Myaka Winterborne [A]

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((It has taken me a while, but I finally made one of these!))

Full Name: Myaka Winterborne

Nicknames: Mya

Age: 28

Race: Human

Gender: Female

Hair: Very dark brown

Eyes: Light Brown


Weight: lean

Place of residence: Stormwind City Outskirts.

Place of Birth: Stratholme

Known Relatives: Victoria Winterborne (Mother, deceased) Micah Winterborne (Father, deceased) Nathan Winterborne (Brother, raised as a Death Knight, thought deceased.) Katelle Larmont (sister by honor)

Religion/Philosophy: The Holy Light

Occupation: Specialist in the Twilight Empire Keepers. Master Blacksmith with a focus on weaponsmithing.

Group/Guild affiliation: Twilight Empire

Guild Rank: Keepers

Enemies: Those against the Vision of the Twilight Empire, The Grim

Likes: the smell of lavender. Reading, testing her skills. Creating and researching blacksmithing patterns

Favorite Foods: Strawberries, chocolate, most fruits and vegetables. Allergic to coconut.

Favorite Drinks: doesn't normally drink. She prefers light drinks, if she's feeling brave she'll drink Hearthglen Ambrosia.

Favorite Colors: blue, lighter colors towards golds and whites.

Weapons of Choice: two handed broadsword/claymore, shield and shortsword.

Dislikes: cruel people, snakes, coconut (allergic), most strong alcoholic drinks

Hobbies: warfront skirmishes. Smithing. Creating blacksmithing designs (the more unique the better.)

Physical Features: it is an uncommon thing to see Mya out of armor and without a blade or shield. It is even rarer still is she without the blue and gold tabard of the Twilight Empire. She stands taller than most humans, and the plate armor hides a lean lightly muscled build. She has light brown eyes and very dark brown long hair that is typically pulled back in a hurried ponytail. An old scar stands out on the side of her face, running from the middle of her neck up to her cheek.

Special Abilities: high pain tolerance. Skilled with swords both two handed and one handed.

Positive Personality Traits: loyal to a fault, stubborn refusal to back down.

Negative Personality Traits: stubborn, reckless, naïve


History before the Twilight Empire

Mya grew up on the outskirts of Stratholme, her life for the most part untroubled by the war against the orcs during the second war. Her family were strong in the Light but Myaka herself was unable to wield it like her father and older brother, Nathan, could. As she grew older and this became more apparent, her family started to claim that she was the orphaned child of her mother’s sister. This was done to spare the family, and Myaka herself, from any ridicule or scorn gained from Myaka’s inability to channel it.

When she was old enough, her mother began to train her as a shop keeper. Her mother owned a store in Lordaeron that she planned to will to Myaka when the girl was old enough to run it. It did not seem to take long before the girl and her mother were traveling from Stratholme to Lordaeron to run the store, sometimes being gone weeks or months at a time.

It came one day for Myaka to make the trip on her own, her mother was sick and could not go with her. Nathan didn’t wish to have her make the journey with no one there to protect her if she was attacked on the way, so he came with. Unbeknownst to the two, a strange sickness was spreading in the neighboring cities. As they drew near Stratholme on their return, they could see flames jumping in the horizon and soon came across those fleeing the city.

They spoke of a culling, of family and friends rising from the dead, of Prince Arthas Menethil slaughtering all he came across be they living or dead. Nathan did not want to leave their parents to whatever fate had befallen them in the plagued city and begged with Myaka to come with him, citing that he could not protect her if she did not come with. But Myaka could not bring herself to attempt to reach the city, not with the horrors those around had told of. Nathan left to the city, and is to this day presumed dead.

The survivors, with Myaka in tow, traveled to Kalimdor following after Jaina Proudmoore. There the little bit of a life the people were able to make were once again threatened, this time by the Burning Legion. Myaka did not want to risk her new home’s destruction, at least without attempting to fight herself. While the fighters took whomever they could. She was unskilled and untrained, and she was worried her barely 15 years of age would keep them from allowing her entry. So she lied on her enlistment paperwork, stating that she was closer to 17-18 and was able to gain a spot in the Theramore Millitary. She fought in the Third War, and was untrained no more. War had shaped the now near adult woman, but nothing shaped her more than an incident during it. She had foolishly attacked a group of felguards and had been quickly overwhelmed. Surprise greeted her when she woke later in the infirmary of her outpost, a tauren hunter had come across her in the midst of fighting the felguards, and had brought her back to safety. This act had confused the woman whom had grown up on stories of how savage and cruel the orcs of the Horde were and she had expected anyone whom allied with them to be the same. This act began her path down the road to the Vision of peace between the two sides. She held closely to a hope for peace, and stuck faithfully to her conviction to it, even after she joined the Theramore Guard.

This conviction put her at odds with another in the guard, a man called Dominic Sanders. Dominic was a sadistic man; who’s violent tendencies were only amplified when he drank. He had a burning hatred for the Horde and wanted them destroyed whenever the opportunity presented itself. The two crossed paths due to similar duties and areas of patrol and Dominic soon turned his rage on the woman, now a warrior in her own right.

