Quorum: The Duel for Duskwood [H/A, wPvP]

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Twilight Empire has discovered a means to mass produce a reliable cure for Wreave. The Grim is not particularly fond of this. And in the shadows of the elms and willows, another sinister party lurks, his bestial thralls all but forgotten.

The wind begins to howl.

What: wPvP Event in a variety of formats for Quorum story progression.

When: 12 April, 8 ST

Where: Duskwood, various zones.

General Rules:

1. Engaged: Before a round starts, the participants on each side must be declared engaged. Only these characters may participate. Generally, the participants on each side must be equal.

Other characters should be on flying mounts. If you are engaged, you are only allowed to use ground mounts (unless you die, and get a spectral griffon, if that happens and is applicable.)

2. Items: Food, Flasks, Potions, Tents, and engineering items are allowed. Prepare accordingly. Unless stated otherwise, no legendary ring usage.

Wearing is fine, but not the on-use effect. For the epic versions of the legendary ring, the proc is acceptable.

3. Heavy Cooldowns: Bloodlust, Army of the Dead, or other cooldowns not usable in arena can be used once per side per engagement. This is a collective limit, so for instance using Army and then Bloodlust or Drums is not allowed, and applies to all engaged members of a team, regardless of whether it’s one big attack or several smaller skirmishes.

It’s probably a good idea to plan ahead for who is going to use what in a given round.

4. Resurrection: Battle resurrection is an exception. You may leave combat to res allies with a single target resurrection. Mass res is not allowed, but jumper cables/equivalents are. You may use one battle res per engagement over the “heavy cooldown” limits (for a maximum of two battle resurrection if you don’t lust/army, etc.).

5. Death: Unless stated otherwise, you must remain dead until the round ends if you aren’t revived.

6. Healers: A team may not have twice the number of healers that the other team does, but is otherwise allowed a minimum of two. (3v2, 4v3, 5v3, etc; But not 4v2, 6v3, etc.)

What follows after here contains spoilers but is included for transparency as to how subsections of the event work. It's also a little complex, so if you just want to wait and see, you can stop here.


Round 1: Forward Patrols

Grim forces attack from various sides of Duskwood as they strike inward towards the Cure facilities.

The battle will begin at X ST without an explicit “go” signal. This will be set at a 15 minute increment sometime after the event’s “start” point. You will be given the time at least 5 minutes in advance of the engagement beginning.

This round has a time limit for XST plus 10 minutes.

Victory Conditions:

Grim: Defeat all defenders.

Alliance: Survive for 10 minutes.


Alliance will not know which two of the three the Horde forces have chosen. However, you are allowed one additional person per five man team the Horde deploys. (EX, if the Horde sends 12, you can “engage” 15. [5/5/2] for net +3)

If there are fewer Alliance participants, Horde is capped at Alliance -2.

You may move forces between the three entry points (and probably will have to once Horde commits to their two lanes).

Alliance forces may use the general res rules, but are also permitted to corpse run as necessary. When a single point has fallen, you cannot continue to resurrect there, but may corpse run and travel (by mount) to the other entrance.

Win Condition: Repelling Horde forces from both passes is a major victory if you have at least one surviving member at each pass.

Grim: Grim will select two of three points of attack:

1. Camp at the edge of the Westfall river, NW of Raven Hill.

2. Deadwind Pass entrance by Darkshire

3. Pass from Northern Stranglethorn

You will deploy forces from there. You are allowed to shift your forces between those two points (explicitly from across the bank for the river, or from the preceding zone for passes) but must stick with the two you’ve chosen to attack.

Horde is allowed to scout to see which points are least guarded, but they cannot change once they’ve chosen their two points to attack. They *can* stagger their attacks, but given the time limit, it might not be a sufficient idea, particularly because the Alliance is allowed greater numbers.

If there are fewer Alliance participants, Horde is capped at Alliance -2.

If not revived per the revival rules, Horde forces have two lives per person (or one corpse run).

Win Condition: If you can defeat all defenders at one point, that is a minor victory. If you can defeat all defenders at both points, it is a major victory.

Round 2: Peace Through Abduction

The Grim continue their press inward. Either through feinting at two points to sneak in a strike team from the third avenue, or simply pressing their way inward, they manage to pose a new threat from within the Woods.

The Grim begin play at the Yorgen Farmstead or Tranquil Gardens, whichever point is closest to their point of entry. The conditions of this engagement vary based on the results of the prior events.

a. Alliance Victory: Despite the Grim’s infiltration, you’ve managed to capture some of their agents. The Alliance has hostages.

b. Horde Minor Victory: The Cure isn’t where you thought it was, but that does *significantly* narrow down your places to look. What doesn’t help matters, is that each side has taken hostages. Both sides have hostages.

c. Horde Major Victory: Not only have the Horde managed to narrow down their search, but they have acquired hostages. Only Horde has hostages.

