Hyori's Small Tattered Book

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(Hyori is a small, young female pandaren who is a tea girl at The Fiend's Den Bordello in Silvermoon City.)

Entry 1

I’ve met him two times now, and each time we part I look more and more forward to seeing him again. He’s dangerous, but different, not like the usual blade for hire types I see at The Fiend’s Den. He has a softness buried deep within under that cold hearted killer exterior. I told him about Borrowed Time, said it could be an option for further work for him, since he did spare me from humiliation. I do hope he decides to meet with Cobrak, I myself am contemplating following Madame Ophinnia’s steps as well, getting my feet wet with small odd jobs when I’m not servicing customers. Her business has become a home to me in the short time I have spent in it, and I would hate to abandon it just for my own personal gains. I will have to talk with The Madame on what she thinks I should do.

I met another of my kind last night, he was a traveler with all kinds of fantastical stories. Like with most of my clients, I do not prefer for the tales to be truth or fiction, just that they are entertaining, and this man surely did have some good ones. A few I hope had a least a glimmer of truth to them. We ended up staying up late, drinking and talking. It was refreshing to sit with someone I did not have to perform for or pretend that I was truly interested in what they were saying for the sake of a few coin. I quite enjoyed it.

I’d like to explore the world one day, under my own power and free will. I’ve see so many cities from the inside of a steel cage that I was unable to really experience them. The culture, the food, and especially the people. Perhaps the next time I was to meet them they wouldn’t look at me with such pity and sorrow, like they had before.

Having a full belly, a warm bed, and access to all sorts of luxuries has been such a drastic change from the last couple of years, that I sometimes wonder when I’ll wake up. That’s is all just a dream, a coping mechanism. I hope it’s not, truly. I am surrounded by those who care for me, and that I care for as well, something I’ve not had since I left our wandering isle under duress. But those thoughts and memories are for another entry, another day. I’ll enjoy my warm home as it is.

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Entry 2

I spent the evening with that one of my kind I mentioned before. He’s a wanderer and previously a shado-pan warrior. He arrived at my place of work under the guise of seeking services but in truth he was seeking me out, to have another evening of conversing and tea. He asked for me to accompany him on a small trip, camping out in the woods outside of the elven city and I obliged. I had never been camping for pure pleasure before, always accompanied by my family as we traveled for work.

The waterfall was beautiful, as were the trees surrounding the river bank. They almost glowed in the moonlight that shone down on us as we swam naked in the crystal clear waters. He fished us up dinner, it was delicious in the way he grilled and seasoned it. That was something that we always had at our encampments, good food. At the end of the day we could always reliably sit down to a steaming hot pot and grilled meats and vegetables. As of recently I am trying to learn to enjoy those things again, but after what has happened I do not think I can let myself fully do so.

I slept beside his massive cat, Dumpling, the fur warm and soft and a soft rumbling drifting me off to sleep. It was a change, something foreign to me, to have this free will to do what I wanted at any time. To have chosen to go with him, and when I would return to The Den. How quickly we forget life’s purest pleasures when they are stripped from us.

I returned in the morning, renewed and refreshed, even after sleeping on the ground for the night. I have not done much traveling for myself… but I think it is something I could get used to and enjoy.

A request of his is still traveling through my mind now, hours later. He asked me to accompany him back to Pandaria, to see the lands again… just a short trip, he promised.

Perhaps one day.

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