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Legion Primer for Netherholdt RPers and Players

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Hello everyone! Before you get started and Legion, we’ll have about a month and a half of prepatch to worry about. This primer is essentially to get you up to date on what you need to know both mechanically and historically heading into the next expansion.

This will be a spoiler-free preview and where relevant is mostly an overview of Warlords/TNRH’s story as it pertains to your characters. For ease of reference, I’ll be breaking up this into a story and mechanics section. If there’s any big events that I haven’t included, please contact me so I can update the respective section. This is from a meta, OOC perspective.

For ease of reference, this post will be an index.


1. The Story So Far

2. Prepatch Mechanics

3. Legion Mechanics

4. Legion Class Changes

5. Legion Story Considerations

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The story so far…

The Past

-Gul’dan is killed at the Tomb of Sargeras during the Second War.

-Illidan recovers Gul’dan’s skull and consumes it for tremendous power and knowledge. The master sorcerer becomes a demon hunter.

-Archimonde is banished from Azeroth to the Twisting Nether.

-Illidan Stormrage flees to Outland. Heroes hunt him down and defeat him and his Illidari minions.

-In reality, the vast majority of Illidan’s servants are sent away to a demonic world, and are eventually captured by the Wardens.

-Kil’jaeden attempts to enter Azeroth through the Sunwell, but is repelled.

-Garrosh Hellscream’s War Crimes result in the near collapse of the Horde. On trial in Pandaria, Hellscream is whisked away to an alternate Draenor brought into being by the Hourglass of Time.

-Garrosh rallies the alternate Horde, equips them with advanced technology, has them refuse the demon blood, and brings them back to Azeroth to attack.

-Azeroth responds by going to Draenor.

Warlords Launch

-The forces of Azeroth rally the subjugated races of Draenor and strike decisive blows against the Iron Horde.

-A newly revived Sanctuary and the Grim enter into conflict.

-The Gul’dan of this world goes free (AU), and uses captured souls and members of Azeroth to acquire vast intelligence about his Main Universe (MU) fate.

Patch 6.1

-The Horde struggles against a life-stealing curse caused by a corrupted ancient in the Eclipse plotline.

-AU Gul’dan corrupts the Iron Horde.

-An human terrorist named Morinth acquires a deadly poison, with intent to use it to cause chaos in the Hollow plotline.

Patch 6.2

-Gul’dan opens a portal to the Twisting Nether, allowing Archimonde a new foothold to turn Draenor into a staging ground for a renewed assault on Azeroth.

-Archimonde is slain in the Twisting Nether, removing a demonic menace from the Burning Legion. AU Gul’dan is hurled through the Black Gate to parts unknown.

-A disease called the Silver Sickness spreads among those sensitive to the arcane in the Silver Sickness cross-server plot.

-Morinth is found to be working for a dragon named Serinar. Borrowed Time and others displaced in time attempt to remedy these wrongs in the Infinite plotline.

-Alliance and Horde tensions rise as a result of the capture and torture of a Twilight Empire agent, and subsequent capture of a Horde assassin.

-A sinister council of dreadlords comes to light, having had a hand in multiple ongoing tragedies while the bulk of Azeroth’s heroes were in Draenor. Only recently defeated, the dreadlord’s misdeeds are chronicled in the Quorum plotline.

Patch 7.0

-Killing Archimonde, and sending Gul’dan elsewhere turned out to really piss off the Legion, an they’re gunning for Azeroth.

-In secret, AU Gul’dan goes to the Tomb of Sargeras, and using the knowledge of his MU counterpart as well as other mysterious information, successfully opens a gateway to the Twisting Nether, allowing for enormous demonic incursion.

-Once the source is tracked to the Broken Isles, the Alliance and Horde engage in the Broken Shore scenario to push back the Legion and deny them access to our world.

-The Illidari arrive and ally with the Horde and Alliance to defeat the Legion.

-Legion begins.

