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Quorum: A Gentleman's Coup

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The sunset shone off the blood-red waters of Booty Bay. Along the Eastern Boardwalk, down among the taverns and casinos, a group of Alliance and Horde gathered. They watched each other with mixed concern and wariness. The goblin bruisers left this part of the city alone, leaving it mostly to the local gangs.

Of which, it seemed, few remained. Those that did kept their distance, menacing in presence but not in gesture.

Juli looked around at those gathered. "This is the place?" she asked. The Commander of Sanctuary kept a loose hand on the pommel of the sword at her waist. The humidity and temperature, rather than the imminent mission, caused her to sweat. To her left, Shokkra, sans tabard, knelt down to the ground. She chanted to herself in throaty, guttural Orcish. She held her weapon loose in her hands, palms up.

Dessim, Ariavan, and Cerryan waited together, whispering to themselves.

The Dark Lantern inn displayed a building of equal parts seedy and decadent. The building had been rebuilt following the Cataclysm, or had been built fresh. From the information the team had gathered, the tavern wound back up into the rock shelf surrounding the bay.

The dreadlord, Tin-Dalos, or as he was better known, Mr. White, waited within. To all those concerned, the chances of encountering a trap were near-absolute.

Katelle, in her freshly-scrubbed leathers, nodded to the elf’s question. "Aye, this is it. I don't have a layout...I couldn't get eyes inside."

Resileaf looked at the place, bow already drawn, an arrow already in hand. "We are ready to do our duty."

Autumn frowned, crossing her arms. The human’s staff rested against her back, her camera in its case at her side. She waits for the go ahead from Kate. Twilight Empire’s contingent outnumbered Sanctuary. A few independent Horde had come along as well.

Rorrek kept a gauntlet warily upon the hilt of his blade whilst glancing about. It was an odd habit among those who fought with blade and sword, but a surprisingly preserved stance. He then took the time to peer among Sanctuary's line in silence.

Brianna arrived, stepping across the gangplank, and falling in with the small group from the Empire. A calculating emerald gaze is cast over each Horde member before her attention shifted to those speaking.

Lohd flew in and landed near his allies. He shifted into his overlarge tauren form and looked at those present. Lohd’s impact startled Shokkra from her trance. Shokkra got up to her feet and snarls, mumbling insults at the Alliance. She punched the druid in the shoulder, and grinned under her helmet. A return look of excitement and restrained energy meets her grin.

Saralis stepped to join those in Sanctuary, nodding a greeting to them. She looked curiously towards the gathered Alliance, before directing her attention back to Juli and Kexti.

Katelle nodded to each incoming Horde as she spoke, relaying what information she knew. "I'm afraid I don't know much what to expect, either. One of our people is in there, and this Mr. White character has a keen intellect. He knows we're coming, and he's got something planned. So be wary, and expect the worst." She looks to her Imperials and frowns a moment, thoughtful. "If we have the option--Resileaf, you're with me, and we're going to try and infiltrate his office. I'm sure he's got something of value there."

Juli nodded at Katelle's words, looking at the building before them. Then she looked at Shokkra, disapproving of her commentary at this delicate time. "You have the pike?" she asked in Orcish.

Shokkra nodded. "Aye, gol'kosh drok vadok."

Juli nodded, and spoke quietly to Shokkra.

Resileaf looked at the assembled group. "It's quite an army we have assembled. He may be prepared... But we shall not fail."

Katelle nodded. "Aye." She turned to Myaka. "You've got charge of ours while we're inside of his office." She looked to Sanctuary. "And we're prepared to enter and engage on your mark."

Shokkra took Drokognir in hand and coated the blade in blood from her hand, following some ritual to supplement and focus her rage. Autumn Delenay rolls her eyes at the orc.

Myaka nodded sharply to Kate's words, "Understood General."

Juli looked to Katelle. "There is just one thing we have to do first." She faced back to Shokkra. Juli then pulls off her glove and offers her forearm to Shokkra. Katelle cocked her head to the side, watching curiously. Myaka followed the gesture, watching Julilee and Shokkra.

The elf nodded to Shokkra. The Commander loosed a gauntlet, Shokkra cut Drokognir across Juli's arm. Lohd likewise offered his hand, and Shokkra did the same. The Commander didn't flinch at the shallow, mostly harmless cut. Nothing else happened. She looks to Shokkra and nods, then over to Kex'ti. "This relic will ensure none of us is a dreadlord," Juli says, turning to Twilight Empire.

Kex'ti smirked to Shokkra, and held out his arm.

A moment later, Katelle nods in understanding. "A precautionary measure," she tells the Empire, "and we'll all submit."

Siane was the first among the Imperials to step forward, as a member of both guilds.

Resileaf nodded, a little concerned to be offering herself over to the axe of an angry orc. "Ah, so this is the thing, isn't it? Very well, let's do this quickly."

Autumn frowned and looked to the other members of the Empire for any indication of their opinion. Katelle strode forward, and bared her arm. Kex’ti and Lohd healed the shallow cuts, leaving no indication left, and thus far not provoking a reaction from Shokkra or her Drokognir.

Rorrek slowly turned his gaze upon the ritual, removing his sight from his former vigil elsewhere. Caution grew in his eyes. Though of mixed hesitancy, Myaka and Resileaf stepped forward after Katelle. The Mackinzies stood back. Siane looked back to Skylah, trying to be reassuring.

Saralis listened. And then understanding, she pulled back her sleeve and offered her arm to Shokkra. Resileaf was obviously not a demon, only purple blood dripped from the wound. Katelle looks to those the Empire, watching expectantly.

"I am with you, Commander." Lohd nods at Julilee. Lohd gripped his fists and stompped with a snarl, shifting into a Great Bear.

Myaka is not a demon as well as normal blood flows. She replaces her gauntlet. Juli nods and waits until everyone has been tested.

Shokkra grunted in some approximation of Common. "All check blood, no exception."

Rorrek does not seem moved by the expectant eyes of his superior. He pondered the ritual for a time before eventually stepping forward. He begrudgingly removed a gauntlet, eyeing Shokkra.

Autumn sighed, looking at Kate. "Fine. But shouldn't they clean the damn blade off first?"

Shokkra cuts across Rorrek's arm with Drokognir.

Rorrek's blood begins to run from the shallow wound, such normal and without surprise. He clutches the limb close as he walks away.

Katelle nods minutely in approval at Rorrek's actions, before smirking at Autumn's words. "Bring it up, then."

