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Hey everyone, I have some important real life stuff coming up, so I need to put a hard deadline on Quorum now; the end of April. I've posted three events of interest for most of you. (The wPvP, the Raid, and one more RP battle for BT/Sanc)

In lieu of one big final battle, I'm going to (you'll get a plot justification, of course) split the battle into five parts that I'd rather do on different days. Ultimately in RP, this will happen at the same time, so you're on your honor to not spoil things for the other participants if you go before them! If the Grim, TE, Sanc, and BT can each pick a day during the period of April 22-May 1 for your last efforts against the Quorum, please do so as far in advance as possible.

It's been awesome running this plot, and I hope you guys like the finale; that said, there will be plenty left over for you guys to chew when the event ends. ;P

Let me know!

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