You may kill members of the enemy faction. They must stay dead if not revived.

Engagement number of players is contingent on number of hostages.

Kidnapping teams get two hostages by default. The lower peopled team determines total number of hostages. For each three people beyond 5 in the lower populated team, they gain one more hostage. The number of hostages must be equal, as well as total number of guards.

At least one guard per hostage, each participant must be assigned to guard only one hostage.


If Lupinum (Grim) is selected as a hostage, Katelle, Tayissa, and Rorrek could be assigned to guard him. On the other side, if Myaka is chosen as a hostage, Aziris, Khorvis, and Gnarrdog could be assigned to guard her, for the sake of determining guard/hostage groups.

Scenario A+C: The Grim has 12 players and the Alliance has 7. In Scenario A, the Alliance would take two hostages. The Horde is left with 10 players. The Horde is allowed 7 from their remaining 10 as engaged combatants.

In Scenario C, The Horde would be entitled to 2 hostages. They can then assign five people as guards. (7 Alliance-2 Hostages: Engagement Limit 5)

Scenario B: The Horde has 9 players, and the Alliance brings 8. Horde would take three hostages. So, the Horde and Alliance would each have three hostages. (3/9 and 3/8, leaving 6 and 5 players respectively). Because the Alliance has fewer people, 5 players from each group would participate.

Victory Conditions: Match ends when last hostage is freed, delivered, or killed. Winner is who scored more points.

-Your hostage delivered to primary goal: 9pts

-Your hostage delivered to secondary goal: 4pts

-Your allied hostage rescued: 2pts

-Guard Killed: 1pt

-Your hostage killed: -3pts


1. Hostages are selected by the other faction.

2. You must use RP walk and stay close to the other faction (and doing so might be to your benefit!)

3. Your kidnappers will escort you to a specific point on the map. As long as your enemies are engaged in combat within your line of sight or are moving towards one of the points, you must move.

4. You may aid your team but cannot deal damage to the enemy team. This means you are allowed to crowd control enemies or heal allies.

5. Because the kidnappers *can* harm you with abilities, it’s in their best interest to plan carefully. You can’t run in the path of projectiles or AoE, but if you aren’t moving and get hit by one, you can choose to stand in and take damage. If you die due to accident, it’s worth points to your team for deciding the winner of this scenario.

6. If the hostage dies, is rescued, or is scored, that group cannot participate in the fighting until the end of the round.

7. Hostages may wear whatever gear they want to either aid allies better or make themselves more vulnerable to death.

8. A hostage is scored if they arrive at their drop point. A hostage is rescued if all of their assigned guards are dead.


A: Liberate your hostages before the Alliance can deliver them.

B+C: The unused third pass from 1 marks the primary goal point, while Yorgen Farmstead/Tranquil Gardens (whichever you don’t start at) marks your secondary goal point. You must transport Alliance hostages (see above) from the Yorgen Farmstead or Tranquil Gardens to this point. (B: Also stop the Alliance from delivering your hostages).


A+B: Your start point is Darkshire. Your primary goal is the Twilight Grove. Your secondary goal is either of the two passes the Horde initially used. (B: Also stop the Horde from delivering your hostages.)

C: Liberate your hostages before the Horde can deliver them.

Round 3: The Fade Away

The squabble over personnel resolved, the battle turns towards the site of the cure, and a battle to determine who holds the critical substance.

The event is based on the results of the previous battles and is comprised of two simultaneous battles at Raven Hill Cemetery and Darkshire. The Winner can select either the A or B condition for subsequent events

Scenario A: The Diary of Pain

Alliance stages a coordinated defense of the cure production site.

Darkshire: The Horde selects however many people they want to allocate here. It starts as a 4v3 or 6v5 match, but any extras allocated can be rotated in after death from either team.

The Horde has the superior numbers due to the terrain advantage given by Darkshire (NPCs et al).

Win Condition: After a total of 25 PC deaths on one side, the other side wins.

Raven Hill Cemetery: The Horde attempts to drive into the Dawning Wood Catacombs.

*Horde starts on the outskirts of the Cemetery, the Alliance wherever they so choose. Horde’s goal is to get inside the catacombs and kill Mordent Fel twice. The caveat is that they cannot advance past the graveyard or rooms in the sepulcher if outnumbered in those areas. (Ex: The Horde has to kill enough Alliance to have superior numbers to push into the catacombs, then again in the catacombs if there are waiting Alliance guards.)

Alliance can corpse run. Horde has three lives each.

Win Condition: If the Horde kills Mordent Fel (representing the production lab’s structure/etc) twice, the Alliance Cure is destroyed. If the Horde is fully defeated by the Alliance, or their advance is halted until the Darkshire battle ends, the Alliance drives the Horde out of Duskwood.