Autumn removed her right glove. She showed the orc no fear and holds out her hand.

Brianna placed a palm against Rorrek's shallow cut, seeing it mended quickly before reluctantly pushing her glove down to expose a small portion of skin, falling in line behind Autumn. Skylah followed, taking a deep breath.

Rorrek nodded in thanks to Brianna as his wound were healed. His gauntlet was returned atop his hand whilst he turned to watch her and the Chancellor step forward. His brow furrows as a sigh fell from his lips.

After several cuts across the various human and elven arms, Shokkra then licked the blood on Drokognir, grinning. "No drok here."

Juli looked around. "It appears we are all who we appear to be." She looked back at the building. "Heavy melee will go in first. Light melee second. Healers next, and ranged last." She repeated the order in Orcish for the benefit of the Horde.

Kex’ti nodded. Skylah lingered for a moment by the orc, her expression indiscernible.

Katelle nodded, tugging her helmet back on. "You heard the Commander," she told the gathered Alliance. "Form up as she says and let's get going."

"Psh. Don't expect my fire spells to not spread where they will," muttered Autumn.

Resileaf nodded, and takes a deep breath. "I am after you, General," she said. Resileaf and Katelle nodded to the assembled group, and moved around towards the side of the building, disappearing into the shadows.

Myaka moved up, standing with the heavy melee. Rorrek exchanged a glance with Brianna before he drew his weaponry. He then asserted himself in a forward position among the gathered. Brianna fell in line with the other healers, a subtle nod given to Rorrek as he left her side. Lohd and Julilee took their positions in the fore of the group.

Shokkra laughed wildly. "Lok-Narash comrades." She promptly kicked a mailed boot into the door of the tavern, slamming it open.

The group began to enter, and were met by a yell from Mr. White. "Ah, so the intrepid heroes come to face the villain in his layer to rescue their princess!"

The room was brightly lit by hanging chandeliers, the tables and chairs in the room swept to the back, behind the bar. An uncomfortable looking group of musicians stood on a raised platform just below a balcony. Mr. White stood at the top of a stairwell, overlooking the building floor.

"I wouldn't call a pirate a princess but sure," muttered Delenay. Autumn flexed and clenched her left hand as she wielded her Apexis staff in her right.

Shokkra snarled at the voice. "Gijak drok." Julilee raised her shield. Shokkra followed closely behind Julilee, Drokognir raised.

Mr. White called out again. "I have your princess all dressed up with nowhere to go, please, come along for the show!"

Myaka pulls her weapons, and moves in next.

Rorrek's demeanor grew grim and taut. He followed the advance, warded shield aloft and short sword held at the ready.

"Come, come. Let's take the time to enjoy this. It's the least gift I can give is a memorable battle." Mr. White said, raising a glass of milk. Ariavan drew his blade and readied his shield. "Perhaps stand behind me, Cerryan?" Cerryan smirked at Ariavan, nodding and keeping a few steps behind the other paladin. The group looked about the tavern for something lying in wait. The Kin would not be far away, or some other threat.

Juli looked up at Mr. White up on the balustrade. "We're here to end you."

Mr. White yelled jovially down to the group. "I know. I'm not going to sneak attack you or do anything like that. Any heroic speeches? Any bold declarations of justice?" He was as described: a nearly albino elf, with white hair, white skin, encased in a set of porcelain-hued armor. A shield and sword rested on his back, the only bits of his wardrobe and person not some hue of pale.

"You’re a dick!" Autumn yelled, going invisible. Lohd roared.

"We have enough of you optimists gathered today and my! Yes! A proud roar and—” he sighed at Delenay’s declaration. “Some class, please. When you're all inside, let me know. We can stop this from spilling into my street."

Shokkra roared. "DROK ARMAUK URRO!" This one was a demon to be certain.

A soft golden shield surrounded Rorrek and Myaka, cast as Brianna follows in formation. Her gaze was alert, emerald eyes lifted to the man as he speaks before quickly looking around for potential attacks. Mya smirked slightly, not speaking as she dropped into a ready stance.

Kex'ti stood at the ready behind Julilee. Lohd's fur bristled as his rage built, claws digging into the floor as his body tensed for something to charge.

"Ranged and healers, stay back." Juli eyed Mr. White suspiciously.

Mr. White smiled. "I'm not going to play a trick on you. In fact, here's your friend back." He gestured to a few dazed looking men and women. They began to carry a very sedate Tayissa forward towards the adventurers. "See? I want to have a good time too, you know? Ha ha."

The group approached with Tayissa. She seems unharmed, but unconscious.

Dessim shuddered slightly, ignoring a spike in her ever-present itch as the addicts approach.

Rorrek, as the procession approached, crouched slightly with his shield forward. The point of his blade is held over the brim of the bulwark. Juli turned as Tayissa is brought forward, looking at Twilight Empire to take her. Skylah stepped forward next to the others, she to watch as Tayissa grew near.

Autumn blinked forward towards Tayissa, reading a spell as quiet as she could under the veil of her spell.

Brianna flicked a concerned gaze towards Tayissa, her brow furrowed in concentration as the Light shields are kept in place by her softly glowing hand.

"See? How distrustful you all are. How sad, really. This is a joyous occasion! Have fun with it!"

Mya moved slowly, looking to provide backup if a fight starts.

"Is she...?" Siane moved forward to check on Tayissa.

"Don't get too close. No magic either," whispered Delenay.

The group was itching for a fight that White seemed unwilling or unable to deliver. It was a performance, to him, building the tension like this.

Siane looked up at Autumn uncertainly. "She's sick..."

Rorrek remained where he was in a defensive stance, though he spared a glance toward the forming circle. "Thine order, Winterborne?"

"She has Wreave in her, and this shit reacts to arcane and light," growled Autumn.

"So, noble heroes, here to save your world, are you ready?"

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Siane looked back down at Autumn. "What about Nature magic...?"

Myaka growled softly at Siane's words, and looked back to Mr. White. "Be ready, and be on guard. He is far too jovial, a trap is sure to be planned." She says softly.

"We're ready," Juli said to Mr. White.

Shokkra snarled and snapped, her eyes staring unflinchingly forward, a low growl emanating from her maw, like a caged beast about to me unleashed.

Autumn pulled Tayissa into a back corner as a large Unbound Ice Elemental snapped into being, and stood guard over the pirate.

