a shaman, he was a warrior, and before that, he was a simple fisherman. As he aged, his life began to lean more to the violent. His body is a mess of scars, displaying the great pain he has endurerd.

Born to the Darkspear, Kazarak wished for a simple life, but with the persecution of his people by the other jungle troll tribes, and the immigration to Kalimdor, Kaz rose up to fight for his people, and lead them to spiritual purity in a time of great suffering.

After losing his family and friends, Kaz became erratic and seperated himself from the Darkspear. Some say he was possessed by an evil spirit, and enderwent a pilgrimmage to cleanse himself. Others say he went to grant death to those who had robbed him of his loved ones. 

Though the truth is unknown, Kazarak returned a different troll altogether. Where he once sought to avoid violence where it could be avoided, he now seeks it out, to purge all threats to those he still cares for before they can give rise to further heartache.

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