The Clickening

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Upon Selection:

"Karthok Deathrage, at your service."





"Payment will be required."

"Anything for the Horde."

Excessive Clicking:

"This will cost extra."

"Do you enjoy the smell of flaming flesh?"

"You should know, my sister is the kind one."

"Kor'kron torture techniques are... effective."

"This will not be forgotten."

Ordered to Move:

"For the Horde."

"On my way."

"I will be there momentairily."

"Scouting for danger."

Ordered to Attack:

"They will be flayed."

"No survivors."

"The wolves will need food."

"A shame there will not be time to use my tools."

"I will make the most of this opportunity."


Karthok stands straight and tosses his blade in the air.

"Come then, I needed a new rug."

"My blades are hungry. Best not keep them waiting."

"You're not worth what I'm being payed."


Karthok lobs a severed head in front of him.

"What is the difference between a baby and an onion? No one cries when you chop up the baby."

"Man goes to doctor. Says he's depressed. Life is cruel, and harsh. Says he feels all alone in a threatening world where what lies ahead is vague and uncertain. Doctor says, treatment is simple. Great clown Pagliacci is in town tonight. Go and see him. That should pick you up. Man bursts into tears. Says, But doctor... I am Pagliacci."


Karthok tears off his mask and spits out blood. "I will be waiting for you." He then falls onto his back.

Alternate Death:

If Karthok is killed by fire, he ignites completely in flame and whispers a threat to his killer before sitting down on his knees and remains motionless as his skin crackles.


"The contract has not been completed."

"Fetch the hounds."

"How will Cobrak react, I wonder."

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Dessim Blackquill:

Upon Selection:

Cold steel? Downright frigid.


Blades at the ready

You gonna give me orders?

Stratholme’s finest.

No job is too big

My blades are getting hungry

Need something?

Excessive Clicking:

If I knew that –you- were gonna command me I’d have stayed home!

Time is money, jackass!

Let’s go! I’ve got an armory to feed.

Fine, want to hear something funny?

What do you call a death knight who refuses to be poked?

The sound of a blade cutting into meat followed by a wet thud. An Un-holey warrior

Ordered to move:

I’m on my way.

Hitting the street

March, march, march

You got it.

There’s a chill in the air

Ordered to attack:

Blade to blade!


Make me work for it!

I’m gonna gorge till I PUKE!

FREEZE! Or don’t. I don’t care

Blood and Steel!


Dessim slams her gauntlets together, then pounds her chest twice, sending sparks flying with each blow

“ You made me feel something! It was pity.”

“ Try to leave a dent next time.”

“ You can taste the salt from here.”


A pool of ice forms under Dessim, she takes a step forward and slips

“ Justice? Nah, just ice.”

“ Master of arms, Master of Frost. GAH! …And bruised of the ass…”

“ Strength, grace… AAGH! Nobody saw that!


Dessim’s axe shatters and she falls to her knees. She positions her sword against her chest and drives it through her heart before falling backwards.


HA! I wasn't even using that anyway!

Got a little too excited. I never learn

Next time, make sure there’s nothing left

Learn from your failure… And get back in the fight

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Katelle Larmont

Upon Selection

“General Katelle Larmont of the Twilight Empire, at your service.”

“It is all a balance.”


“I seek peace, and yet gird myself for war.”


“What can I do for you?”

“The Empire stands true.”

Excessive Clicking

“Sorry, but the husband and I aren’t into sharing.”

“They made me General for a reason, you know.”

With a growl: “Peaceful does not mean passive!”

Sharply: “Restrain yourself before I do it for you.”

Ordered to Move

“They won’t even see me coming.”


I give the orders here.”

Ordered to Attack

“With pleasure.”

“I will see you dead where you stand!”

I give the orders here.”

“I cannot wait to hear you scream.”


“Catch me if you can.”

“I’d be more entertained oiling my leathers.”

“My kid hits harder than you, and she’s not even two!”

Katelle just laughs.


“No, no, I won’t do that. …But one of my four sisters might.”

“Can you see me now? No? Good!”

“My poisons bring all the rogues to the yard, and I’m like—where the Fel did they go?”