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-Estimated to be around July 19th

-Legion proper launches on August 30th

-After prepatch (7.0.1) drops, the systems from Legion will be implemented, but not the content.

-Contains several pieces of content.

What’s changing in prepatch:

-Your class mechanics are going to undergo a rather drastic shift in most cases. Check out the changes to your abilities on the Wowhead Legion talent calculator for a brief overview, as they’re too numerous to list.

-Generally, DPS changed more than tanks or healers.

-Big changes: Survival Hunters are now melee. Combat rogues are now Outlaw rogues, with a pirate focus. Holy paladins are now melee healers (alongside monks). Discipline priests are now hybrid DPS/healers. Demonology warlocks now summon a bunch of pets, they don’t transform anymore.

-Glyph system is changed. Now, most glyphs are cosmetic (and there are TONS of them), and you can apply an infinite number of them, though they’re a consumable again. Gameplay modifiers are largely relegated to Legion-specific mechanics. These recipes will be in game in prepatch, mostly.

-Enchanters can now apply illusions directly. These recipes will be in game in prepatch, mostly.

What’s gone in prepatch:

-Ranked Play ends, as Warlords S3 ends.

-Warlords Challenge Modes

-Archimonde achievements

-Brawler’s Guild

-Legendary Ring (Maybe able to do quests; cannot receive the ring anymore!)

-Garrison Gold Missions (These will become resource only!)

What’s new in prepatch:

-Wardrobe system is being implemented. Now, when you get a BoE, you permanently unlock that appearance for transmog. You don’t need to hold onto the item. You can also hide shoulders. THIS ONLY GOES INTO EFFECT WHEN PREPATCH HAPPENS, DON’T START CHUCKING THINGS NOW.

-Broken Shore Scenario

-Infiltration City Event

-Legion Invasions

-Demon Hunters

How should I prepare for prepatch?

-Read up on your class changes.

-Decide how you want to shape your character’s RP in the upcoming expansion/if you want to roleplay a demon hunter.

-Farm your garrison for gold while it’s still available.

-Do Challenge Modes/Moose Mount/Brawler’s Guild/Push Rating (if you want)

-Do Mythic dungeons for heirloom trinkets. These are iLevel 715 now, and are going to be extremely useful come Legion. Any of them can drop from any mythic dungeon boss, but I think preference is given to the spec you're currently in. Once you acquire one of these heirlooms, it goes in your collections as normal.

Mythic Trinkets:

STR DPS (May be better for leveling for tanks):

INT DPS (May be better for leveling for healers):




Prepatch content: This content, to my knowledge, is staggered. It’ll all, eventually, be available before 7.0, but some of it will go away when Legion launches, and not all of it will be available the day 7.0.1 drops.

1. Broken Shore

-40 man scenario that queues 20 Alliance and 20 Horde together. Netherholdt will be organizing a combined run to try and get as many RPers together for this as possible.

-Shows the lead-in to Legion.

2. Infiltration City Event

-Similar to the WotLK pre-release zombie invasion. Lots of nefarious individuals about…

3. Legion Invasions

-The Legion will periodically attack zones in the world. Go there and fight to get some last-minute gear and items for the expansion.

4. Demon Hunters: It’s a new class. Elves only. Can tank or DPS.

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-Releases August 30th

-Content begins after the Broken Shore

-Full release

-For additional clarity, see

How should I prepare for Legion launch?

-Read up on your class/practice it during prepatch.

-Gather resources to help you level. (Potions, food, etc.)

-Improve your gear, if you want.

-Choose your primary leveling spec, because your power in the others will be diminished due to the artifact weapon mechanics.

-Complete the Broken Shore.

Leveling in Legion

-Max level is 110. No new abilities unlocked by gaining levels.

-Artifact Weapon: Artifact weapons have an associated questline to unlock them. The first is available at L100, and is your post-Broken Shore, pre-Legion leveling introduction. Artifact weapons are spec-specific, and eventually you can unlock every talent available within an artifact, as well as every artifact available to your spec.