Autumn motioned towards Siane to try something on Tayissa. "Pretty sure that’s the one good magic."

Skylah moved closer to the group and spoke softly. "Will someone put a blade in him already?"

"Please, make sure your captain is safe, okay? I don't want collateral damage," Mr. White said, looking down from his balcony.

Brianna kept her position. The Light surrounding her palms swirled at the ready.

"Well then, my good friends. I raise a glass in your honor. Let's make the most of these final moments I share with you. Let's tell a good story," Mr. White turned towards the nervous members of the band. “Strike up the music, lads!”

It began to play a loud, discordant melody, replete with strings.

Cerryan widened and rolled his eyes at the theatrics. "By the Light, is this guy serious?"

"Autumn." Juli pointed her blade at Mr. White.

"I ... don't be surprised if she erupts..." the mage responded. Autumn dropped a Meteor on the band’s position.

Shokkra looked at Julilee. "Lok-regar."

Mr. White was quiet for a moment, and glared down at the rest of the group. He was clearly upset the band was killed. "Well, that's disappointing." He shrugged, and drew his weapon, a long, broken bastard sword held together by holy light. He set his glass on the railing and drew his shield into his other hand.

Mr. White became enshrouded in a steely grey aura that emanated down to the ground below. His armor seemed ever sturdier. Holy Light rained from above as Mr. White intoned a spell towards the injured band.

Rorrek ignored the theatrics as he positioned himself slightly more so before the right flank. He glances back upon their lines for a fleeting moment.

Cerryan's eyes widened as he watched Mr. White prepare for battle. "Hey Ari, are you seeing this?I thought we were fighting a demon..." he said towards Ariavan.

Ariavan eyed the demon for a moment. He knocked on his shield and it glowed slightly. "Analysis please..." he muttered. The shield began to speak. "Analysis needs more time...current scan, Unknown…"

"We've learned that they apparently aren't hurt by the Light... though using it..." Juli says, and prepared to charge.

"There were paladins in Hellfire working with the demons. Don't let things like that matter much," said Autumn Delenay. She loosed a second flamestrike, a pillar of fire rising from the ashes of the meteor.

Mr. White watches the band get destroyed again. "Classless..." He grumbled. "It's like you don't even want to play your part!" The man on the balcony glared at the heroes. Mr. White moaned in anguish. "Those men had families! Some with children! I was paying them good money just to be here..."

Shokkra yelled insults in both normal Orcish, common, and guttural insane Orcish at Mr. White. "VRAS DROK VAOK TROD!"

Myaka narrowed her eyes at Mr. White, a dark tint overtaking the color as she prepares for an opening to attack. Rorrek remained in position, refraining from advancing whilst Mr. White held the higher ground. Yet, his stance tightens as he prepares to move at a moment's notice. Kex'ti readied himself for battle, pooling the mists within himself.

Brianna maintained the Light shields on the Imperials before her, though she also sent a prayer of mending to Rorrek; the bolt of light striking his armored form in preparation for attack.

"You think we believe a word you say?" taunted Delenay.

"Focus on him!" Juli pointed at Mr. White with her sword.

The demon looked exasperated. "WHY WOULD I LIE ABOUT THAT?"

Skylah flexed her fists, raising her eyes to glare at the man up above. The brief expression of disgust dropped from his face to one of great sorrow.

“Fine. Don't give me the benefit of the doubt. You don't have to. We all know how this ends. Why spare me any dignity? I guess I'll just have to toss you to the wolves."

He snaps his fingers, and the Kin emerged in packs; from the walls, from tables, from windows; from the door frame, from the molding on the balcony. They keened a vicious, horrific sound. They were concentrated so thickly at White’s heels that they almost obscured him from sight.

Lean and athirst, the creatures hurt to look at, headaches reaching into those who fought them as their minds were unable to quick formulate what exactly they looked like. Many legged, spindly things with a semi-sharpness to them, only a warped mind could truly call them Hounds. A tail one moment, a fanged mouth the next, the form of the things was unearthly. It took a moment, but the grey cast of White's aura enveloped them as well.

Kex'ti prepared to heal his allies, and wove a light healing mist around Julilee, Shokkra, and Cerryan. So protected, Julilee charged forward. One of the Kin materialized in her path and she raised her shield over her shoulder in preparation for the impact.

Shokkra only laughed at the pack moving to surround Julilee. She launched herself towards them, Drokognir raised high above her head. Her leap angled her in prime position for one of the Kin at Julilee’s back. She brought it crashing down on what may have been the thing’s skull…or perhaps spine?

It yelped in surprise.

"No!" Mr. White yelled. The creature snarled and turns to Shokkra.

Shokkra cackled. "Rip drok, egur, ushk ghash."

Dessim thought the Sanctuary group at the fore had things reasonably under control, if you could call it that. She brought her axe up, and sent it hacking at one of the Kin packs near the walls. Even as the blade drew near, the strange anatomies of the creature caused the blade to pass harmlessly through. It snarled, knowing who to strike.

“Light protect them!" Mr. White invoked prayers to the Light for a Blessing of Might on the Kin that was just attacked by Dessim, and a Blessing of Kings on the wounded Kin by Shokkra.

The two Kin before Julilee snapped and clawed, but the warrior’s size proved an advantage as none of the strikes found purpose as she ducked and parried their strikes with her shield. With a final push, she knocked the Kin backwards.

Dessim’s axe notched itself into the floor of the tavern as the creatures flanked and savaged her. Under the assault, the screech of shorn metal mixed with a brief grimace of pain. The skin that the Kin managed to touch was set by an oozing, streaky wound.

Dessim jerks back in surprise as her chestpiece shrieks and warps from the attack, leaving it and the flesh beneath it a mangled mess

“And now the battle begins! Come, heroes! Test your mettle!" Mr. White called.

Rorrek deftly turned as the Kin surged forth from the rear. "Winterborne!" He shouted as he used the momentum of his shield to slam into the incoming creature.

The creature howled and its two companions stay their attack, shifting queerly in study of the mighty knight. Myaka turns at the shout and sound of the creatures, she charged as well, shield at the ready to defend the healers and ranged in the back. The lead Kin is crushed across the 'torso' and yelps as it gets its many feet under it to brace against the wall. It lets out a keening howl.

Siane bit her lip as she looked down at Tayissa, then up towards the fight. She knew healing might be necessary later, but someone had to watch over Tayissa, and she could be helping her now. She tentatively lays her hands on the huntress and tried to sense the poison within her, and soothe it away naturally.

