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Wanted: Adventurers!

Do you like treasure? Do you like booze? Do you like seeing where the road takes you? Then sign onto the Crew of the Skyseeker!

Looking for experienced and inexperienced adventurers to join the crew in exploring unexplored nooks, claiming unclaimed treasure, and drinking undrank booze.* Openings include mercenaries, healers, bodyguards, archaeologists, engineers, explorers, sweet-talkers, navigators, trackers, traders, and anyone else who can keep the contents of their stomach on an airship.

For more information, contact Xaraphyne Nawe c/o Borrowed Time.

* Copyeditor position also available.

[[ The Crew of the Skyseeker is a monthly adventure campaign centered around the unpredictable adventures of Xaraphyne's crew, and any friends who end up tagging along, willingly or unwillingly! The adventures are told in game using the WoW setting and a lot of imagination, and use simple character sheets and a /roll system.

Characters are not required to join Borrowed Time to be a member of the crew, but a guild invite is available for those who would like one.

For more information, join the Skyseeker group, or contact me in-game or via PM. Happy sailing! ]]

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