-Four leveling zones: Azsuna (Naga), Highmountain (Titans and Tauren), Stormheim (Vrkyul and Dragons), Val’sharah (Druids and Elves). Obviously, the Legion is involved in all of these zones.

-Leveling is scaled and the zones can be completed in any order, with friends of any level between 100-109.

-Normal mode dungeons are available from level 100-109.

-In addition to experience, you can advance your profession skills and gather power for your artifact weapon (see below).

Progression and L110:

1. Artifact Weapon: Artifact weapons have an associated questline to unlock them. The first is available at L100, and is your post-Broken Shore, pre-Legion leveling introduction.

-You can, eventually, unlock all traits associated with any artifact weapon, unlike talent trees, which you are only entitled to one option per row.

-For most classes, the second is available for unlock during the leveling experience.

-The final, for most classes, is available to become unlocked at L110.

-Leveling, doing world objectives, dungeons, raids, or PvP unlocks artifact power, which improves your artifact weapon.

-You apply artifact power to one weapon at a time. Occasionally, you find quests which increase the rate of AP acquisition for the rest of the expansion.

-In lieu of weapon drops, you find objects called Relics. Relics are like gems for your weapon. They increase the iLevel, base stats, and effective trait levels of the weapon when equipped. For example, a blue relic might increase one of your +X% ability traits by one rank (even propelling it over the base ranks). They’re a bit like Borderlands class mods.

2. World Quests

-At L110, there are quests available that are a cross between dailies and garrison missions; some are available for 24 hours, others for 6, some for as short as 1. Unlock conditions can be as simple as reputation or profession, but most are open to all.

-Each day, there are Emissary quests as well, which are your “do X to earn rep with faction Y,” though these are often pretty much stuff you want to do anyway.

-Completing world quests offer rewards like gear, artifact power, or rare items.

-Quests can be simple Kill 10 boars, or PvP objectives, pet battles, rare elites and world bosses, or even completing a dungeon.

-There’s a lot of incentive to them in groups and go out to the various zones at 110, rather than just queue right into things. That said, you don’t need to go out after you hit 110 if you don’t want to.

3. PvP Changes: Extensive revisions.

a) Basic Function Changes

-Honorable Medallion is now a baseline spell for all characters. Trinkets, enchantments, and set bonuses are disabled in instanced PvP.

-Honor isn’t a currency, but instead works like experience points to gain Honor Levels. As you gain levels, your talent options increase. It caps at Level 50.

-Honor to gain initial levels is lower than higher levels. It’s estimated to take the equivalent of 50000 honor pre-Legion to gain Level 50.

-All specs are theoretically viable and tuned for PvP.

-CC is generally reduced across the board.

b) Talents

-You have a second talent tree that contains PvP talents, such as abilities that used to be glyphs.

-You unlock all talents in the first column by Honor Level 10, and then start earning options in the second column, until you eventually move to third column. You are allowed one talent per row, but until you get to higher levels, you might only have one option.

-Talents are generally spec specific, but classes often share talents between various specs.

-Row 1 is the same for all characters and modifies how you use your Trinket.

-Row 2 is the same for all characters of a given role except hunters, due to having one melee and two ranged DPS specs. (MDPS, RDPS, Healer, Tank, Hunter: Hybrid of M and R DPS)

-Rows 3-7 are spec/class specific.

c) Gear

-There is no strictly PvP gear anymore. Instead, your character is given an iLevel 800 stat template when you enter instanced PvP, but not world PvP.

-This is the equivalent of starting you in a cookie cutter PvP set (as if you were wearing all Warmongering Combatant gear, for instance). Stats are by spec, rather than by gear type, ostensibly to allow Blizzard easier control over balance.

-For each iLevel your gear has above the template minimum, you gain a .1% increase in power to the template’s base stats. For example, an iLevel 880 character fighting an iLevel 770 character in Legion would be 8% stronger (800+80*.1 v. 800 base). In WoD, 1 iLevel is about a 1% power gain. So a character in full S3 Conquest is 40% stronger than someone just coming into PvP.

