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Full Name: Ul-Rezaj

Date of Birth: On the night of a full red moon, during the Gelkis Centaur migrations into thousand needles.

Age: Young

Race: Farraki Troll

Gender: Male

Hair: Yellow

Skin: Cracked, thin, light bluish gray with grime encrusted under his nails.

Eyes: Red

Height: Slightly taller than average

Weight: 130 lbs

Place of Birth: Southmoon, Tanaris

Known Relatives: None.

Religion/Philosophy: Servant of the Mandate, peace through annihilation!

Occupation: Scribe, former acolyte to the Farraki Soul Eaters

Group/Guild affiliation: The Grim

Enemies: kept close.

Weapons of Choice: Daggers, Legacy of Arlokk

Hobbies: Finding out how people can be most useful.

Physical Features: Tall, skin-to-bone, messy hair that is usually covered. He wears face paint that comes from a blend of milled herbs and scarabs.


Pre-Grim: Ul-Rezaj was born in Southmoon, Tanaris. To this day, it remains vacant with knee-deep sand. His people, the Sandfury, had faced enemies on every side: the Gelkis Clan centaur to the north, Goblins to the east, Bronze Dragons to the south, pirates on the coastal regions, and Sillithid to the west. These forces were driven back at the expense of many defenders. The sheer number of casualties functionally weakened the Sandfury Tribe, causing them to retract back into the walls of Zul'Farrak, safe from all outside threats. During that time, threats broiled as Goblins who seemed neutral to the Horde and the Alliance hired mercenaries to lay siege to the walls.

When Zul'Farrak was attacked, Ul-Rezaj retained as many tablets as he could of the Farraki tribal rituals, traditions, and laws. He preserved them in a mummy's grave and hid among a crowd who made tents along the western city's wing. The sacking of Zul'Farrak disestablished those among the higher caste, which he neither knew much about nor showed any concern for anyway. What mattered was that whatever remained of the Sandfury ought to be sustained by his great burden. As years of learning past, many Farraki left, some of the more necromantically inclined raised up the dead as wards, but Ul-Rezaj remained and watched the shamblers as the protected the walls and outskirts. After some moons passed, the Zandalari came with hope. They promised the Sandfury a return to their origins, to be Farraki. Farraki, the subset who warded off as the Gurubashi's most enduring faction, would be revived in its full glory.

Passion for the empowerment of the great and mighty empire fueled Ul-Rezaj. He exercised his art, the necromantic powers of Farraki tradition; he allowed his blood to thicken, then loosen up by pumping adrenaline in the terrible depths of Un'goro Crater. Ul-Rezaj learned to harness the reins of a raptor, sharpening its drive to be direct and straightforward to him in obedience. He strengthened himself for the glory of Zandalari conquest across the entire world. When the expedition for Pandaria set out, he volunteered to be first to go and claim their inheritance within the Prophet Zul's promised domain.

The Farraki assaulted a beach, they slaughtered the villagers effortlessly and drove out the inhabitants. When Ul-Rezaj saw the wreckage, he could only beat his chest with the satisfaction of a rising champion. He knew he was weaving rot in the bones of the Pandaren defenders that enabled the other tribes to finish their duty well. At some point during the campaign, the Mogu came and halted the Zandalari conquest. Ul-Rezaj insisted to his overseer that they kill the Mogu and proceed, that the Mogu were mere nuisance. Peculiarly inconsistent, the Zandalari despised this option. In fact, Ul-Rezaj was dragged out and flogged before the assembly as a display not to consider resisting the Mogu. During this torture, however, Ul-Rezaj warned them all that if they defied the prophet by sparing the Mogu, the campaign might fail. In the end, the Mogu appeared to discard the Zandalari as first to fall if conflict might result in loss of life or limb, so his protests against the Mogu served to isolate him. As it turned out, the Mogu's interest was in their Thunder King, who the Zandalari aided in reviving. Once the Thunder King rose, the rest of the Zandalari invasion ceased. Ul-Rezaj could not believe it. For the first time, he became disillusioned with the Zandalari's advance and, after walking out, wandered Pandaria. He discovered the Horde, who, curiously, welcomed him in as one of their own, seeming to mistake him as a servant of the traitor Vol'jin.

