Love is Blind

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Orgrimmar and other such capitol cities come under siege by slews of fliers written in the familiar Orcish script, decorated with fancy swirls and hearts. Featureless doodles of busty women and hunky men dot the assorted papers as the writing reads as such.

Once again brought to you by the assorted maniacs of the Borrowed Time mercenary company, comes an event for all you boys and girls looking for love!

The Blind Date Selection Extravaganza!

What is that, you ask? Why merely sign up on one of these fliers, dedicate yourself to one gender, or both if you prefer! And we will set you up with the lucky guy/gal on a set location! It might be dinner in Dalaran, beers in Booty Bay, or watching the sunset in Stonetalon; we guarantee you'l have a blast with your date to be! So sign up today before they slip out of your grasp!

((OOC Things! Taking place Friday the 27th and Saturday the 28th of this month; all those who have signed up will put on a daynight they are available, as well as a character preference for a Hetero/Homosexual dates, and I shall PM them a time to log in and a location! You and the character who arrives then have a nice IC date together! Figured this might be fun to stir up the pot from the usual tavern RP, maybe even create some new connections! Sign up today!))

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Razz Blastwhizzle

Saturday night

Men only. Preferably a rich goblin man, who is handsome and funny and brave and charming and dresses well.

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