Through the later years, Dominic struck fear into the heart of Myaka, attacking her whenever he was able to catch her alone. Threats of death or worse if she spoke kept her quiet and brought lies to her tongue whenever someone got close to discovering what was going on. Mya endured, and found solace in the friends she could there. However, one night one of those friends, a man by the name of Jeric Mills, struck out at her in a drunken rage. His slow reflexes combined with her fast ones gave her the scar that goes up the side of her face, a memento of a sword strike meant to take her head. This had been the final straw, and Myaka left Theramore after she was discharged from the guard, sure if she did not that she would meet her death there.

History with the Twilight Empire

Her mentor and old friend pointed her towards one group, sure they would give her the friends and support needed for her hopes for peace. The Twilight Empire, a group that shared her faith in the Vision of peace. She joined them, and later became a soldier in the Military Branch. This choice led to her meeting Katelle Larmont. Kate because a fast and close friend, easily seeing through what she was trying to hide. The woman got close to ferreting out what Myaka was hiding about Dominic, but before the full story could come out, rumblings of attacks and sieges where heard in Theramore. Myaka was assigned to the city for a guard to those of the Citizen Branch of the Empire whom were moving their work to the city by Kate, who had become the General of the Military by that time. Kate after speaking with the superior whom Myaka worked under as a Theramore Guard, found out about Dominic and made moves to remove his threat to her friend. But before he could be dealt with, the situation in Theramore came to a head. The Horde dropped a mana bomb on the city, and the Empire and those helping them pulled everyone they could through a large summoning portal before the destruction of the city.

The summoning did not go off without problems however. Some were deposited in strange areas, Mya found herself in the Dustwallow Marsh, and she was not alone. Dominic had also been sent there. The man, furious beyond reason, lashed out at the woman and beat her nearly to death. He left her crumpled body in the marsh for the animals to clean up. One of these animals turned out to be not just another beast. The animal, a white furred wolf, belonged to a hunter. The same hunter in fact that had saved her life from the felguards in the third war. She was saved yet again by her, the hunter bringing her to Dalaran if order to find someone who could finish the woman’s recovery. The hunter found Kate, and delivered Myaka to her. Myaka recovered, and was told later by a very very convinced Kate that Dominic would never be a threat again.

Myaka continued her duties as a soldier in the Military, and was surprised to be offered a position in a new force the General and her second had been recreating from its time before. The Guardians, who looked after the Empress of the Empire and the Senate members in case of attack or assassination attempts. Myaka, after some prompting, took up a place in the group. But, it was done in secret, because the group had not been approved by the Senate. The secret came out a year later, when someone overheard the Empress call Myaka by her guardian title and asked to join. This sparked a long and tumultuous split in the Empire, between the Empress and the Senate and those that followed both sides. The split only ended when it was discovered the empress was sick and suffering from a mental illness that the medical corps in the Empire were able to cure.

Myaka endeavored to keep her head down and out of trouble, shaken by her role in the conflict and her own inability to realize what was happening to her Empress and friend. She was focused only on her duties as a Keeper, the path that rose from the ashes of what had been the military branch, and tried to stay uninvolved with anything that could cause another set of problems for herself or the Empire. She continued this throughout the Draenor campaign, choosing to not go with those storming the new dark portal until she could make amends for her actions.

Recently, this isolation had been broken by the series of attacks on Azeroth and her people, with Myaka taking part in the struggle against the Quorum after the pieces of a strange shield made of Twilight Dragonscale were passed to her by mistake. This shield brought struggle and conflict to her, due to a strange cult of twilight followers that worshipped the Forgotten Ones. Now, with the Quorum defeated, and the rumblings of a new legion invasion, Myaka has turned her focus to recreating the shield and preparing for the coming conflicts.

Story threads:

Collections of a Former Theramore Guard-Catchall Story Thread

Quorum:Call of the Twilight Scales-Myaka researches a strange shield, but she is not the only one interested.

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Tayissa leans against an empty stall, chewing on a bright green apple when asked about the warrior, "Myaka is one soldier you'd want watching your back. She's one of the few good ones left," Tayissa thinks about this in silence for a moment, picking a bit of apple skin from between her teeth, "Maybe a little too much for her own good, I think it'll come back to bite her one day... Don't ever make her angry, you'll be sorry if you do that."

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Katelle looks up from her desk and paperwork, hand poised to deliver another stroke of her pen. "Myaka?" she echoes, and the name brings a smile to her face. "Myaka's a hard worker with a stubborn streak as long as she is tall. I know I can count on her in any situation, and not just because she promised I could." The rogue chuckles and her smile softens. "But beyond that, she's family. She's my best friend and one of my closest confidants, and if it weren't for her I simply wouldn't be here."

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Zanas seems to be caught off guard with the question.

"The human from Twilight Empire? Why would you ask me about her? She is from Twilight Empire which innately makes me distrustful of her."

The elf shifts his weight. "However she has, as of yet, not wronged me personally. Additionally she seems to have the trust of Katelle. So I suppose this places me straight at neutral."

The elf grins.

"Yes I am splendidly neutral about her."

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"She's so cool!" Rhork's smile is large and happy, "Kind of like in a big-sister way, though I don't actually know her all too well." The energetic youth rests his hands behind his head, staff crackling with electric energy on his back. As he walks along the grassy pathways of Stormwind's Mage Quarter he hums a quick care-free tune as he thinks. "I get a solid vibe from her, you know? Not like, stoic-veteran or anything, but more like ... balanced? Maybe?" Rhork hums again, deeper in though. "Wow yeah, totally not good at this. Come back when I'm not between classes, yeah?"

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