The Grim: Ul-Rezaj disliked the ineffectiveness the Horde brought with them. Like an aimless spear, the Horde seemed as though a force shot into the fog with hopes of killing a Kraken. In the agora of Pandaria, called the Shrine of the Two Moons, he encountered Lilliana who, once she explained the Grim, appealed directly to Ul-Rezaj's sense of duty. They went to Wyvern's Tail Tavern and spoke with three orc triplets and a troll warbringer called Leyu'jin. Leyu'jin explained that they resupply Alterac Valley on Wednesdays, but they did not quite have the manpower to direct coordinated attacks quite yet. Seeing the potential the elder troll offered him, Ul-Rezaj considered what the Grim were for a few moons, exploring Orgrimmar, learning about the Horde, and what it was that they protected. The Grim maintained the potential, the drive, and the reason needed to actually achieve the same goals as the Zandalari. He enlisted under High Inquisitor Syreena and a few others: Quezt, Feorn, Xaraphyne, and Fhenrir. All of them were tested, who were each put to their limits. Some snapped under the pressure. Others struggled, but, if they persevered through the trials, they thrived. Ul-Rezaj knew his training to be Zandalari was not meant for their cause. Rather, fate determined it for the Grim. He always noted this as ironic and acutely poetic.

Among the Grim, Ul-Rezaj learned from the elf Fanyare. Fanyare reorganized the supplicants into groups and forged them into glorious servants through the arena. Forming an army, the Grim's warrior caste became a force to be reckoned with, capable of fighting a war on more than one front. When Garrosh barred the walls of Orgrimmar, the Grim, who debated loyalty to Garrosh, retracted any sentiment in favor of him once the standing warchief evicted everyone not connected to his grand plan. First, Ul-Rezaj bolstered the war against the Alliance by clearing them, with his team of seasoned comrades, by rabidly hunting them in the contested region known as the Timeless Isle. Afterwards, he joined a Grim troll named Jurani that intended for him and a few other members of the Horde to aid in the Siege of Orgrimmar. Success sated Ul-Rezaj's taste for glory. Peace settled on the Horde's domain.

When Draenor appeared, Ul-Rezaj and the Grim marched into the brave new world. On Draenor, Ul-Rezaj observed Syreena have her power as High Inquisitor stripped from her by Commander Awatu's judgment. The authority of High Inquisitor was then passed to Khorvis, who received it and then lost his mind. Some sort of corruption festered in Khorvis' mind. During this process, Khorvis' sanity was sustained by a communal ritual Ul-Rezaj performed to keep his consciousness intact.

Skylah Mackinzie was captured and contained in Silvermoon City before being escorted to Northdale after a fierce interrogation. The interrogation somehow skipped the important aspects that usually concern the Grim. Skylah was asked about the whereabouts of her friends. When rumors among the Grim went across that the prisoner would not be forfeiting their location, Ul-Rezaj set out to see the prisoner personally. He asked her what was so important that, when she had nothing to lose and nothing to prove, she would hold on by forfeiting her life and incur serious injuries in the process. Skylah told Ul-Rezaj that friendship was key, that she depends on them doing the same for her because they all care about each other. Ul-Rezaj promptly demonstrated how service to the Mandate was exceedingly superior to any Alliance friendship regime. He dismissed her answer as nonsensical rambling and waved to Filora to carry on with the prisoner, taking her away. Although Skylah did not reveal her friends' location, she did not need to. For the Grim set out leaflets to the Alliance, informing them of where Skylah was going to be, so that they would come. This shaming would be the ultimate end of the Alliance and a disgrace for Skylah. After all, Skylah would bear as a firsthand witness to the death of her beloved friends, effectively ending her need for living, that she might be broken by the Grim and embrace their subjugation of her will. Somehow, Skylah escaped.

The emergence of the Quorum stirred Ul-Rezaj to action. A drug called Wreave was being distributed throughout Alliance territory that was consistently followed by the Horde. The Grim were informed by an agent of the Quorum to attack Zul'Gurub, claiming it from the Quorum agents so that the operation could end. The Grim attacked, wisely putting a swift end to the production center. The Alliance, who looked on from a distance, promptly attacked the Grim's conquered terrain and both sides took to arms. The Alliance's decision to assail the Grim so mercilessly after the Grim had just cleared the place was innately suspect. Ul-Rezaj figured the Alliance might have had a hand in something or another, though he was not quite sure. Charged by the attack, the Grim dealt actively with the Wreave and learned how to handle this scintillating opportunity.

To this day, Ul-Rezaj serves the Grim loyally. Through hard work and diligence, he preserved Lilliana from being sold off by purchasing her first. His primary concerns are for quality supplicants, giving each he engages with a taste of the glory to come and challenging their integrity rigorously. Whenever enthusiasm can be garnered, he aids his brethren by cooperatively guiding them through testing their abilities to provide an opportunity to sharpen their skills in the arena. He enjoys the company of those he has always valued and plans to continually pry into their lives.

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Kex'ti taps his staff against his shoulder. The scrolls and mists ruffle and contract at the gesture.

"Ul-rezaj I would certainly consider a capable ally. Fighting at his side never feels to court betrayal, and his skills and cunning are only rarely outmatched. I think he is a friend, though ally certainly seems a more apt title."

The monk smirks.

"And I'd definitely not want to be on the other side of his spells."

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