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[A] Twilight Empire

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((This post was written by Aerana, but I am posting it here in her stead because of reasons.))

The lively flame danced atop the candle, relegating the encroaching darkness to the far corners of the simple room. It was a small, sparsely furnished room with a single washing basin, a bed, a chair, and a desk. There were better rooms, yes, but there were also far worse rooms to be found in the area.

Atop the desk rested a somewhat worn journal, carelessly left open. An errant breeze from the open window playfully swirled through the room, causing the pages of the journal to open to the latest entry.

They spoke of a Vision.

Standing together in a large hall, festooned in blue and golden cloth, they all spoke of some ephemeral vision as if it were tangible, as if they could hold it in the palms of their hands. As I stood there, listening, their words created a vision that I could almost see — their future. Of course, they spoke of many other things too and readily answered my numerous questions. But it is the Vision I remember. It sticks with me even now as I write these words.

They called themselves the Twilight Empire, saying that they were a bastion of light in these dark times. I met so many of them but I cannot remember their names, not yet. But they all knew each other well and I could sense the camaraderie in the room. Draenei. Dwarves. Elves. Gnomes. Humans. Pandaren. Worgen. All of them gathered near the golden rampant lions on a sapphire field, gladly sharing their knowledge and tales with this weary wanderer.

They spoke of the future, of peace, of their Vision. It was strange to hear such fervent desire for peace from some whose armor gleamed in the evening moonlight.

“We seek peace,” they told me, “but we gird ourselves for war. It is all a balance.”

A strange dichotomy, they readily admitted. But true nevertheless.

I reminded them of the murder, of the atrocities, of the tragedies. But they knew it all already and, indeed, perhaps they felt it more keenly than I did. The sorrow in their eyes was real; yet even amid the cloud of worldly hate, they sought this elusive peace with stalwart perseverance.

Their Vision.

I was intrigued.


(( About Twilight Empire

The Twilight Empire, chartered on August 6, 2007, is an active and friendly role-playing guild on the Ravenholdt server. Although the Empire has grown and evolved over time, we remain true to our founding vision of providing a welcoming and supportive community, enhancing role-playing opportunities, and pursuing peace between the factions IC. We invite you to get to know us!

First and foremost, we emphasize creating a welcoming and supportive community — both within the guild and within the server community as a whole. Many members of the Empire have played together for years and we value our friendships and the close-knit nature of the guild. We use many channels to stay in touch both in-game and outside of the game.

Next, we are a role-playing guild. As such, we strive to provide plenty of role-playing opportunities for our guild members and we try to participate in role-playing as much as possible. Although we also organize raids and PvP events (as allowed by our PvP policy), roleplaying is the primary component of the Empire. We welcome roleplayers of all skill levels and invite anyone interested in roleplaying to attend our events and get to know our members.

As mentioned above, the Empire pursues peace between the factions as part of its guild roleplay. Those who seek to join the Empire should understand this unique, and sometimes challenging, aspect of the guild. We are bound by our PvP policy, which essentially means that the Empire seeks diplomacy first and resorts to force only to protect itself and its allies. A more detailed explanation of this policy is on our website. This Vision of peace is the foundation of the guild and is one of the bonds that draws our characters together IC. The roleplay in the guild focuses around the guild’s vision of peace between the factions and storylines created by our wonderful players.

Finally, all levels, classes, and races are welcome in the Empire as long as the character is aligned with the tenets of the Empire!

The Empire’s Structure

The Empire’s structure was created to support both guild roleplay and personal character development. We wanted our structure to be flexible and give our members the sense of being part of something meaningful. Thus, the Empire is divided into three primary paths: the Ambassadors, the Keepers, and the Stewards. Members within the guild are welcome to choose any of the three paths (or none at all) as befits their character. A Council leads the guild and exists to facilitate its IC and OOC interactions.

The Ambassadors are emissaries of the Vision, tasked with ministering to members of the Empire and promoting diplomacy with other guilds. They plan events, send emissaries to other guilds, and work hard to facilitate peace between the factions. The leader of this path is the Chancellor.

The Keepers protect and keep the Empire safe, secure its vision, and aid its allies. The Keepers are the Empire’s first line of defense and are encouraged to actively PvP within the guild’s rules. The leader of this path is the General.

The Stewards provide for the guild and this path allows its members the flexibility of serving the Empire in ways beyond the more military or diplomacy oriented paths. The Stewards are the internal path of the Empire, tasked with seeing to the health and well-being of others. The leader of this path is the Seneschal.

As stated previously, our members are not required to join a path. Instead, they can create their own path within the guild. This option recognizes that contributions can be made to the guild in various ways, even if a player’s schedule does not always align with our regular events.

Finally, the Empire recognizes that, in addition to the overall story of the guild, each member within the guild has a personal story to develop. Accordingly, the guild places an emphasis on supporting one another in creating those storylines and we encourage our members to collaborate and design stories together.

<Twilight Empire> At-A-Glance

Leadership: Aerana, Katelle, Pralea, Rednaxela, Skylah, Tarashan, Tinox

Guild chat in-character with a separate OOC channel

Focus: RP first and foremost, followed by RP-PvE, RP-PvP (within TE’s rules)


We invite any who are interested in roleplay and agree to abide by our policies to join the guild. If you are interested, please check out our website. The "About Twilight" section should hopefully answer any questions that you might have. If not, please feel free to reach out to our members or officers! ))

To be a member of the Twilight Empire is to devote oneself to it — body, heart, and soul – to place the needs of the Empire before your own, to obey its laws, and to live always as a personification of the Vision. One from the Empire never seek conflict, but if it is forced, the Empire will strike decisively and with a vengeance worthy of retelling by bards centuries from now.

-Tiburion, of the Twilight Empire

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