“Tell my family…I love them…”

Katelle emits a strangled gasp.

“Not enough energy…”

“I was supposed to protect them…”

Alternate Death

If the killing blow is struck by Light magic: Katelle begins to shriek “No no no no NO!” before a huge magical explosion occurs, damaging other units in the vicinity.


“I bet you didn’t expect a rogue with a soulstone.”

“We will persevere!”

“Are you kidding? I can’t let them give my job to someone else!”

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Daerek Smythe (Because I'm too lazy to log into his account)

Upon Selection

“Huh? O-oh, hi!”


“Who, m-me?”

“Are…are you s-sure you’ve got the r-right p-person…?”

“I w-want to help.”

Excessive Clicking

Awkwardly: “Uhm…”

“Th-that’s n-not very n-nice…”

In a small voice: “C-could you n-not d-do th-that, p-please?”

“I r-really d-don’t like that.”

Whispered: “Oh Light, what will Lynnie think if she finds out?

Ordered to Move


“Got it!”

“O-oh, am I in the w-way?”

Ordered to Attack

“That’s not—I m-mean, I’m n-not g-good at—OH JEEZ!”

“I’ll t-try!”

“R-right…I can do this!”


Daerek’s pathetic and incapable appearance makes him a good target just by virtue of existing.

“Hey! Leave them alone!”

“I said STOP!” The sound of magic flares.


“A j-joke? I’m not really f-funny…”

“S-sometimes people s-say I’m the j-joke.”

“W-well, okay…” He clears his throat. “D-did you know you c-can’t run in a campground? You c-can only ran, ‘cause it’s p-past tents!”


“They were right—I’m a useless coward…”

“P-please, I wasn’t done…!”

Softly: “I’m so sorry, Lynnie.”


“What? B-but I d-don’t d-deserve a second chance!”

“Oh, thank you! Thank you!

“I’ll d-do better this t-time, I promise!”

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Sir Rorrek Therrien


"I do that I must."


"Well met."

"Art thou readied?"

"Is begun the fray?"

"Prepared is sword and honor."

Excessive Clicking:


"Beg pardon?"

"...Art thou well?"

"Thou art brazen and require discipline."

"Tire do I of such insistence upon naught. Desist at once."

The Knight turns his attention elsewhere and ignores you.

Ordered to move:

"Very well."

"But of course."

"At thy command."

"Tarry shall I no longer."

"With haste sallying forth."

Ordered to attack:

"For the Alliance!"

"May duty be done."

"Death is upon thee."

"Endure shall mine mettle."


"Come forth and know thy folly."

"Shalt thou advance or seek rout cowardly?"

The Knight silently stares toward you. He begins to clash the flat of his sword against the brim of his shield repeatedly in challenge.


"Passed long ere now is the hour of mirth."

"Shouldst thou seek jest shalt thou yield naught hither."


The Knight falls upon one knee and resolutely attempts to rise again as he struggles to uphold his armaments. "Forgiveness, Brianna... I---" He collapses and expires.


"Mine thanks unto thee."

"Ne'er done is honor bequeathed."

"Sounded is call clarion once more."

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Megeda Dustrunner:

Upon Selection:

Ready for deployment



I am here.

I am prepared for battle

Say the word

My skill is yours to command

I only need one shot

Excessive Clicking:

Go poke the orcs.

They didn’t mention this in the briefing…

Patience is paramount for snipers… You waste your time

I didn’t even want to be in this game…

I tried out for the part of tauren marine you know? But I couldn’t handle the cigar.

Turns out it was all some sick joke anyway.

Ordered to move:

As you wish

The hunt begins

On the move


Where is the enemy?

Ordered to attack:

The battle is joined!


One shot. One kill.

I will end this quickly.

Vengeance for Mulgore!

Let fly!


Megeda draws his weapon up, aims, then lowers it and shakes his head in disappointment

“ Shame you have a big head, I like a challenge.”

“ You don’t have any trophy worth collecting.”

“ You’re not worth the ammo.”


Megeda raises his weapon and fires a shot that explodes into confetti, doves, or flowers

“ There’s a trick shot.”