-Gear is earned through lockboxes at the end of BGs. There is no vendor. The first X skirmishes, random BGs, and rated versions are guaranteed to award gear. This gear has normal stats in PvE.

-Rated PvP awards gear proportional to your rating. For duplicate pieces, you can use the Obliterum Forge to turn them into direct power upgrades for the gear you have now.

d) Prestige

-At Honor level 50, you can choose to prestige. This resets your Honor Level to 0, but awards you a rank of prestige. Gaining prestige awards cosmetic items like weapon transmogs, mounts, and titles. It does not incur a power increase.

-You must choose carefully when to prestige, as you must regain honor talents to be competitive in Rated PvP. However, if you don’t care about that, go nuts.

4. Dungeons: Dungeons are supposed to remain relevant, and the challenge/Mythic+ system makes this plausible.

-10 Dungeons at launch.

-Normal difficulty is available during the leveling experience.

-Heroic difficulty is the L110 scaled version of the dungeon.

-Mythic is the hardest difficult of the dungeon, available at L110. You cannot automatically use LFG to find mythic groups, though you can create listed groups for them. They are still keyed to weekly lockouts for mythic and higher difficulties.

-Completing Mythic dungeons awards Challenger’s Keystones in addition to AP and gear.

-These Keystones are expended to increase the difficulty of a subsequent Mythic dungeon to Mythic+, increasing the health and power of enemies in the dungeon, as well as adding new mechanics.

-Successfully completing a Mythic+ dungeon awards you a keystone to further increase the difficulty, as well as increasing the reward yield.

-During dungeon reset on Tuesday, you receive a keystone that’s around 2/3 the level of the highest mythic+ you finished the previous week. For example, if you finish Mythic+6 during the week, you can start right in at Mythic+4 the week after, instead of starting at 0.

5. Order Hall: Each class has a specific campaign of missions and quests as they level and at maximum level, as well as a garrison-table lite system.

-Generally, missions do not yield material rewards, but instead provide a zone-wide buff or unlock optional objectives out in the world.

-Strictly optional if you want to do the class story or unlock additional objectives/quests.

-Do need to complete part of the campaign and some missions in order to get a few power returns.

6. Professions: Legion professions are revamped and not gated behind the garrision. Your professions affect several daily quests and world quests, and recipes can be improve individually as well as increasing your overall skill/recipe options. This includes secondary professions.

-Obliterium Forge: You can break down unwanted items into dust, similar to garrison essence fonts. The material you get, however, is useful for upgrading other gear, similar to how crystalized fel works for the legendary ring moreso than how the upgrade items worked for WoD craftables.

-To my knowledge, this applies to crafted gear you don’t want as well as unwanted/older gear.

-You need an enchanter to disenchant things into enchanting dust, however.

7. Suramar: L110 story zone. Has some mechanical drops, but is mostly just there for fun. Story is apparently really good. Described as being similar to GoT meets Hunger Games.

8. Raids: Two parallel raids on release. The raids can be completed in either order, and are structured similarly to HFC in that after the first couple bosses, your option becomes flexible. You don’t do one dungeon then the other, so they can be done in a bunch of different ways.

-Emerald Nightmare: 7 Bosses

-Nighthold: 10 Bosses

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Legion Class Changes

Caveat: I am not an expert on much of this material, and at time of writing it is still subject to change. I’ve tried to provide a *brief* overview of each spec as it’ll change in Legion, incorporating the base spells, talent tree, PvP talents, and artifact options.

1. Death Knight

a.) Blood

-Less invulnerable to harm, more offensive

-Death and decay becomes a defensive area for you to fight in

b.) Frost

-Dual wield only

-Focused more on weapons and magic rather than undead.

c.) Unholy

-Gameplay based around setting up and popping debuffs.

-Frequently summon additional undead to serve you. Much more necromancy focused.

