Coldstar Cantina: Pride nights

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Fliers have been posted around the goblin settlements from Everlook, to Bilgewater Harbor, to Orgrimmar, and even Booty Bay advertising an event hosted by the Coldstar Cantina. A grinning goblin is depicted in the center holding a tankard of ale in one hand and a foaming can of cola in the other.

Coldstar Cantina presents: Drink Your Money!

The first of many Pride nights hosted by the Coldstar Merchant Company. Calling all tinkerers, sappers, robbers, soldiers and barons alike. All of our proud goblin friends who have served the horde dutifully and profitably are welcome to the festivities. Be among friends and family, savor a fine wine, crack open a cold cola, and leave with pockets full of some poor sap’s cash after a night of Bilgewater dice poker.

Where: Bilgewater Harbor, Azshara

When: May 31st 8 pm

Who: All of our fine, stout goblin pals

Why: Why not?

Written beneath the advertisement is a job offer for the night.

Wanted: Bouncer to keep mooks in line and

deadbeats out. Contact Makkilo Slagson for details

((The first of many Kin nights hosted by Coldstar Cantina, Drink Your Money is a special night designed for goblin roleplayers and encourages rolling an alt to test new waters. Be a goblin, have a blast, or just come on by and see how many it takes to reach critical mass then run for the hills.))

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Fliers have been pinned to message boards and posts with whatever was on hand from axe-blades to nails and arrows. The picture depicts several orcs gathered around a bonfire with two axes crossed behind the name of the name of the event; directly below the bonfire is the symbol of the Horde carefully sketched in with what appears to be blood. The call has gone out across all Horde lands in Draenor, Outland, and Kalimdor.

Coldstar Cantina presents: Gathering of Clans

To all Orcs regardless of blood or clan: on this night you are invited to gather around the fire in remembrance of the old days and in celebration of the hardships we have endured. Come and be among friends and family, rivals and former enemies, among those born on Draenor and those born on our new home.  Raise a toast to the fallen and honor them in story and action. We are Orcs, and tonight we will celebrate how far we have come.

Where: Thorn Hill, Northern Barrens

When: June 28th, 8 pm

Who: All Orcs

((The second kin night hosted by Coldstar Cantina. Gathering of Clans is a night designed for Orcish roleplayers and encourages rolling an alt to test new waters. Be an orc, be proud and observe tradition. Specialized combat to be explained at event, make sure you have bag space))

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