[H] The Great Hunt (Horde Arena Contest, April 11 - 19, Ending 3 AM Server Time)

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Flyers are found distributed by goblins and orc peons throughout the streets of the five major Horde capitals to any hardened looking adventurers. Missives are also found on the doorsteps of the major guild halls, all marked with the seal of the Grim.


In a test of skill, daring, trickery and ruthlessness, the Grim are issuing a call for all Horde to register a team to compete in the Goblin arena, in order that our blades may be sharpened and honed by fighting the best and fiercest among us, and the vile Alliance. The Great Hunt is intended to cull our weak and temper the strong, so that we may bring the fear of death upon our enemies.

All Horde are invited to participate in the Great Hunt. Sign your name, guild affiliation, and team name on the parchment below, and return it to P.O. 13, South Tirisfal Road, Brill, Tirisfal Glades. One team per bracket, 2v2, 3v3, or 5v5, is allowed per warrior of the Horde. Postage already included.

The contest begins April 11 at 3 AM Goblin Standard Time, and ends April 19 at the same hour. The team in each bracket with the highest rating at the end of the contest will win 1,000 gold per person, with an additional prize being given to the top-scorers overall. Non-winning teams will receive 40 silver per rating. The Great Hunt will end with a brawl by all the participating teams in the Gurubashi Arena in Stranglethorn Vale.

((OOC Details:

The Great Hunt is an arena contest that will last one week, beginning April 11 and ending April 19, at 3 AM server time. All Horde are invited to participate! Each player can sign up one team per category, so you can be in a 2v2, a 3v3, and a 5v5 team. The highest rated team in each category will win 1000 gold, with an additional prize going to the team with the highest score. Your team can be made up of members of multiple guilds, however if you want to compete for bragging rights, make sure your team is all in-guild!

At the end of the contest, there will be a good old-fashioned brawl between all the participating teams in the Gurubashi Arena in Stranglethorn Vale. The victor of this struggle might find that there is a secret reward...

This is the Google Doc sign-up sheet for the event. Sign your names with pride, Horde, and heed the call of the Great Hunt!))

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