Kex'ti followed Julilee and Shokkra, taking his place at the front, ready to strike or mend as needed.

Lohd snarled and charged in a frenzied rage as Iron Bark sheens throughout his fur. Barreling toward the pack surrounding Dessim, he attempted to wrench their attention onto him with a ferocious roar! They angled towards Lohd, and began to fixate with menace.

Ariavan rushed as close as he can to Mr. White and used the momentum to toss the shield. Accelerated by the light, he watched the arc of the shield as it made its way up.

Mr. White stares down as the shield arcs its way up. The Kin circling him, in a sick parody of fetch, snatched the shield from the air in one of their jaws. They loosed the shield, sending it clattering back down to the floor. Ariavan's eyes widened. "We should have stuck with an analysis..."

Cerryan sighed, running behind Ariavan. "Of course he's going to rush right for the dreadlord..." The paladin intoned a prayer as he rushed forward, wreathing Ariavan in a beacon of Light.

Ariavan frowned as the shield returns to him. "He was flashy about his entrance...I wanted to do the same."

Alarm crossed the pale white elf’s face. The panic leaked into his voice as Mr. White anointed the Kin Myaka had just struck with a Blessing of Salvation. He called the light to place its blessings of glory onto the pack engaging Lohd. He gestured with his bastard sword at Shokkra, Lohd, and Myaka. The Kin wordlessly complied.

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Shokkra laughed at the demons and deflected them with halberd and spikes. Drokognir cleaved into the botched Kin, blood spraying across her helmet.

Lohd made clear his threat to the Kin surrounding Desim. His reinforced hide shrugs off two of the three Kin and their claws, though the third managed to mount atop Lohd's shoulders, slicing his flank! The bear roared and shook.

Mr. White used his sword to conduct the battle. “Ah! What a battle! Truly, you are the heroes this world needs to persevere!"

“OH SHUT UP!” yelled Dessim.

Myaka kept her shield raised, the Kin's attacks unable to get past her defenses. Rorrek charged toward the rear as did Myaka toward the remaining creatures. Yet, he kept his distance whilst adjusting his stance into a veritable Shield Wall as to hold them at bay.

"Delenay, support the rear! Magistra, Chancellor, support the front!" he called.

Mya growled something that sounds like an agreement to both speaking, focusing on keeping the Kin back.

Autumn turned as an unspoken command is sent to the elemental behind her. The two warriors before her kept the rending claws of the Kin at bay. Its form shifted, incasing Tayissa in a dome of ice, the young mage leapt up on top. Her teenage swagger faltered as the Kin broke from the front lines to charge her.

Rorrek swung his shield wide, and hurled the thing back into the melee.

"Work, work!" She whispered into the Apexis infused staff. The staff glowed brightly with power, then seemed to calm for a moment. She raised it high, and unleashed the energies within, releasing a focused blast of sunlight at the hemmed in pack by Myaka and Rorrek.

The Kin recoiled under the bright sunlight, retreating to the walls to clamber through the angles in a haze of blue mist. Skylah looked to Brianna, then turned to face those still locked in battle. She focused a quick flash of light to seal Dessim’s wounds. Dessim made a noise like she was about hurl. Her skin burned but the wounds were cauterized shut.

“Ah! Bravo. An excellent ploy!" yelled Mr. White, though he was clearly a bit worried.

Shokkra snarled, taunting the demons with her gait and weapon. "Drok kagh, drok kafsog pros, drok ushk gijak uruk!"

Juli, pushed back against the hounds before her, looked over at Shokkra for a split second.

"It is a bit cliche, but Hounds! Release yourselves!" called Mr. White. He blessed some of the remaining kin with grace and power.

The retreated Kin appeared once more just beyond the doors, and ran rampant down the docks. Brianna called to the Death Knight and nodded to her sister. The priest and unholy elf disengaged and gave pursuit.

The Kin before Sanctuary lunged at Shokkra. "That one! Get that glaive away!" White commanded. The newly empowered demons rushed her in unison. She wouldn’t be able to get her guard up in time.

Kex’ti grit his teeth and tried to prepare his body with an influx of mists. There were plenty of medics present.

But only one Drokognir.

He tumbled into their path, momentarily startling the creatures, which lashed out and went for blood. They tore easily through the monk’s armor and his skin boiled under the unnatural energies of their jaws.

With a vicious shudder, the Kin loosed him to the floor, reorienting themselves towards Shokkra.

"Kex'ti!' Juli shouts, turning to cover him, only to be held up by a few remaining Kin.

“Ah, the noble sacrifice! Of course of course!” said White.

Shokkra roared. "FUCKING IDIOT. GIJAK LUTAUM PROS USHK!" Shokkra stomped down and whirls around in a storm of Drokognir cuts, pressing into the Kin that had just savaged Kex’ti.

Julilee bashed with shield and slashed with sword as she made her way through the tide to stand over Kex’ti. Shokkra’s onslaught forced one of the demons to collapse inward upon itself, leaving a spurt of pale ichor onto the floor.

Mr. White calls another lurking group of Kin behind Shokkra. "Those two!" He snarled, and used his righteous fury to bless them with the power of the Holy Light. He gestured towards the two women of Sanctuary.

Juli turned the demons aside with her shield, lancing her sword through one’s exposed. She squinted to try and discern the creature’s state, but it dissolved into another puddle of ooze.

Meanwhile, the Kin engaged with Lohd continued to strike at his thick hide.

In her rage and overconfidence, one of the Kin evaded her swing and the other shot under it, latching onto her arm and rending the metal.

Mr. White looked down at the Kin. "Well, I suppose there is strength in numbers..."

Autumn turned, eyeing the Kin then Mr.White. She made a grasping gesture towards one of the Kin in an attempt to Spell Steal their enchantments. To her surprise, she found herself well-protected by a blessing of Salvation.

“Clever woman. Let’s see some of the others show the same initiative you have tonight,” muttered Mr. White.

Rorrek turned and advanced from his rear position, taking in the abundant chaos. He looked to Myaka and Skylah, gesturing with his blade toward the fallen Kex'ti. He then slowed a ways from the front, assessing where to support if possible.

Skylah surveyed the fighting, her eyes to settle on Lohd as the Kin are focused on him. She pulls deeply from the Light and casts a powerful saving grace on him, mending his wounds swiftly.

