The Unfortunate Bounty

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Zanas sat in his Booty Bay office.  He truly did not enjoy what was about to transpire -- but necessity was, well, necessary.

Picking up a pen he began writing on a large poster.


"Let it be known that the following bounty has been enacted on one Tuuroto Starseer for crimes against the Horde.

Tuuroto Starseer and one compatriot, without agitation or provocation, did assault and murder denizens of the Swamp of Sorrows whom were attempting to rebuild Stonard.

Presentation of Tuuroto Starseer alive shall result in a reward of 10,000 gold pieces.  His head will result in a reward of 5,000 gold pieces.  Information on his compatriot will result in a reward of 500 gold pieces.

Submit all inquiries to the Booty Bay inn."

Leaning back Zanas made a thoughtful noise and muttered, "Well he did prove himself dishonest and quite possibly harm my business."  With a brief shrug Zanas added his full signature to the poster.

"Zanas Autumnvale"


Looking behind him Zanas saw that his enchantment worked perfectly and multiple copies were being made by enchanted quills behind him.

The poster would seem to appear overnight in both Horde and Alliance capital cities.  Though guards may attempt to remove them from Alliance cities it would seem someone paid the poorer denizens a hefty sum to keep them up.

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Raeisley stood there with her tail limply draped around her right finger, her neck tendrils curled in a delighted C to match her coy simper. The flyer on the wall was not to be mistaken it called for the head of the beloved card dealer, she brought her hand free of her client's arm to hold her mouth as she chuckled. 

The aged man with spots on his brow gave her a queer look but did not ask though not without gaining the courtesan's notice. 

"It appears an entertainer I am fond of is destined to the blade." She smiles down to look him in the eyes. He was one of her more preferred clients; understood their agreement well and never asked for anything. Often she would not even mention a charge and let it slide, it was hard to find a gentlemen patron and that deserved some return. 

The man's voice was aged and tired, his skin like leather bags moved hardly when he spoke. "That is rather unfortunate. Anything I may do to remedy this?"

She whipped her tail around to flick at his inner thigh with a smirk. "No I can handle this myself, you've already been too kind with what you've risked for us already. Speaking of which, how much longer can they be delayed?"

The gentleman shrugged with a crack in his lower back and a cough. "A week at the very most but more likely two more days. A ship of the line gone rogue and destroying the docks of our northern most port is hard to ignore. With that mess across the time-pond its only a matter of time before they start trying to reclaim the north once more."

Raeis reached up into the air with a sheepish yawn, rolling her wrist to make the flyer disappear with a simple hat trick down her sleeve. "You'll have to forgive me, love, I may have to retire early tonight to take care of this. I'll make it up to you." A wink of a glittering eyelid announced her exit as she spun and began to head down the road, tail rolling from side to side in a figure-eight. With a raspy laugh the man nodded and tilted a hat to her departure he smiled and turned to continue down the alley towards the harbor.

 Soft hums with her thoughts, a song of her father's homeland with wide forests and slow rivers in a chilled day. Her eyes like the forever still ponds of Northrend looked up at the sky's excitement. Explosions of red and white flame echoing across the city's sky reflected upon those two ponds. "Aww.. Tuuroto what shall it be our protection for service or your head for service."

Raeisley simpers at the sky which flashed in a crimson red. "I pray for some sport" 




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Daerek tugged his pack higher up on his shoulders, green eyes staring hard at one of the many fliers papering the city. He considered Tuuro--and many members of the Caravan, if truth be told--his friends, something he didn't have many of. Hearing them talk the night before about what had happened in Stonard would have turned his stomach if he hadn't been so inebriated, but the young herbalist couldn't bring himself to believe the attack wasn't provoked in some manner. 

But people had the funny habit of being different than they appeared, and he had the funny habit of not recognizing when that was the case. 

Vlad--undoubtedly the "compatriot" noted in the bounty description--wasn't wrong when he said it was dangerous for Daerek to aid them. If he was found out...

"I don't plan on learning where he's going or what he's going to call himself or any of that. I just trade with you guys sometimes, right? Big whoop. If it comes down to it," he continued bitterly, the alcohol making him freer than normal, "it wouldn't be the first time tried to get me to say something I didn't know anything about. Oh well."

Vlad left after that, and Daerek had gone back to the bar to drown himself in more alcohol in hopes of forgetting everything. But he remembered it all, and that meant he should probably skip town before he did something stupid. He'd stay a couple of days like he promised Junxian, in case the Pandaren needed assistance gathering supplies, but after that...

Well, his last letter from Lynnie was a little weird. Maybe he'd go home and make sure everything was okay. He'd try to find the girl he'd helped the other night, maybe make sure she had a place to stay and food to eat for a while...maybe he'd see Katrynne again before he left. That'd be nice. 

With a sigh of something akin to disgust, Daerek ripped the poster down. He knew more would spring up in its place by tomorrow, but that didn't matter. With a breath, the lanky young man focused his energies and conjured a tiny flame on his fingertip, touching it to the corner of the parchment. The bounty flier slowly burned, little embers fluttering to the ground at his feet like butterflies. When the last scrap was nothing but ash, Daerek shoved all thoughts of it from his mind and left. 

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All of the posters along the main streets of Stormwind were torn down, and all but one were burned.  Katrynne did not consider that they would be replaced before the sun rose again, but it wouldn't surprise her either.  The discussion was had, and a plan was set.  It wasn't necessarily a good plan, but it was the plan they'd come up with. 

As the last ashes of the posters cooled and crumbled in the hearth of her place in Stormwind, Katrynne picked up a bag and headed out to her gryphon.  She rolled up the remaining poster she took down and tucked it into a saddle bag.  As the moons rose over the capital, so too did a dark gryphon, bearing a somber rider into the night and out of the city.

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Aaren had only taken one of the posters merely because she saw Zanas' name on it.

She didn't care to take time to read it right away, and it sat folded into a small square for some time in her bag.  It wasn't until several days later that it was retrieved and inspected over a mug (and a bottle) of rum while hidden away in her room in Shattrath.  Her own Shattrath, at least.  She didn't recognize this name, or hear of the events that were indicated.

Aaren stared long and hard at the location of Booty Bay on the parchment as her lip slowly curled in reservation.  Caution.  Maybe, instead, she would send him a note and meet him at another place should she find the time.  Somewhere less seedy. More reputable. Much less anxiety-inducing.  He did still owe her a date, after all.

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