Quorum: Circling the Wagons

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((From the RP that took place on March 2))

Ulrezaj scratches his head, questioning Kex'ti's reasoning.

Aderlee says: Wat makes ju say dat?

Kexti says: Twilight Empire has more or less confirmed that Wreave is a catalyst in a ritual to transform mortals into demons.

Leyujin looks over at Ul-Rezaj, and nods his head nearly imperceptibly.

Kexti says: The conspiracy preys on the weak and helpless, so they will not be missed, and turned into weapons.

You hail Cobrak.

Cobrak nods at you.

Syreena narrows her eyes as she listens.

Kexti nods at Cobrak.

Cobrak lights his pipe, taking a quick drag. "So whass tha deal."

Leyujin says: Brotha. We talkin' aboot our research inta a Wreave antidote.

Kexti nods at Cobrak.

Kexti coughs and takes a pull from his jug.

Cobrak nods, blowing a small stream of smoke, "Tha body we gots is still bein' worked on, Rhuune an' Kurr be dissectin' it."

Leyujin says: Wut ah wanna know, be whethah joo feel we kin use dis aginst da Alliance, o' not. An' if not, will joo work wit' Sanctuary ta develop a cure, o' not. <he speaks bluntly>

Kexti smirks slyly at Cobrak.

Syreena stands on her tiptoes and whispers to Ley.

Baalthemar nods at Aderlee.

Aderlee says: 'ey dere.

Cobrak says: Iffin this shite turns people inta demons, it dun serve tha Horde. Any efforts ta use it azza weapon be only 'elpin' tha Legion.

Leyujin looks at Cobrak coolly, while canting his head to the side of the whispering Syreena.

Baalthemar says: Hey, Aderlee

Cobrak says: Sides... I'd ratha look an Ally in tha eyes fore I kill 'im.

Cobrak laughs.

Baalthemar leans toward Aderlee to whisper.

You nod at Cobrak.

Cobrak says: But a cure be in our better int'rest.

Aderlee leans in towards Baalthemar.

Kexti nods to Cobrak.

Aderlee bobs his head.

Leyujin says: We need a cure eithah way, yah.

Cobrak nods at you.

Aderlee whispers back to Baalthemar.

Cobrak says: Aye, thass why I'm deployin' a lone messenger ta share info wit Grim an' Sanctuary fer wut we find.

Leyujin says: Tank ya, brotha. Das' wut ah needed ta know.

Ulrezaj says: Ahm only aware o' one who survived it.

Kexti looks at Ulrezaj.

Kexti says: Survived what?

Ulrezaj says: Kin you gatheh informaton on why it happened?

Cobrak says: Name's Megeda, tauren lad.

Leyujin leans over and whispers to Syreena.

Syreena says: I know him.

Cobrak says: 'E'll 'ave an item on 'im that'll sho it'll only be 'im.

Cobrak says: I'll give a descriptor later, an' 'ell report only ta ya.

Cobrak says: Ya an' Kex.

Aderlee nods at Baalthemar.

Kexti nods at Cobrak.

Ulrezaj says: Heh, right, but kin you please let me know how de recovery became possible? Any general snippets?

Syreena frowns as she listens to Ley'ujin.

Leyujin says: Whoa. So sum'un did survive... wut, da transfohmation?

Ulrezaj raises his eyebrow inquisitively at you.

Ulrezaj says: By transformation, do you mean addiction?

Cobrak says: Not that I know o'.

Syreena says: How'd she not turn into a demon from it?

Ulrezaj blinks.

Kexti says: There is a ritual.

Baalthemar smiles.

Ulrezaj says: Excuse me, last time ah checked dat's now how drugs worked.

Moortis says: had just got out of a bg

Ulrezaj says: But, on de subject o' demons, ah was recently attacked by one while setting up quartehs in Orgrimmar.

Kexti says: The drug is a means to an end. It makes the subject passive and enhances their receptiveness to fel magic...

Kexti looks at Ulrezaj.

Leyujin continues to whisper to Syreena, but he pauses briefly to shake his head at Ul-Rezaj.

Ulrezaj glances from Leyu'jin to Kex'ti.