“ Don’t try this at home.”

“ The kids love this one.”


Megeda falls on his side, presses a hand to his chest, then raises it to his face before falling limp

Alternate death: If killed by an undead or death knight.

Megeda pulls something from his belt and drops several pins onto the ground before detonating. He leaves nothing but a charred mark on the ground


This power would be of better use elsewhere… But thank you.

My ancestors were not prepared for me just yet

The Earthmother… Rejects me?


Target is painted. DROP IT!

Special interactions

Taunting Ally Cobrak:

“ Did you bring enough companions?”

“ Precision and Fury.”

“ Another payday for the Deadshots.”

Taunting Ally Faelenor:

“ Did you remember which end is the barrel?”

“ Just the two of us? More than enough.”

Taunting Ally Saelyx:

“ How’s your back?”

Taunting Enemy Cobrak:

“ I’ve more arrows than you’ve friends… And I don’t need them all.”

“ Let me show you why recruiting me was your best idea yet.”

Taunting Enemy Faelenor:

“ I’ve seen you fight… I’d recommend running.”

“ A flock of ravens versus a barrage of arrows. Always bet on the arrow.”

Taunting enemy Saelyx:

“ Don’t make me turn you into a handbag.”

Taunting Ally Brinnea:

“ Break this agreement, scum, give me a reason.”

“ We will settle this later.”

Taunting Enemy Brinnea:

“ Unlike you, I stick to my oaths. I’ll make this quick.”

“ You make me believe in hell. If only for your sake.”

Taunting Ally Syreena:

“ I hope you weren’t going for subtlety.”

Taunting Enemy Syreena:

“ You humans never change. You’re monsters in life and death.”

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*rezzes* there arent enough villainous chars in here!))



Round Start

*A shadow slithers into a violet eye the size of a person, and out walks Morinth in a cocky swaying strut* "Who do i get to play with first?"


Unit Selection

"*coyly laughing* Let us slay them all."

"More souls for my dear brother."

"We are Morinth."

"Knowledge is strength...and I am the mightiest."


Excessive Clicking

"Hands off, or I'll take them off."

"Oh my. Frisky...I detest frisky."

"I have tortured for less."

"Do you desire to be sodomized by your own spine? Good. Stop that."


Ordered to Move

"What awaits, I wonder."

"Twilight calls."

"We move."

"*coyly giggling under her breath*"


Ordered to Attack

"You are nothing!"

"Harvesting time~!"

"I play rough."

"*maniacal laughter*"



*Morinth becomes surrounded by her clones, who fade into bursts of violent purple energy and dissipate as she flicks her hair*

"Groveling only makes your pain all the sweeter."

"Your death will not be a quick one, it will linger as you beg me for release."

"The thrilling beating of your heart in fear, it is sweet music to me."



"Why do people keep asking me to embrace eternity?...And who is this Shepard man?"

"I once was mistaken for a streetwalker, the man who did that is now mistaken for a modern art piece."

"*adopts a Valley girl accent* The Villain Club lounge is so boring. All Kerrigan wants to talk about is Reyner this, Reyner that...Oh, and Illidan, do not get me started, if I have to hear a 'You are not prepared' comment again, I will literally SCREAM."



Morinth howls in laughter as she falls to her knees, engulfed in Twilight flame, and after her parting words, she explodes in a brillaint flash of violet fire.

"We are MORINTH!"



"One falls, another rises."

"Do you see now? I am eternal."

"SI:7 couldn't stop me; the combined might of the Horde could not stop me...Nothing can!"



Taunting Ally Cobrak

"What is wrong, my dear Cobby? Don't want to relive the good old days?"

Taunting Enemy Cobrak

"Sends Broden my regards you worthless greenskinned ape."

Taunting Ally Aaren

"You were never fit to be one of us, a minion will do nicely though."

Taunting Enemy Aaren

"Your delicious secrets....you will not defy me again!"

Taunting Ally Lilliana

"So charmed to be working alongside the Grim's fucktoy."

Taunting Enemy Lilliana

"I have your scalp on my mantle, shall I add your new one?"

