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Full Name: Baal'themar Dawnsorrow

Nicknames: Baal

Date of Birth: Unknown

Age: Young (looks to be in his early 20s)

Race: Blood elf

Gender: Male

Hair: Sandy blonde

Skin: Pale white.

Eyes: Dark Green

Height: 2.66m / 6' 7"

Weight:Athletic (Currently heavier due to mutations to his body)

Place of residence: Cabin hidden in Grizzly Hills.

Place of Birth: Silvermoon.

Known Relatives: Baal'themar is an orphan, but now has started his own family with Kotali, together they have a handful of children.

Religion/Philosophy: Treat others how you wish to be treated, Baal'themar has seen how many treat those they believe beneath them, most being cruel.

Occupation: Vagabond, Thief, Male Escort, Part-Time Street Performer, and Professional Miscreant.

Group/Guild affiliation: Rutilus Luna (Connections to The Grim)

Guild Rank:

Enemies: None yet.

Likes: Baal'themar enjoys the wild places of the world. Salt air from the sea, the warm sun above him, Moonlight nights and embers floating off a small camp fire.

Favorite Foods: Meat. His favorite place for good meat is 'The Chophouse' maintained by Olvia.

Favorite Drinks: Fresh Water, Firewater.

Favorite Colors: Deep blue of the ocean.

Weapons of Choice: Daggers, but anything that can do the job is fine.

Dislikes: people that look down on the poor. the mistreatment of beasts.

Hobbies: Stealing wanted signs.

Physical Features: Baal'themar has hawk like features and a strong jaw line. Unlike most blood elves however he is almost always covered in some form of grime or soot. His voice is heavily accented with Gutterspeak, having a wet and raspy sound despite his Blood elf heritage. His hands have turned into twisted claws, with long thick finger nails ending in sharp points.

Special Abilities: His natural paranoia has fueled his skills at stealth and spy craft, he also takes note of little comments or actions that he could use to his advantage outside of combat, this could be knowledge that a guard is cheating on his wife, or that a barmaid has an addiction to drugs that she is hiding from her employer, whatever can help him survive.

Positive Personality Traits: Loyal and caring to those he has chosen as friends, and those that show him kindness without thought of personal gain.

Negative Personality Traits: Paranoid, and prone to melancholy when left with his own thoughts for too long. When pushed into reliving his tormented youth; Callousness, Lack of empathy and a tendency to boredom sated by violence and cruelty.


************WARNING: Adult Content*****************

Baal'themar was orphaned on the streets of Silvermoon and Undercity, from a young age he was forced to steal and rob to survive, he found that earning money at the point of a knife came easy to him. He used his charm and wit to talk his way out of many encounters with law enforcement. When his wit failed, he could rely on his speed to simply outrun his assailants.

He found entertainment in defacing the wanted posters that the guards would put up, by adding crimes or increasing the bounty on his head. He and his friends lived well (for street children), taking what they needed form the stores and shops within the city, and playing games in the streets.

As Baal'themar grew, the attention from guards for the crimes that he and his friends committed became more apparent and more violent, beatings and jail time for those that were too slow or were out maneuvered, and bounties on those that the guards could identify.

War came to Silvermoon, and it brought with it a brutality and cruelty that some within the city used as an excuse to act on hidden urges. Seeking safety from the war, Baal'themar and his few remaining friends sought out the aid of a guard Captain, Taanis Blackspell. In time they come to understand the suffering that they had doomed themselves too.

In the days after the battle, the missing and the dead became too high to count and with no one searching for Baal'themar or his friends, they faded away into the depths of the corrupt and cruel guard Captains estate. Baal'themar and his friends were the main attraction at many of Blackspell’s parties, times being as they were, few question his actions.

Beaten, tortured and used for the pleasure of the Captain’s guests, Baal'themar and his friends were passed from guest to guest, as nothing more than play things. Those that were broken were never seen from again, their usefulness fulfilled.

Time passed, and Baal'themar endured his treatment at the hands of Captain Blackspell, he waited for his time to make good his escape.

His chance to strike came after the captain let his guard down after a long night with Baal'themar. He quickly turned on the exhausted Taanis, and forced his thumbs into the man’s eyes until blood pooled on the bed sheets.

As Taanis screamed and struggled to get the young elf away from his face, Baal'themar calmly got off him and picked up a steel water jug for the bedside, Taanis had crawled off the bed when Baal'themar rolled him over and swung the jug into the Captain's head until all that could be heard was the hollow should of an empty water jug pounding warm blood and wet bone into the cold stone floor.

Baal'themar dressed himself and made his escape. He left the estate and found his way onto a caravan headed to Undercity. There he found work as a male escort and managed to hide from anyone that might be hunting for him.

Baal'themar learned to use charm and guile to manipulate people, from an eccentric undead man, After his time in Undercity he headed out into the wilds to live alone.

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Siané hesitates when asked about Baal'themar. She looks down at the ground for a long moment before speaking.

"He's not as unpredictable as some people think... He has reasons for doing what he does. I don't... I don't always agree with them. But he doesn't really hurt people for no reason. Only if he thinks they deserve it."

She licks her lips nervously.

"He can be very dangerous... You should be careful."

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"I had a date with him once, and it was wonderful. Back before he got all..." She waves her hands in a 'oh, you know' gesture.

"I promised to help him out with some personal things, I think? A good long while ago now, but life got in the way and I just never got around to it. Granted, I was recovering from multiple major life-threatening events in that time period. I just... never got around to it. Siane seems to think one shouldn't even look at him, he's so scary, but she won't explain anything." As she brushes her short hair away from her brow where it began to itch, a small but familiar daring smirk crosses her lips. "Think I should go talk to him?"

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"What do you want with Baal?" Syreena asked in a protective manner.  Her hands dropped to the daggers at her belt, and she stared at the inquirer with a challenging look.  Whatever answer she was given seemed to  put her at ease, at least somewhat.

"He's an elf and an ex-Grim, and my blades have tasted his blood a time or two.  What do you think I think of him?"  At the look of doubt that got her, she rolled her eyes and sighed.  "Fine.  He's my big brother.  Not by blood, obviously.  Well, not the typical meaning of 'blood' anyway."   She grinned knowingly, but offered no further explanation on that.

"When he joined The Grim, I thought he was just another typical elf.  He told me then that he would earn my trust someday.  I laughed at him, even though he seemed so serious.  But over time, I saw the sacrifices he made for The Grim.  I watched as he let the warlocks do that ritual on him that he planned. I watched him change and suffer from that and the Wreave experiments they used him for.  I saw how he acted around others, and how many looked up to him (and not just because he's freakishly huge from the warlocks' work on him).  When he left The Grim, I realized he was right--he had earned my trust.

"He's helped me a lot since I've known him, in many ways.  There's nothing I wouldn't do for him."  She blinked and hastily clarified.  "I mean, I would do anything for him outside know...bedroom stuff!  He seems to like that stuff, but.....he is an elf, after all!  He built himself a really nice home and his own family.  It's a strange family, but it's a good family--most of them--and he takes good care of them as long as they behave themselves.   He's really sweet."

She gave the person a warning look.  "Don't misunderstand me though.  He's not always nice and sweet."  A shark's grin spread her lips, showing all her filed pointy teeth.   "I've seen what he does to people who cross him.  You wouldn't want to be one of them."

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