Loranah Brightsong

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Full Name: Loranah Anne Brightsong
Nicknames: Lora
Date of Birth: Sometime after midsummer
Age: 76
Race: Blood Elf
Gender: Female
Hair: Strawberry Blonde 
Skin: Tanned
Eyes: Dark Green
Height: 5'5"
Weight: 140
Place of residence: Sanctuary Garrison
Place of Birth: Silvermoon
Known Relatives: Anne and Graven Brightsong (Parents - Deceased) Limeera and Lothien (Siblings - Deceased)
Religion/Philosophy: The Light (thought it is waning) 
Occupation: Mechanic and Assistant to Dr. Ariavan Qui'venar
Group/Guild affiliation: Sanctuary & The Skyseeker
Guild Rank: Initiate
Enemies: None
Likes: Anything mechanical, eating and drinking, laughing with friends
Favorite Foods: Steak, Grilled Veggies, Fruit, she's not picky
Favorite Drinks: Ale and Cider
Favorite Colors: Black, Gold, Blue
Weapons of Choice: Something heavy
Dislikes: Rude People
Hobbies: Tinkering! She can reverse engineer just about anything. Have a schematic? She'll build it AND make it better.
Physical Features: Average height with a somewhat muscular and athletic build from her years of being a knight and mechanic, Loranah looks like a generally healthy elf. Her arms bear bruises and cuts, old and new, presumably from slipped machine parts and welding getting a bit out of hand. Her green eyes are bright, always shining with bubbly happiness, but her face is somewhat plain. Others may say she was pretty, but by elf standards she would be homely. Strawberry blonde hair is freshly cut, the edges blunt as if she did the cut herself with a sizable blade.
Special Abilities: Can fix anything if it's got working metal parts
Positive Personality Traits: Bubbly happiness, Jokes around and loves being silly, caring for her friends
Negative Personality Traits: Young and a little naive, Takes everything at face value, Used easily by people 
Misc. Quirks:
Played by What Famous Person: Samantha Wright
Theme Songs: Paralyzed - Mystery Skulls
History: (to be written)

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Ariavan's smile widens as the goblin asks about Loranah. "She's a dear friend. I take her for granted a lot and I am an awful person for it but she continues to work along side me. I concede that if you had asked me a week ago I wouldn't have said much but..." he sighs softly. "That isn't the case anymore. She's a bubbly one, ambitious, and strong. It wouldn't be hard to imagine her as anything but sweet natured. She's followed me on more excavations then i can count but where she truly shines is in the workshop."

Ariavan stands to give a small tour around the shop."Everything that you see here was created by us. Her dedication to the trade is why she was hired on as my assistant. She says she isn't capable of coming up with much but i see that differently. Yes, the machines just speak with her and she knows how to piece it all together but I know she's capable of more.”


He leads the goblin out of the workshop before closing its large doors behind him.  “She is… important. She is very important to me and I would probably lose my bearings if she wasn't around. I hope that i haven't done so much damage that it sabotages everything.”

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Nok smiles broad, showcasing his wide array of fangs in their ivory brilliance, "She's pretty kickass." He laughs, swirling the beer he clutches in its can before taking another mouthful of it. He drains it empty, tossing it into the air before batting it away with his wrench. "Damn smart, a good fighter, and a golden heart." He chuckles again, scratching at his cheek, "She's also pretty strong, and funny. I'm happy I met her and we became friends...I hope we can work together more on devices an' stuff, she's got a real good head for mechanics and stuff like that."

The young orc chortles once more, popping open another beer can. "She deserves someone who can treat her as the wonderful woman she is." 

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