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Rorrek and Myaka pressed the attack, catching the Kin assaulting Lohd from behind. The raging bear tossed, if such a thing could be said about their movement, the demons free from his hid. The warriors sliced and bludgeoned their way into the creatures, scattering them as Lohd’s hide pushed them away.

“Take down the dreadlord!” yelled Julilee, slamming the edge of her shield into one of the oncoming demons. It whimpered, and lost corporeal form.

Mr. White watched the combined might of adventurers defeat his demons. “That one is such a hassle…Let’s give her a good reason for revenge.” He angled the crackling sword at Shokkra, then Cerryan. The Kin revolved, and charged.

Shokkra fought back, bringing the butt of her halberd into a creature, then hammered the blade down as it reeled. One of the creatures got a lock on her arm, but Ariavan managed to chastise the creature with a blast of holy energy, sending it burning backwards.

Shokkra was left to deal with the remaining two circling her, and she dispatched both with a cleaving slice of her demon-hunting weapon. Cerryan, meanwhile, relied on his own faith to sheidl him from the suddenly furious onslaught of the Kin attacking him.

Delenay retreated from her spells, and look to Siane. “You’ve got her, right?”

The elf nodded. Autumn recalled her elemental from the dome it had placed to ward the injured pirate, and instructed it to gather like a fountain. She smiled, the grin faltering briefly as she prayed that the maneuver would work.

She told the elemental to hurl her forward, upto Mr. White’s balcony. Ariavan held the midground between Julilee and Shokkra, drawing the demons off. Though the attacks continue, the creatures were outnumbered and overwhelmed.

Mr. White knew he couldn’t heal them all, and he noticed that Lohd, now freed from his tanking duties, began to shapeshift into a mighty bird. Shokkra too had leapt for the stairs, and carved a path upwards, scattering tables and chairs with hacks of Drokognir.

He swept his sword and bowed. “Kin, retreat. You’ve fought well, but, as villains are oft to say, ‘it’s time for me to handle things personally.’”

The demons made their way to the edges of the room to disappear. Few made it past the weapon weapons and eager defenses of Twilight Empire and Sanctuary. Juli hunkered down over Kex’ti, and called Cerryan and Ariavan over to tend to the monk’s injuries.

Delenay’s angle, however, was disrupted by the fleeing Kin. Though she took no harm, her spell caught her short, and she held onto the bottom of the raised balcony. Lohd shifted out of his crow form into a bear once more, raining down on Mr. White with ursine fury. Shokkra reached the platform at the same time.

The dreadlord, however, proved himself a nimble defender, particularly aided with the Kin at his sides. These refused to retreat.

“Ah, an epic last stand,” the dreadlord smiled, sadly, with great melancholy. He carved his sword into Lohd. Shokkra snarled.

“Not for you,” said Shokkra. Lohd barreled into the demons, his swiping claws batting them away from Mr. White. In the span of an instant, Shokkra took Drokognir in two hands and lanced it up and under Mr. White’s guard, leaving a burning gash that tore away at his essence.

He coughed up black blood, and gave a firm command in Eredun. Lohd pursued, but the Kin on the balcony fled where he could not follow. The glow of the holy light in Tin-Dalos’s weapons dissipated, the broken blade fusing back together, the shield’s faint hum dying. He cast the implements to the wood.

“I surrender,” he said, raising his hands up. Shokkra raised her halberd for the coup-de-grace, while the others looked up in a combination of confusion and anger.

“Don’t! We can use him for study!” yelled Delenay.

“Quiet,” Shokkra snapped down to the human, who had feather fallen to the floor. The orc, meanwhile, turned to Julilee.

“Bring him down,” she said. Lohd and Shokkra knocked Mr. White through the railing down to the floor, where he landed with a thud.

He laughed, a little, defeated and overwhelmed. “I am truly bested. The heroes win, and the villain lies defeated…Let’s bring this little play to an end, in the way we all know it must, neh?”

The group muttered amongst themselves, debating what to do next. The grudging consensus was to take bind the Nathrezim and transport him to Dalaran for interrogation. Autumn began to ready a portal.

The roof creaked, briefly, only adding to the confusion. Footsteps sounded above. The peace on the dreadlord’s face vanished. His eyes darted around, the game over.

“Please, kill me, before she gets here! PLEASE!”

Feminine laughter floated down from above.

Who is she?!” yelled Shokkra, heroically leaping down to Mr. White. She grabbed the thing in a half-nelson and watched as his form shifted to a thin, bone-white dreadlord.

Tinox spoke over the stone. "His sister, likely."

"She?" Mya murmured softly, still watching the celling above them.

"Oh fel, it's this one again..." said Cerryan, recalling Sanctuary’s previous brush with the dreadlord in Outland.

Tin-Dalos whispered. "The Knight of Pyres."

The ceiling shattered and fragments of wood and dust rained down in a blinding hail.

Rorrek raised his shield against the falling debris and dust. He moved to shelter Twilight Empire’s rearguard. Myaka raised her shield, her battlerage focusing her will once more.

Ariavan raised his shield up again. He taps it once more. "Alright let’s try this again. Analysis please..."

Juli covered Kex'ti's body with her down, wincing as chunks of wood and masonry hit her.

Mr. White struggled and attempted to flee...or so it seemed. Shokkra had a solid pin on the dreadlord, preventing the creature from fleeing.

Though Shokkra felt little change beyond the struggling dreadlord, she suddenly witnessed the creature flee from her grip, running towards Delenay’s now-finished portal.

“It’s a trick! KILL ME!” A voice yelled.

The dreadlord continued its wending run towards the gateway. Lohd staggered to his feet, attempting a charge though his wounds proved too great. He collapsed to the floor with a wet, meaty thud.

Shokkra, however, felt the pike in her grasp tear loose, moving towards the fleeing dreadlord. Confusion mounted. Shokkra gasped as Drokognir leaves her hands and charges after it and Mr. White.

Myaka charged to intercept White, ready to bash him with her shield if she needs to. Shokkra impacted into something illusory, and Myaka noticed the Tin-Dalos running towards the portal wasn’t real. She snarled, "The one running isn't real! Something is here."

Skylah tore her eyes away from the unfolding situation and made her way to Lohd's side. She took a steadying breath as she rests a hand on the druid's back; channeling a divine light into him.

Autumn used a frost nova to stop anyone from going through the portal.