Taunting Ally Kex'ti

"Mmhmmhm...You looking rather pale, dear , did you miss me?"

Taunting Enemy Kex'ti

"I will break you as easily as Tolero did that bitch's spine."

Taunting Ally Selash

"Remember our agreement, would not want little Kahlan hurt would we?"

Taunting Enemy Selash

"I'll make sure you stay alive long enough to see your daughter's soul be ripped out."

Taunting Ally Julilee

"Try to avoid any deep waters, dear. Would not chance another brain injury, yes?"

Taunting Enemy Julilee

"Let us see how well your ashes rise when I douse them with your guild's blood!"

Edited by Morinth

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Eh, why not do it for alts?

Whillwind Bladeleaf

Upon selection: I hope this is more thrilling than World of Warcraft.

Click: Speak up, my ears are still ringing.

Do you hear ticking?

*Playful humming*

Come on, time's wasting!

Excessive clicking: Hmm? You seem to be wanting something?

Ooh, yeah, I heard about those things. I'm supposed to be saying silly stuff now, yeah?

Oooh, is that a bomb in your pocket, or are you just happy to see me?

Spoiler alert, it was a bomb. I just planted it. Goodbye.

Ordered to move: Don't worry, I got this!

I'll be there before you know it!

I know just what to do!

It's about time.

So many explosions, so little time.

Ordered to attack: Fuse lit up, blades sharpened, ready to throw down!

This one's gonna be fun!


Just in time, that one's about to explode!

Taunt: Watch your step!

I can't wait to see your smoldering corpses!

I've got a grenade with your name on it.

The secret to a good rogue isn't going in and out silently. It's going in silently, and using enough explosives to not leave a single witness behind!

Joke: Goblins ain't got SHIT on me!

Some people think I'm obsessed with explosives. That's not true! I just really, really, really, really, really, really... (Slowly fades out)

(Fades in) ... really, really, really like them! And by that, I mean I'm totally obsessed.

What's it like having your life directed by Michael Bay? Needs more explosions.

Death: Wow... That's a boring... Death...

Death when possessing the talent to explode a giant bomb upon death: THIS IS HOW I WANT TO GO OUT!!!

Rebirth: That was a good nap!

This place isn't exploding enough to my tastes.

I return! Another chance to blow you up! Hmm, that one needs some work.

Edited by Resileaf
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Gunheya Darkhowl:

Upon selection:
Let me handle this

You and me, boss
Reading you loud and clear
Engineered solutions
I'm thinking...
Distracted  Mhm...?
We need longer days, man

Excessive clicking:
Being green is actually easier than people think.
Tryng to focus here, boss.
Poke the guy with a doomsday device? Let me know how that works out.
EVERYTHING needs a big red button
Okay fine, you keep annoying me while I win this fight for you, how's that sound?
Frantic beeping You pressed the red one huh?

Ordered to move:
You got it
Orders received
Blink and i'm there
Fast as I can
Zug zug

Ordered to attack:
Try surviving this!
You get a stab wound and YOU get a stab wound!
Lotta good that armor will do
Strike them down!

Gunheya pulls out a device and begins fiddling with it
" Let me know when you send someone worth fighting."
" I prefer a battle of wits... But you're unarmed."
" If you're not gonna make this interesting, i'm not going to pay attention."

Gunheya folds his arms, then begins to float off the ground. He starts flailing his arms as he turns upside down before suddenly falling to the ground. He dusts himself off as he mutters.
"I reject your reality and substitute my ow-OW! You win THIS time..."
"Natural or civil, a law can be brok-DAMMIT!"
" I must go now, my planet needs me."

The final blow forces Gunheya to take a step back. Sparks begin spraying from his armor as he looks around in a panic before letting out an agonized shout as arcs of electricity race all over his body and he drops to the ground.

" Don't look at me..."
" I'm not a damsel in need of saving!"
" Calling that a set-back sounds cliche."
"Few tweaks and i'm back in, promise!"

Upon deploying Bob:

" Go for the eyes!"
" Shred 'em!"
" Eliminate the target, Bob!"

" Block them!"
" Roll with the blows!"

" i put you back together...Time to return the favor."

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