Lazarus S. Graysong

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Full Name: Lazarus Solomon Graysong

Nicknames: Ezræil

Date of Birth: October 13th seven years before the opening of the Dark Portal

Age: Died at 27. Approximately 37 years old.

Race: Forsaken. (Half Sin'dorei Half Human)

Gender: Male

Hair: Medium length -- Raven Black

Skin: Remarkably well kept. Outside of the pallor one would have a hard time pegging him as dead.

Eyes: Typical glow of the forsaken.

Height: 6'

Weight: 175lb

Place of residence: Graysong Manor - Silverpine Forest

Place of Birth: Graysong Manor - Silverpine Forest

Known Relatives: Has one living half brother. Unknown name.

Religion/Philosophy: Manners are important.

Occupation: Enchanter and baker.

Group/Guild affiliation: The Grim

Guild Rank: Supplicant

Enemies: None as of yet.

Likes: Pie, demons, and polite people.

Favorite Foods: Pie.

Favorite Drinks: Wines.

Favorite Colors: Purple.

Weapons of Choice: Fire and soul magic.

Dislikes: Fremen and impolite people.

Hobbies: Enchanting, demon summoning, and baking.

Physical Features: Most of the left side of his body is scarred from burns.

Special Abilities: Strong affinity for fire and soul magic. Also able to teleport himself.

Positive Personality Traits: Polite, loyal, and generally kind.

Negative Personality Traits: Astoundingly good at insults and a the trend of doggedly defending his "family" despite it usually ending in unnecessary conflicts.

Misc. Quirks: Seems slightly addled and is prone to not understanding metaphors though he often speaks in riddles himself.

Played by What Famous Person: Chuck Norris.

Theme Songs:

History: Lazarus knows very little of his past. Those proficient with mental magic may be easily able to identify he has a block within his mind.

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Siané perks up at mention of Lazarus. "Oh, I know him!" she says. "He bought me at the date auction." She smiles. "He's very amiable. Friendly, wouldn't hurt anyone." She pauses, thinking of something. "I think he's kind of lonely, though," she says, quieter.

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