Scenario B: What Lies Beneath

The Grim show one last effort of spite.

Darkshire: The Horde has one life each, and attempts to do nothing less than kill as many NPCs and PCs as possible. For each NPC slain, the Grim gains one point. For each PC slain, the Grim gains 3 points.

Win Condition: If the Horde can reach 25 points before the Alliance can kill all of them, the Grim win the Darkshire portion of the scenario.

Raven Hill Cemetery: While the Grim brutalize Darkshire, an infiltrating force strikes at the site of the cure. This is where the Alliance hopes to defend their hard-earned cure by picking off the Horde before they can even enter the facility.

*Alliance selects however many people they want to allocate here. It starts as a 3v3 or 5v5 match, but any extras allocated can be rotated in between matches. Winners can rotate 1 person in 3v3 or 2 people in 5v5. The losing team can swap any of their members.

Win Condition: Best of a series of five matches, with rotation between them.

Results of Round 3:

Darkshire: If the Horde wins in Darkshire, the city is sacked and defenders of the Alliance are drawn to the site to rebuild. This has rather negative implications for the Duskwood Dreadlord’s subsequent actions. Without the fear of coordinated reprisal, it begins to accost the Horde forces in the area.

If the Alliance wins, conversely, the threat rallies capable members of the guard from Stormwind to lead an attack on the dreadlord’s position.

[Faction that wins Darkshire fights the Duskwood dreadlord in Ch7.]

Raven Hill: If the Alliance wins at Raven Hill, they successfully defend their cure. The Grim do not acquire the means to augment Wreave into a weapon, and the Alliance can begin treating their injured populace in earnest.

If the Horde wins, Alliance production is damaged, and the Grim gain a powerful tool in waging chemical warfare.

Round 4: Minutes to Twilight

Per the results of Round 3, the team that ends up not fighting the dreadlord can undergo some cosmetic changes to represent that they are now out of character; they'll be taking the part of cultists and ferals!

In reprisal, the forces of Azeroth make an immediate counterattack into the holdings of Mor'ghalas.

This battle takes place in and around the Twilight Grove.

Azeroth: A dread ritual is underway as you arrive at the Balcress Estate.

Azeroth's forces are the attackers, and enter from the narrow passage at the southern end of the subzone. You can engage all of your characters, but you can only send them in five at a time. One minute later, you can send in the next five, and so on. If you die, you can respawn once at the front of the glade. You face an incredibly well-entrenched foe.

Victory conditions: Station 40% of your engaged forces by the Emerald Dream portal while all dread lieutenants are dead.

Quorum: The ritual is not anything more than a normal state of affairs, but it's always good to put the hurt to would-be heroes, especially after all of your kin they've killed. As to the more...pure of your flock, they will eagerly lay down their lives for you, like any good pet should.

General members of Quorum forces may corpse run.

-Dread Lieutenants: Each group of five your opponents choose to engage grants you one dread lieutenant. Dread lieutenants are demons without the rankings of the Quorum members proper. Dread Lieutenants must be announced before the round begins. When your character represents a dread lieutenant, you gain an additional suite of options to represent your character's power.

1. You may use your on-use legendary ring. This can be flavored as giving orders to your devoted followers that send them into a frenzy, or something.

2. You may use your flying mount for the purpose of movement, but not to position yourself on unreachable terrain.

3. You may cast mass resurrection.

4. You may invoke bloodlust and similar abilities without counting them towards your party's limit.

5. Dread lieutenants may not resurrect.

Victory conditions: Kill all of the attacking team (twice each) before they can kill all the dread lieutenants and summit the portal.

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I've made a post on the TE site linking here and encouraging people to join in!

As for scheduling, I'd like to push for the week of the 11th, on Tuesday or Thursday. This is for entirely selfish reasons because I now have longer availability on Tuesday/Thursday nights, and I'd like to stay for as long as I can. :D

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This seems a bit complex for no reason. And considering that Eternal Aegis is making Duskwood our home, this does not sound like something we would be alright with. If you feel like contacting me or another ranking member of Eternal Aegis, then maybe we can come to an agreement. Otherwise this is not going to be IC for the residents of Duskwood. We will also be returning to our old response schedule, any pings made will be responded to. If I don't respond here, please feel free to contact me in-game.

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The complexity will be dealt with behind the screen, and is presented only for the purposes of transparency due to some complaints received about a lack of clarity at the prior wPvP event.

As to the event, I would certainly expect that Eternal Aegis wouldn't let TE be left alone to deal with the Grim! EA is more than welcome to participate, and I definitely hope you will.

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Event will be 12 April at 8st. Hope to see a lot of different faces there! :D

If you're Hordeside and want to be added to the calendar (read: Are not in the Grim) send Tesonii-Ravenholdt an ingame mail because it's easier for me to remember+add people to the event.

Updated due to schedule slip.

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