Shokkra punched at the invisible thing square in the chest, as the illusion dissipated. A female eredar stood in the gap, laughing. She shoved Shokkra away, and tossed Drokognir to the side. “Careful now!”

The demon took a step back and rubbed her chest where she had been struck. “Well. That’s rude.”

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[There was a bit of the log lost, so I took a little creative license to better qualify Sophistra’s danger. If you’re not okay with the way I presented your character, please tell me and I’ll adjust accordingly.]

Mya turned towards the female Eredar, and continued trying to spot the real Mr. White.

Cerryan took a queue from Skylah's initiative, diverting his attention from the ensuing melee to channel flowing light into Kex'ti's injured form.

Lohd's wounds were grave. His shapeshifting magics allowed the wounds to revert back to their original intensity. As Skylah channeled divine Light through him, the most serious of gashes began to mend. Beneath him, Mr. White lay, crushed under the massive weight of the tauren.

The female eredar looked down at the pinned Tin-Dalos. "How pitiful."

Rorrek sighed wearily, his guard having long since returned when the confusion began in earnest. His sight is set upon the Eredar as his stance resumes its former composure.

“It makes me happy to know that at least you're going to get your retribution soon," spat White to the second demon. The ereder reached down towards Lohd, casually attempting to toss the druid aside. Myaka charged the eredar.

Skylah stepped back from the ensuing melee.

Tin-Dalos yelled. "Don't let her take my soul! She'll--"

Shokkra rushed forward at the eredar, swinging at her head as Mya created a pincer attack from the side. Delenay removed her glove, and watched as Lohd was hurled, unconscious, through a nearby wall and out into the early evening. Yes. Through a wall. The Light Skylah infused him with began to return him to consciousness, continuing to mend his wounds.

Ariavan spoke as his shield reported to him various power levels and concentrations of fel energy. “Once again...are we just going to sit here and let these things happen?" He drew his blade and aimed it at the dreadlord.

As the eredar leaned down toward Mr. White, entirely dismissing any possibility of attack as both Myaaka and Shokkra came at her. Shokkra slams her into Myaka's waiting shield, distracting her momentarily.

Autumn moved forward, slowly. She planned to grab the Eredar's arm with her Void-touched gauntlet. Mr. White, no longer pinned, crawled towards the new entrance to his building.

The eredar seized Myaka, and jerked the woman’s head towards Tin-Dalos. “Oh look, he’s escaping,” she remarked. She then spun the woman into the path of Autumn’s gauntlet strike. Autumn’s eyes opened in alarm, and she blinked to pass harmlessly through the dreadlord and woman.

She hurled Myaka aside.

Shokkra cursed and pulled a hatchet from her belt, throwing it like a tomahawk at the retreating Tin-Dalos. The angle of light was wrong, and it impacted the wood just near the creature’s head. He turned back to face Shokkra, a pleading look in his eyes. Shokkra whipped a bowie knife from her boot at Mr. White, and impacted him in the spine. He continued his struggle towards the door.

Shokkra dashed for her pike.

The eredar began to dissipate into mists, perhaps to pursue. Julilee and Cerryan noted with concern that this maneuver was incredibly similar to the dreadlord Hagriddan’s power. Not a traditional dreadlord ability by any means.

Shokkra grabbed Drokognir, pivoted, and rushed Mr. White. One hand gripping up by the axe head, the second further down the pole.

Lohd’s mending was enough to shapeshift. He flew, talons first, at the misty eredar. His claws failed to inflict any damage to the cloud, and he flapped his wings to rise up to the ceiling.

Shokkra’s weapon connected with White’s neck, severing the head from his shoulders. The creature’s body begins to collapse into a thin, oily mist, erupting black blood into the room. Shokkra skittered to the edge of the room, shaking her head as she hit the wall.

Autumn looked past Myaka to see the dead dreadlord. "Well fuck." So much for interrogation.

Lohd and Skylah shared a glance, and he found his resolve and animal rage growing. He nodded to her as he shifted between crow to tauren, then tauren to Great Bear once more. Skylah was ready, and enveloped Lohd in a barrier of condensed Light, before calling on her faith for more healing.

Juli charged the dreadlord.

The mist condensed, and the eredar drove a staggering kick into Juli’s shin, upending the elf. The metal creased under the hoof blow, and the distinct snap of bone could be heard over the battle. The Knight of Pyres disengaged.

In the pain, Juli yelled to her guild: “Stop her! Now!” The implication was clear, and the paladins nodded, turning their gaze towards the fight rather than wounded Commander.

She leaped swiftly towards the fading essence of Tin-Dalos, beginning to siphon its power into herself. The aura began to dissipate, then Lohd charged down on top of her, hitting with the added force of the shield surrounding him.

The eredar turned and laughed. Myaka gathered her feet under her and regained her footing, eagerly charging back in. Rorrek continued to defend Skylah; Siane to mend Tayissa.

Lohd grow in size until his ursine form takes on a new ferocity as he channeled the powers of Ursol and Ursoc. He mauled the Knight of Pyres, savaging her with tooth and claw. Shokkra seized on the pressure of the druid’s assault, and made a wide, reckless swing into the melee between Myaka, the dreadlord, and Lohd.

Autumn paused. A dangerous thought entered her mind. The results ran through her mind and only a tinge of fear restrained her impulse.

The eredar giggled as the attacks came down on her, and... changed. Her body grew in size to rival Lohd's, and two sets of additional arms appear. “Feckless fools.”

A pair of weapons materialized close at hand, and the Knight of Pyres began her counter attack, hacking and slashing with the warglaives while her other hands began to work a spell.

Rorrek's gaze was trained upon the fray ahead. However, the Knight remained were he stood lest the chokepoint of their battle be obstructed by his presence. He crouched slightly while awaiting an opening should such come to pass.

Shokkra cleaved at the eredar, while Lohd raked, and Myaka pummeled. She managed to resist the worst of the strikes, but a few managed to break even her guard. She made a mighty roar and chaotic energies spilled forth from her form, knocking her assailants aside, and scouring them with pain.

Ariavan turned to look at everyone behind him. "Should we help?" I think we should help?" Cerryan and Skylah were already binding the wounds of their allies and invoking the Light. Ariavan added his aid, shoring up wounds that Cerryan didn’t fully close, and augmenting Skylah’s guards. The deluge of Holy Light began to purge the taint from their comrades, and mended their wounds. She glared into the assembled group. “Ah, you fools…Don’t you know I’m doing you a favor?” she asked.

