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Full Name: Kiannis Ash'Therod

Age: Over 100 years old. Exact DoB forgotten- Sometime late fall

Race: Sin'dorei, formerly Quel'dorei

Gender: Male

Hair: Long, light blonde, straight

Eyes: A faded soft green, whitish

Height: ~6'0"

Weight: ~180lbs

Notable Physical Features: N/A

Place of residence: Grim guild hall

Place of Birth: Quel'Danas - Silvermoon

Known Relatives: Mother (Deceased), Father (MIA/believed deceased)

Religion: Kiannis has little faith for the prevalent religions, preferring rather to rely on his self. This perhaps fuels his atheist views towards arcane, natural, and the holy religious viewpoints common to his kin. Despite having heard and seen 'divine' intervention from all of these schools of thought, He instead believes it all to be energy manifesting on this plane.

Philosophy: During his years in exile following the assault on Northrend, Kiannis' morality has decayed severly. What was once optimistic heroism has degenerated into a base survival instinct. Who was once a happy-go-lucky woodsman has declined into more of a somber gun for hire. No hope of reconciliation with the alliance, all that is left is resentment and vengeance.

Occupation: Supplicant. Scout/Operative of the Horde. Dabbling leather worker and alchemist

Known Associates: -

Known Nemesis: -

Special Skills: Despite his cold and quiet stature- Kiannis can have a way with words. He is also agile, and has a fit form suited to athletics. He is accustomed to and knows how to deal with both bad neighborhoods, and the deep wilds

Positive Personality Traits: Quite loyal to those that earn his trust. Rational

Negative Personality Traits: Addiction (Magic & Mageroyal)

History: Quel'dorei - Born the bastard of a woodsman and a noble, Kiannis spent few years with his mother before she sent him to live with his father. The woodsman raised his child to respect others, nature, and himself. Leaving the protection of his father at what would be his adolescence- he honed his skills with blade and bow in the wilds of the vast Eversong Woods and beyond. On his farthest venture, to Gilneas, is where he heard news of an undead army marching north. He hastened past the closing walls to his homeland, only to find it in ruins. Upon returning to his father's cabin, he found destruction and despair, but no body. Assuming his father dead, he rallied some refuges to rebuild and protect their homeland.

Sin'Dorei - Having lost the magical radiance of the sunwell, most Sin'dorei turned to fel energies to feed their addiction and as Kiannis dove deep, his power swelled. The group he joined decided to stay to rebuild and protect Silvermoon instead of follow to outland- and thus, hearing about the descent of his prince, he left the small group and instead joined the greater fight against Kael'thas, Vashj, and Illidan. He joined Sanctuary and their coalition of fighting forces, but left after a short while to join a more militaristic force of mercenaries, 'The Witches Hammer'. After some time, he had riled up enough enemies that a group of cut-throats abducted his spouse. He tracked the scoundrels down, but it was too late. Having lost his love, direction, and being chased off of his assault team was enough to drive him to a self-imposed exile.

History In The Grim: Kiannis broke his exile to assist the forces of Draenor. He sought out the force whose direction was most in line with his own, The Grim. Years of solitude, addiction, depravity, and savagery had changed the man, but the vestiges of his former self lingered. He deserted his allies once, but has returned, been given mercy, and is ready to live the mandate.

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