2. Demon Hunter

a.) Havoc


-Very mobile, lots of spells involve dashes/retreats/hard engages

-Defensive is mostly self healing, not a ton of CC

b.) Vengeance


-Deal damage to engage active mitigation

-Sort of hybrids between WoD BrM and prot warriors

3. Druid

-Hybrid factors concentrated by affinity talents. So you’ll have less bear/cat/healing spells by default, but can opt into one of those categories for an increase in their power. Essentially your main spec is *very* main, your secondary role is definitely pronounced, and the other options become pretty niche.

-Cyclone is a PvP talent only for some specs

a.) Balance

-Astral power/alignment redesigned to be less tedious apparently

b.) Feral

-Cat is for fite

-No claws of Shirvallah

c.) Guardian

-Big sack of HP, get stronger as allies around you are hurt

d.) Restoration

-About the same?

4. Hunter

-Lose traps baseline except survival

-Can tame mechanical pets

a.) Beast Mastery

-Summon lots of animals.

-Additional pet by default with artifact weapon.

b.) Marksmanship

-Rotation centered around placing a debuff which augments your subsequent casts.

-Lone Wolf now L15 talent.

-Can better RP a Dark Ranger with talent choices.

c.) Survival

-Now melee!

-Rotation centered around stacking buffs while continually attacking. Pet helps with utility.

-Emphasis on traps.

-Can harpoon to people like charge.

5. Mage

Lots of QoL changes. Frost can get rid of their pet, fire is the “mobile” spec, arcane is still based around being a turret and nuke machine. Otherwise most similar to WoD, relatively speaking.

6. Monk

a.) Brewmaster

-Survival based on HP spheres, stay mobile

-Purifying brew not only thing to worry about as far as active mitigation

-Was confusing enough to warrant a Dev playguide

b.) Mistweaver

-No more eminence

-Soothing mist is a passive after hard casting normal spells

-Fistweaving is a talent option

c.) Windwalker

-Exclusively dual wield, no more staves

-Easier to play; rewarded for setup, not punished for improper setup

7. Paladin

a.) Holy

-Melee healer now

-Auras are back

b.) Protection

-Very charge based, no more holy power

c.) Retribution

-Greater Blessings are back, can only have three active at a time, so pick friends carefully

8. Priest

a.) Discipline

-Now Hybrid damage dealer; target allies with heals to have your damage spells heal them

b.) Holy


c.) Shadow

-Cthulhu fhtagn

-Less CC

-More self-healing and allied passive healing

-More specific burst windows

9. Rogue

-Lots of small changes/shifts. Watch for what your spec might not have anymore.

a.) Assassination

-Heavy DoTs/1v1 potential

-Artifact talent Kingsbane does a ton of damage

-Less reliable CC

b.) Combat->Outlaw

-New spec name, pirate themed

-RNG-dependent finisher; lack of control bad, but constantly adjusts your rotation.

-You have a gun now for shooting people in the face

c.) Subtlety

-More explicitly shadow focused.

-Shadow dance isn’t a stance but a buff you gain charges of.

10. Shaman

a.) Enhancement

-Reworked to be apparently pretty fun to play and less tedious

-Less totems more Ghost Wolf

b.) Elemental

-Have a maelstrom bar now

-Use all four elements like the Avatar

c.) Restoration

-More totems

-Lots of utility

11. Warlock

-You’re less mobile, but you have a new passive that’s a regenerating HP shield.

a.) Affliction

-More DoTs?

b.) Demonology

-You summon demons again!

-You don’t turn into demons anymore.

c.) Destruction

-Your spells rip holes in space for more damage.

