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The Site Will be Down! We are moving this weekend! (June 18,19 2016)

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I cleared the test site ( last night. It will be moving to a different hosted server sometime tonight/tomorrow. There are a few more things I want to test/setup, but I'm pretty happy with the initial conversion.

Currently I am tentatively planning on making the real move this weekend (June 18th-19th 2016). During that time, both sites will be offline for -at least- 24 hours, possibly longer. When it comes back up, there will only be the domain left.

What you need to do:

If you have multiple logins/characters here (and you haven't already contacted me, or you are happy with primary/secondary list I emailed out a while back), make sure you change all of their emails to be the same and either contact me with which character you want to be the primary login, or make sure you log out of that one last on Friday night (the 17th). I will be sending out another email like the last batch letting you know who will be designated primary with a list of the secondary accounts being attached to it. I will still be able to switch these around, if needed, after the move, but it will make my life much easier if you let me know before hand.

If you have blogs (or friend's blogs) here that you want to save, please do so. I do plan to post the blogs on the new site in an archive format where you will only be able to see your own blogs, but it may take some time to make that bit of coding happen.

Please save any group information you want to keep. I will be able to pull information out of the saved database tables if needed, but I will not be converting them on the new site. I still haven't decided on whether to acquire the Group Application on the new site yet or not. I am leaning towards 'yes', although I am disappointed not a single person played around with the group functionality on the test site while I had it installed.

All forum posts, wall posts, and PMs will be transferred over. Chats will not.

Let me know if you have any questions or concerns.

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This is happening tonight. I will be turning off new registrations and the ability to make changes to your profile around 8pm EDT, so this is your last chance to self-link any of your alt accounts (see above). Once I have the final primary->secondary accounts master list created I will take the forums themselves down, probably around 10pm EDT, so if you are still posting around that time, make sure you make a copy of your writing so it isn't lost because the forum went down before you finished. Anything posted before the site goes down is safe and will be moved over.

My guess is it will take at least 24 hours from the time the boards go down to when the new ones are available again. Most of this time is due to how long it takes IPS4 to relink member IDs, Post numbers, and convert internal links, which is out of my control. I'm hoping that the faster host machine will not take as long as the test run did, but I don't want to give false hope :)

If you have any questions, let me know.

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