Ulrezaj says: Hm, well, if it was connected, even. We're all jus' makin' assumptions till we kin get it all together.

Leyujin says: Coldstah found Wreave in one o' da corpses o' da transformin' addicts, Ul-Rezaj.

Cobrak says: Aye, an' 'e wuz lookin' bout a moonfall from turnin' inta full bloody demon...gots hide an' nbby lil' 'orns too.

Leyujin grunts at Cobrak in the affirmative.

Ulrezaj looks down, mildly disappointed. His brows cross for a moment and he looks at Syreena.

Baalthemar eyes Syreena up and down.

Ulrezaj says: Per'aps we should discuss what's goin' on at a more private venue.

Syreena meets Ul-Rezaj's gaze and nods slightly.

Ulrezaj points at both Syreena and Leyu'jin.

Leyujin says: Aye, brotha.

Ulrezaj says: Aside from recent events, ah'd like to speak wit' you two when it comes to seizin' de day.

Leyujin nods over at Aderlee and Baalthemar. "Dey should come too, every'un oughtta be informed."

Aderlee bobs his head, "Okie dokie."

Ulrezaj nods affirmatively.

Ulrezaj says: Let us step oveh to de Zepellin Towehs in Orgrimmar, yes? Ah think it would be a peaceable place to start negotiatin' fo' what we got to do.

Leyujin says: Kex'ti, ah be tinkin' dat we will be sharin' dat research, but ah mus' pass it ba' da Commandah. Joo know 'ow it be.

Leyujin smiles at the monk.

Syreena looks at Baalthemar.

Kexti nods at you.

Baalthemar winks slyly at Syreena.

Kexti says: As with us.

Ulrezaj says: Adelree and Baalethemar, you kin both provide your input as you get involved, but fo' now ah recommend pickin' up and runnin' wit' what you learn.

Cobrak takes a puff, "Jus' make sure it be 'im."

Syreena eyes Baal's hair. "How much time do you spend on your hair every day?"

Kexti smirks slyly at Cobrak.

Kexti says: You want to share that interesting morsel of knowledge?

Kexti looks at Cobrak.

Aderlee places his hand on Baalthemer's head and ruffles his hair, "Few extra minutes now, hehe."

Syreena cackles maniacally at Aderlee.

Baalthemar rubs his clean saved chin.

Leyujin looks at Cobrak and nods gravely.

Cobrak snorts at the monk, "Hmph, so's pparently... these things kin duplicate bodies entirely... blood an' organs too... mannerisms, voice patterns... anythin'... dunno bout memories yet."

Ulrezaj looks over to Cobrak and Kex'ti.

Ulrezaj says: 'Ey, so here's de deal.

Leyujin says: Dam.

Cobrak nods at you.

Leyujin says: Where'd joo find dis' out?

Syreena says quietly. "From Konro, probably."

Leyujin says: Mo' rathah, *'ow'd* joo find dis out?

Ulrezaj says: Eveh since de siege o' Zul'Gurub, we've all been tryin' to deal wit' how to release de grip o' dose who suffeh from de addiction.

Ulrezaj says: Now if you say it turns dem into things, den we kin assist you and bring dem back to a mildly civil conduct.

Ulrezaj says: Howeveh, you two hafta send any information you kin to us right away, dis way we kin start producin' it well and good, ye hear?

Cobrak shoves a thumb at Kex'ti, "Cuz these yahoos dun fucked up an' let one in their base... Taozhu no less..." The orc frowns, upset. "... An' now tha real Tao be missin'."

Leyujin says: Ah tink da largah picture o' da situation be escapin' joo sum'at, brotha.

Syreena smirks slyly at Kexti.

Ulrezaj says: Which brotheh, Leyu'jin?

Leyujin whistles. "Wooooo. Joo gonna git a lotta flames fo' dat, Kex'ti."

Cobrak says: Worse thin', be that these things kin resist Light magic.

Leyujin nods over at the Sandfury. "Joo, mon. Ah'll explain... elsewheres."

Shaelie hung a the fringes of the crowd, listening.

Syreena blinks at Cobrak. "As demons? I thought Light affected them like it does Forsaken?"

Cobrak nods, "Aye... but this thin'... got 'ealed right up by Light an' then walked like er'rythin' be normal."

