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Thalstan Stormbraid

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Name: Thalstan Stormbraid

Nickname(s): Felbane

Age: Adult

Race: Dwarf

Clan: Wildhammer

Class: Shaman

Affiliations: Wildhammer Clan, Earthen Ring, Alliance Military, Honor Hold

Special Possessions: His two Stormhammers, his Gryphon Galetalon

Occupation: Gryphon Rider

Birthplace: Aerie Peak

Known Languages: Dwarvish, Common, Orcish and Zandali insults

Skills: A very experienced Farseer/Shaman and veteran Gryphon Rider, adaptable to many situations, good relations with the elements he draws aid from, a destructive force of nature when in the air or during a storm, knows advanced leatherworking patterns and skinning, badass cook

Likes: Drinking, flying, fighting, Wildhammer Dwarves, cursing, hiking, leatherworking, Shamans, the wilds, the Hinterlands, Druids

Dislikes: The Horde, Trolls, Orcs, Dragon Riders, dragons, Warlocks, Death Knights,frilly things, machinery, Dark Iron Dwarves, spiders, Forsaken, demons

Pet Peeves: Death Knights’ voices

Phobias/Weaknesses: Necromancy, the undead, spiders

Physical Description: Thalstan is a large little Dwarf. He stands a good bit higher than Dwarves from other Clans and has built enough muscle to match. His skin has been tanned by the harsh winds of Aerie Peak, weathered over the years to be more resistant to shearing gusts. Blue paints and tattoos are displayed prominently across his body and face. His beard has been grown out while his hair has been kept somewhat short. Braids, feathers and other adornments are in his hair and beard. He carries two Stormhammers on his waist, forged beautifully with patterns and images in the steel. Thalstan wears a set of light mail and leather armor, protecting all the important bits and allowing him to show off his tattoos and physique. Leatherworking equipment is kept in a large pouch on his belt, with a skinning knife tucked into the sheath above it. Totems hang from his waist, held there by small clips that allow them to be used with ease. Claws, feathers and other trinkets dangle from his form, as well as a small bag of reagents fastened to his belt. Smells of Gryphons, the wilds and a hint of cherry grog.

Personality: Thalstan is a jovial little Dwarf. Usually smiling broadly with a jolly look in his eyes. He tends to curse a lot in the traditional Dwarven way, most often when storytelling or making a joke, both of which he does a lot of. Thalstan is fiercely loyal to and proud of his Clan, putting their safety, tradition and necessities above all else. While he most enjoys the company of other Dwarves and more specifically Wildhammer Dwarves, Thalstan makes merry with the other races just as much as he would with his kin. He enjoys fighting and drinking, especially when the two go together.

History: Thalstan was born in the Wildhammer Fortress of Aerie Peak. He grew up fighting, flying and hunting in the forests and mountains of the Hinterlands. Thalstan was trained to be a Gryphon rider, showing exceptional skill in communicating and caring for the beasts. Once an adult and finished with training, Thalstan raised his own Gryphon, which he named Galetalon, and trained the beast to be his mount and friend. When Orgrim Doomhammer and the Horde marched into the Wildhammer’s homeland, Thalstan and Galetalon flew out to face the Orcs with his brethren. He followed Kurdran Wildhammer through the Dark Portal and stayed behind with the Thane when Ner’zhul’s portals tore Draenor apart. Aiding in the construction of a stronghold in Shadowmoon Valley, Thalstan continued to fight the Fel Orcs and the demons that populated the broken world. During this time, Thalstan communed with the elements and spoke with the Draenei shaman on the planet, slowly becoming a shaman himself and attempting to aid the settlement of Outland’s elementals. He returned home to Aerie Peak following the reopening of the Dark Portal and the defeat of Illidan Stormrage.

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