-Chaos Bolt still the ICBM of magic

12. Warrior

a.) Arms

-Space Jam (You’re going to use slam as your rage dump, your burst windows are more controlled, but less regular)

b.) Fury

-Kill quickly or be killed quickly

-Actual rotational options, lots of various ways to play

c.) Protection

-Ignore Pain mechanic means you’re a more responsive tank

-Several very good PvP talents to make you a bodyguard/center of activity

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Legion Story Considerations

Beyond I’m just going to ignore this because it’s inconvenient for me here are several options and things to consider moving forward. I suggest that this be an opportunity for character development outside of a storyline. We play in the Warcraft universe. Make use of the progressing lore to tell a great story.

1. Faction conflict v. Legion conflict: The Legion is invading, but there’s plenty of opportunities to stick it to the other faction. Does your character fall harder into factional jingoism, or perhaps they are more willing to look towards a unified stance? Or, are you so confident your group will triumph that now is the most opportune time to strike, and use the enemy’s assets before they can waste them?

2. Order Halls: For RPers, it’s unlikely that you’ll be a representative of your class. But these places will exist. In what story capacity are these going to affect your characters? Is the Highmountain lodge for hunters just a useful place to unwind? Gather information about Legion movements? Talk shop?

3. Class mechanics: If your class is undergoing significant mechanical change, how does your character react to this? Are you going to just continue on, ignoring the changes (such as shadow priests) or are you going to embrace the new flavor?

4. Besides the Legion, what on the Broken Isles holds interest for your characters? Are the Vrykul ruins something you want to interpret? The mysteries of the Emerald Dream? Perhaps the tools of the Legion hold vast promises for power…

5. What sort of guild and personal storylines are you going to seek to explore in the expansion?

6. Artifact weapons. While not everyone is even going to reference it, the fact of the matter is that multiple ancient armaments are going to fall into the hands of the Alliance and Horde. Now, more than ever, it might be a really good time to think about the weapon your character wields, and how that itself can be a story element. I previously made a post to give you some story ideas for your weapon, located here:

Race/Zone Specific: Here Be Spoilers


1. Dragons: A new dragonflight is discovered in Stormheim. Could these serve as heirs to the fallen brood of Neltharion? Also, an enclave of Blue dragons rests in Azsuna, what will this foretell?

2. Elves: The Nightborne are a huge blow to history as both the sin’dorei and kaldorei understand it. These elves represent what each race has lost, and, for better or worse, shows an elven society at its peak. How does your character feel about that?

3. Illidari: As a general member of your faction, do you trust them? Any more than warlocks? Are you seeing old faces long thought lost? If you’re an elf, how do you feel about these beings, given how greatly your people suffered at the hands of the Legion? Positive, for they fight against the Legion with body and soul, or negative, for taking on the horrific countenances of your greatest foes? Likewise, if you’re a demon hunter, how does it feel, seeing the changes that have been wrought in a decade of isolation from your people?

4. Orcs and trolls: This expansion marks the first Warchief not of either race. Furthermore, the sudden departure of Vol’jin is information few, if any, are privy to the details of. How does your character feel about this? What happened to Zandalar?

5. Forsaken and Worgen: How do you feel about the new responsibilities your race holds in your respective factions? Do you feel more connected to the others? Superior? What about the other faction, which holds your mortal foes as exemplary leaders?

6. Goblins, Gnomes, Dwarves: Technology continues to advance on. What about Legion technology holds meaning to you? What about the cybernetic pets you can now canonically come to possess?

7. Tauren: With the discovery of the Highmountain tauren and some of them…not being so aligned with the Earthmother…how does that tie into your character’s worldview, especially if they’re a non-traditional class?

8. Vrykul: Is this what the Vrykul were supposed to be in their prime? For rune-related characters, how does this undiscovered fount of magic affect you? For humans, how does the similarity to your forebear race change your view of the world? For those who fought in Northrend, what does this experience of déjà vu bring to mind?

9. Titans: The Titans’ impact on Azeroth is easily recognizable. But, perhaps unlike in other places, their tools of shaping are readily available for understanding and use.

10. Pandaren: Truly you’ve seen numerous strange things in your time since arriving from the Wandering Isle. Is it time to reassess your loyalties? What about this is foreign, and what about this is familiar?


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