Ulrezaj says: Ahm puttin' my foot down at wild beasties runnin' amok.

Cobrak looks down at the strage scorpion thing, "Tha fuck iz this thin'?"

Leyujin says: So. Da Legion 'as spies, mimics, recruiters, an' seducers.

You nod at Ulrezaj.

Leyujin says: Ah agree, brotha.

Leyujin looks back at Shaelie and grins. "It be 'ers."

Cobrak looks over at the elfess, "New recruit?"

Aderlee says: No, hehe.

Leyujin says: Nah. She bin wit' us fo' quite a while now.

Shaelie hooked her thumbs into her belt. Then frowned faintly at Cobrak.

Shaelie says: You used to call me Rookie, back before you turned.

Cobrak shrugs, "Turned? Tha fuck she on 'bout?"

Kexti says: My apologies, where were we?

Leyujin murmurs quietly, "When joo forsook da Mandate."

Shaelie peers at Cobrak searchingly.

Kexti unspaces out.

Shaelie says: It was the night you tried to kill Syreena.

Cobrak says: Bloody 'ells, lass, quit steerin' off. Anyways, dreadlords... an' bah! I ain't gittin' on witcha bout that.

Kexti looks between the two.

Kexti stares Cobrak down.

Shaelie mutters into the guild hearthstone: Cobrak fall on his head, recently?

Cobrak says: Iffin I wuz tryin' ta kill 'er lass...

Aderlee replies: We got more important tings tah worry about den 'im.

Cobrak says: She wouldnae be 'ere. Remember that.

Cobrak looks at you.

Kexti chuckles at Cobrak.

Ulrezaj says: Ah think de reverse'd be true.

Syreena looks at Cobrak.

Leyujin says: Not so sho' aboot dat, wit' Syreena.

Cobrak says: Heh. mebbe, she be ratha likka cockroach.

Syreena rolls her eyes at Cobrak.

Leyujin grins wickedly at Cobrak and locks eyes. Then waves off the topic with a gesture of his hand.

Baalthemar rubs his neck. "I need to grab a drink, I'll be back."

Baalthemar turns to Aderlee.

Cobrak grunts, "Bah. Enuff, I'd ratha talk bout 'untin' demons."

Syreena looks at Baalthemar.

Aderlee looks at Baalthemar.

Syreena says: Don't mess your hair up.

You nod at Cobrak.

Shaelie appeared calm and passive, for the moment.

Kexti smirks slyly at Syreena.

Baalthemar rubs his hair messing it up. "It's the new style Syreena.”

Syreena catches Kex'ti's look and makes a face at him.

Kexti says: In any event. I have made my terms.

Baalthemar winks slyly at Syreena.

Kexti says: I hope that we can all collaborate to end this nuisance.

Ulrezaj looks at Kexti.

Kexti coughs and takes a pull from his jug.

Leyujin says: Kex'ti, Cobrak. Ah need ta brief every'un aboot wut 'appened, an' it be 'appenin' now.

Ulrezaj says: Any'thin' to restore ordeh takes precedence as de firs' priority, Kex'ti.

Kexti looks at Ulrezaj.

Kexti says: Order in what capacity?

Ulrezaj says: If you do gain information 'bout de cure in your process, den you mus' share it with us.

Ulrezaj says: De Grim, followin' de highest form o' service to de Horde, has no plans of seeing victims turned into chaotic beasts.

Kexti says: We will. I just do not have it at hand just now.

You nod at Kexti.

Leyujin says: As ah sed, we shall see.

Leyujin says: Grim, les' 'ead out.

Cobrak nods at you.

Syreena nods at you.

You stand at attention and salute.

Cobrak salutes you with respect.

Kexti bows before you.

Cobrak says: Throm'ka, Ley.

Leyujin says: Cat'choo bot' latah, brothas. Stay cautious, stay safe.

Leyujin says: Throm'ka, Cobrak.

Baalthemar hands Aderlee a bottle and some wrapped meat. "Here"

Leyujin waves forward. "We go."

Kexti bows before you.

You wave goodbye to everyone. Farewell!

Kexti says: Sinu a'manore.

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