"We need his information. You are stealing it!" Autumn shouted back at the Eredar. She released blast of frost the creature deflected with a flap of her transformed wings.

With a shrug, she readied herself for the next round.

Cerryan snarled at the demon as he directed healing light to allies across both guilds. "I think we could all do without any more demonic favors, 'Sophie.'"

“That’s a pity, because I’m getting tired of being generous. Look where it got Tin-Dalos and Hagriddan,” she smirked. “Or you.”

She dove into the fray against Cerryan and Ariavan. One set of arms grabbed together, adding immense force to the strike, beyond the demon’s enhanced strength. Cerryan raised a shield to guard, but the shield was scarred with the burning impact of the attack. The dreadlord raised her other two hands and bound a searing glyph into Shokkra’s chest.

“Burn, pest.” A flash of green fire burst over Shokkra’s armor, burning the steel like kindling. Shokkra howled in a mixture of pain and rage, but only focused her intense hatred. Ariavan raised his hand to purge away the fel flame. The Light began to calm and repel the flames.

“Shokkra!” Juli yelled in horror, Kex’ti’s unconscious body and mutilated armor lying meters away.

The dreadlord raised her glaives to resist the mortal magic, and caught a released blast of arcane power from the gnome while Delenay and her elemental assaulted the creature’s flank with lances of water and frost. Silver markings glowed over the dreadlord’s terrifying visage, seeming to grow ever more luminous as the magic struck her.

“Cease thy sorcery!” called Rorrek, realizing what was happening. Cerryan and Skylah worked to heal the paladin’s urgent wounds, blood spilling to the floor. Julilee struggled to stand, but the armor and broken leg prevented even her indomitable will from making much progress. The least she could do was shield her fallen husband and continue to issue command.

The dreadlord ignited in black-red flames, purging the spells. The fire left her skin untouched and the glow of her markings faded as her eyes began to shine. A torrent of fel power traced a deadly path of the the Knight of Pyres’ baleful gaze as lines of light lanced towards Myaka and Lohd. She would blast the first, then turn her gaze to the second, scorching them.

She smiled as the healers began to mend the wounded, and raised her four free arms towards the site of Tin-Dalos’s death. The death-mist began to condense and she started to siphon yet more power. In a storm of hate and pain, Shokkra grit her teeth, her skin and armor still simmering, and rained blow after blow at the dreadlord, wherever she could find purchase.

Sophie responded with ripostes and deflections of her own. Shokkra used the haft of her axe to turn the glaives aside, and eventually hooked her axe behind the two gauntlet-blades, locking them in position. Not for long, as the Knight of Pyres’ other arms began to lend their strength. Shokkra did the unexpected. She loosed her grip on Drokognir and hammered her fists at the dreadlord’s neck.

The orc lunged and drove her tusks into the creature’s shoulder. Sophie scowled, and knocked the orc and her weapon backwards.

She began to dissipate into mists, and looked up at the ceiling. She hadn’t completed the theft. But it would have to do. As she transformed, Lohd managed a ferocious roar at the dreadlord in an attempt to distract or disorient. Myaka used her short sword, hoping the enchantment would find some purchase.

"Stop her!" Juli shouted. "Use magic!"

Delenay wove a frostjaw hex, attempting to wrap the mist in an icy crystal. It was a theory, but she was unwilling to avoid testing it. To everyone’s surprise, especially the dreadlord’s, it worked. The mist hung suspended in frigid rime. “Now what, now what?!” Delenay called.

"Leave it to the resident demonslayer, I suppose..." muttered Cerryan, nodding his thanks to Ariavan and Skylah.

"Don't we can capture it!” began Autumn. “Maybe!"

Skylah looked towards Autumn, taking a moment to focus her will. "I would prefer slaying over capturing. Too many dangerous outcomes in keeping her around."

She attempted to soothe and focus Shokkra’s pain.

“I pulled some strings and had a cell prepared in the Violet Hold,” said Tinox over the stone. “See feasibility of capture, but don't overextend yourself. I can teleport him there, I think."

“Her…it…him, whatever,” said Delenay.

Shokkra took the chance to strike the solid object with Drokognir, which burned with inner elemental light. Myaka kept up her attacks as well, hoping that it would keep the mist frozen while they decided what course of action to take.

Shokkra’s spear shattered the icy mist. Sluggishly, it emerged from the casing, casting its way towards the ceiling. Shokkra roared in anger. “ARE YOU FUCKING KIDDING ME?!”

Lohd attempted to bring the mist down with a cyclone, and Ariavan hurled his shining shield into the demonic shield. Shokkra jumped at the mist, clawing, clutching, trying to do anything to prevent the dreadlord’s egress. Myaka followed Shokkra’s lead, leaping for the creature.

Cerryan channeled a shock of holy power into the demonic fog. Skylah began to channel orbs of light into the mist.

Autumn wasn't paying attention as everyone continued to fight. When she did, she looks up crestfallen. "Even if we kill her, she would just return to the Nether."

Ariavan shook his head as the throw goes wide. "Well sure...but...we can say we beat it!"

Lohd flew into the air, seeing the ineffectual strikes from below, and attempted to fall into the mist. The sheer shock of the strike knocked the dreadlord back into solid, eredar form. She hung from a beam, her transformation also ended.

Skylah reached into the void, summoning tendrils to bind the dreadlord. Shokkra leapt at the hanging creature. The pike impaled her, causing the demon to drop on top of the orc.

Ariavan tried once more, this time sending a flash of light at the demon. "Repent...Repent for your evils."

"You cannot... stop... the Legion..." She laughs, but it's blood that comes out, fel green blood, as strike after strike lands on her. "I would... have seen... the weakest culled... You could... have used... me..."

She summoned up the last of her energy to pull herself off the spear, but then she collapsed, defenseless.

"Finish it." Skylah said flatly, lowering her hood.

Mya moved towards the downed eredar, eyes narrowed and at the ready in case it was a trap.

"We can take her to the hold now. Imprison her, maybe get some information," said Delenay. "We need to know their plans."

Shokkra shook off the dreadlord, and cleaved Drokognir down at the Eredar's neck, not paying attention to Autumn.

"I'm not highly motivated to trust the results of a demonic interrog-oh, well then..." said Cerryan.

Delenay flinched slightly as the blade came down. She glared at the orc. "Beast."

"It is for the best," said Skylah.

Myaka huffed softly, "That does appear to answer that." Myaka sagged slightly, perhaps feeling the void attack from earlier now that the fighting is over.

Rorrek glanced between Delenay and Shokkra. "...Ne'er would word truthful be gained from cretin as such, thence instead to be laid low. It is done."

Now that the fight was finally over, Autumn hurried over to Tayissa. The elemental peels back his protection.

Cerryan turned to the mage. "Apologies, but we've had more than our fair share of demonic manipulations of late. We all, Shokkra in particular, tire of their games." The paladin offered a sympathetic smile before returning his attention to the fading melee. He sees Myaka falter slighty and approaches.

"Can I be of any assistance, madame? If you're wounded, I'll do my best to aid you," said Cerryan to Myaka.

Mya looked up at the paladin, looking him over herself to see how he was fairing. Myaka shook her head, "Don't worry, nothing time will see gone. You should see to Kex'ti."

Skylah approached Kex’ti and Juli, but stopped early. Ariavan and his shield had begun to mend the commander’s shattered tibia. She muttered a quick prayer under her breath, looking to the two in front of her: Shokkra and Lohd.

Delenay paused, her back to the others. She waved a hand dismissively. "It's done. I'm going to take Tay somewhere. Can't use a portal though." She picked up the captain and begin to walk elsewhere. “I’ll go find the death knight, and where Brianna got off to.”

Shokkra grabbed the head of the dreadlord and lifted it up, grinning.

Juli watched until she is sure the "eredar" is dead... if that was what she really was. She looked over at Cerryan. "Cerryan, Kex'ti."

Lohd fell to his butt, seemingly in a daze. He rubbed his muzzle and tried to focus on the people present. Lohd settled a look upon Skylah, a deep appreciation for her soothing magic crossing his features. He nodded to her in thanks.

Skylah let a small amount of Light flow from her, as she looked between them. "Let your rage be soothed. Tomorrow will bring another battle."

Shokkra stabbed the head onto her shoulderplate and hefted the body over her other, where it promptly crumbled into ash. "Drok dead. Gijak spilled. Good day."

Myaka took a moment and then looked over the Imperials to see how everyone looked and if any bad injuries were sustained. Rorrek's solemn visage wearied further as the fatigue of battle demanded its toll. He sheathed his weaponry as he walked toward the entrance in silence.

Ariavan placed a hand on Kex'ti, triage on Julilee complete. The wounds the Kin left were terrible things. A long recovery was in store for the monk. With all the force of light he can muster Ariavan healed the monk regardless.

Juli looked between Ariavan and Cerryan as they tended to Kex'ti, her brow pinched with concern regardless of her own injury. She glanced briefly at those leaving, offering them a slight nod.

Skylah stepped over the dead body casually, extending her hand forward towards Shokkra and Lohd as if to shake their hands in appreciation.

Cerryan lay his own hand on the battered monk, filling him with purifying light. The wounds resisted healing. The monk’s armor was torn to shreds, and the scarring already looked awful.

Shokkra adjusted her armour to her new prizes and pulled her helmet off. She took Drokognir in free hand and licks the blood off of it. Lohd offered his massive hand toward Skylah's. Instead he held out a finger to shake with.

Ariavan sighed at the injured elf before him. "I didn’t want to resort to this...but..." he drew his ultimate gnomish army knife. “…Let’s hope this works.”

Skylah took the finger, and turned to look at those hovering over Kex’ti.

"Kex'ti..." Juli looked at him. "The wounds..." She remembers something she overheard earlier. "The Light doesn't work, does it?"

Shokkra walked over to Kex'ti with her trophies and kicked him softly. "Get up jackass."

"Light does not heal his wounds?" Skylah asked.

Myaka frowned as she watches those working over Kex'ti.

Cerryan cursed. "Then we'll just need something else. Miss Siane! Can you provide any assistance?" he beckoned her over. The monk was alive, but not getting up any time soon.

Ariavan sighed. "The only thing we can do is take him back into the garrison. I can patch him up...without...the use of the light..."

"If transportation is needed, I am able to provide it," said Lohd.

Rorrek glanced over his pauldron from the distance, surveying the dire scene thereabouts. Skylah stared at his mostly lifeless body for a couple moments before removing a small pack from her waist. She pulled a couple vials of varying colors and extended them towards the group. "These should help revitalize and strengthen him for the time it takes to properly heal."

Ariavan turned to take the vials. "I will administer these to him...thank you..." Ariavan pulled out a small injection device from his satchel and attaches the vial to it. He carefully injected Skylah’s potion into Kex'ti.

Skylah lingered for a moment longer before taking her leave.

Shokkra grunted. "Can we get back to the Garrison or Dalaran or whatever the fuck now? Alliance nar thos is annoying me." Shokkra turned and grined at Lohd, showing off her prizes. "See you back at the Garrison big boy."

"Yes, let's head back." Juli roses, carrying Kex'ti. "I'll carry him."

Lohd stood, "Commander. Help him onto my back and hold him steady. I will fly us to the nearest city." Juli nodded and transferred Kex'ti to Lohd. She takes a moment to look toward the remaining Twilight Empire. "Well fought," she says quietly. "More of our foes are defeated. May we continue to present a united front."

"Light's blessings, to all of you. May you all be safe in the coming days," said Cerryan. He smiled warmly before returning to his allies.

Mya looked around at the Imperials. "Let's all go home as well." Myaka smiled tiredly back at Cerryan. "Light watch over you and yours, friend."

Ariavan nodded at Julilee. "Where will you take him? I will meet you there."

"Our garrison."

Lohd, as Juli began to heft Kex'ti up, stepped back and changes his shape into that of a truly gigantic avian animal. He lowered himself so that both can be placed upon his back, and once secure, took off.

Skylah looked to Myaka and Rorrek. "Shall we take our leave?"

"Yes, there is no need to stay here now," said Mya.

Rorrek merely stared for a time toward Juli before eventually coming to lend a respectful inclination of his brow. He then nods in a likewise manner to Skylah as he whistled for his gryphon. Rorrek lashed at the reins, his mount to ascend thereafter into the distance. Myaka whistled softly when she is outside for her gryphon, mounting and looking to Skylah.

"Where did they take Tayissa, do you know?" asked Skylah to Myaka. "I'm unsure, I don't believe they could use portals, Stormwind may be the closest Alliance-held place."

"Then to Stormwind I shall go. Be safe this night, Myaka," said the priest.

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