Quorum: Bodybags in the Freezer

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You nod at Cobrak.

Cobrak nods at you.

Leyujin says: 'ey der brotha.

Desim unzips the body bag and pulls the succubus's corpse out There was a grievous wound in her abdomen, a blade had pierced through her, leaving a hole large enough to see through. Some sort of autopsy had been performed, leaving several cuts on the chest that would allow the cavity to be opened and examined.

Cobrak says: Oi Ley....

Desim says: Everything below the head is regular for this creature. Everything from the D-cups to fel corruption and mutation of its extremities

Leyujin eyes the corpse dispassionately.

Desim says: However. Having gone toe to toe with it... This demon is beyond your standard dicksucking demon.

Leyujin says: Mmm.

Cobrak watches the corpse with a hint of interest, his eye brow cocking up as he puffs his pipe.

Desim says: Capable of magic both destructive and unstable. In combat it showed spellwork similar to your standard warlock specialized in destructive magic.

Leyujin says: Aye, an' joo aboot ta tell us why, ah be tinkin'.

Desim says: However. It appears capable of psychic assault that we've not seen before. This one was rounding up wreave addicts for transport.

Leyujin narrows his eyes. "Shit."

Cobrak blinks, "Psychic?"

Cobrak says: ...It kin perform mind shit?

Desim nods.

Desim says: Subtle

Cobrak frowns even more, the feeling too familiar for his liking.

Desim says: All succubi can overwhelm your mind with attraction... Make you a drooling moron until someone slaps you. This one inserts itself... A subtle unexplainable attraction, like the first time you found out you liked the opposite sex. Heart flutters, stomach flip-flops... Every annoying bit and all you want to do is get closer to her and here her talk. For the Wreave addicts all that she needed to do was promise more of the drug... But this even brought ME to the shipping yard.

Leyujin says: Pffft, puppy-dawg luv be da bes' dey kin come up wit? <he begins to snort, but as Desim mentions the Wreave addicts he looks thoughtful>

Desim says: Puppy dog to the nth degree... I gave up my Rune Blade just because she...

Cobrak says: Lust izza powerful tool Ley.

Cobrak says: Control sumone emotions an' ya got'im by tha balls...literally.

Cobrak says: Iz 'ow Morinth got control o' da black market shippin' yards.

Leyujin says: Yah, ain't belittlin' dat. Ah guess da big question be, where dey churnin' out dese new demon bitches, an' 'ow do it relate ta Wreave?

Desim says: Welcome to point 2.

Cobrak rubs his beard... before settling on a thought.

Cobrak says: Wait... Tha Wreave... is it fel-tainted in any way?

Desim says: This creature was a shepherd. Bring the addicts to a place, round them up into a crate and then send them to parts unknown.

Leyujin nodded warily at Cobrak. "Wut ah wuz wonderin'."

Desim nods gravely and zips up the body bag. She goes back to another meathook and retrieves another bag. She lays it out on another slab and unzips it. The creature looked halfway between human and demon. Its toes were slowly scrunching together, half calcified into hooves, nubs of horns sprouting from its head, eyes a fel green, and wings only half-formed. The soft pink skin was hardened slightly into a demonic hide.

Cobrak says: Tha succubus' body...I wagah ya tested it fer Wreave?

Leyujin says: Great. We got a Legion summonin' ritual on our 'ands.

Cobrak looks over the body, "Goddamn...jus' like 'ow Serinar wuz makin' them half-drakonids..."

Desim says: Subject 002. One of the Shepherd's enforcers. Cause of death, severe brain trauma via a crowbar to the back of the head.

Desim says: And a wreave addict. Note the fraying and redness of the nostrils. He was high at the time of his demise.

Desim says: It's too early to say anything for sure... But I think the Wreave might be causing this development.

Cobrak suddenly takes out a piece of paper and begins scrawling on it, "Ya able ta analyze tha Wreave at all?"

Cobrak nods at Desim.

Desim says: Unfortunately, no. Our top researcher had a sample he was studying before he was... taken

Cobrak says: Damn....

Leyujin says: 'ow taken.

Cobrak hands a sheet over to Dessim, it contains a small formula for...something. "Test tha corpses fer any traces o' this in their system."

Desim says: His personal lab was broken into. Any sign of a struggle was cleaned up.

Desim takes the sheet. Her face twists into a 'da fuq?' expression "… I'll get someone to begin testing immediately."

Leyujin says: Ah see. Da enemy be knowledgeable an' competent.

Cobrak says: An' they dun need ta summon an army, if they kin make one.

You nod at Cobrak.

Leyujin says: Aye.

Cobrak looks down at the body, "Same fing Serinar did... that stuff I wrote... that be called Hollowrot."

Desim says: Organized, and widespread. I only realized something was fishy because they made the mistake of reloading the gun that was used to shoot one of the kidnappers... Hollowrot?

Leyujin starts back in shock. "Hells abov' an' below, Cobrak. Joo tink dese two be related?"

Cobrak says: It be a bondin' agent, powerful stuff... S'wut a black dragon used ta bond his blood ta create mortal soldiers, able to shift tween mortal form an' sum kinda weird drakonic form.

Cobrak says: I dunno, but I dun discount it.

Leyujin says: Mmm...

Cobrak says: Morinth barely scratched tha surface o' wut it could do.

Leyujin strokes his chin, deep in thought.

Desim says: Perhaps along the same strain, replacing draconic blood with demon's blood

Cobrak nods at Desim.

Leyujin says: Laydee. Desim', righ'? We ain't bin fully introduced.

Desim says: Dessim Blackquill. Founder of the Cantina. Nice to meet you.

Desim bows down graciously.

You bow before Desim.

Leyujin says: Leyu'jin Zeysoga o' da Grim.

Cobrak nods, "Cobrak Deadeye, Interim Chief o' tha Borrowed Time merc company."

Leyujin says: It be a pleasure.

Cobrak nods.

Desim smirks wryly. "I remember you. We had a long talk about fire-arms."

Cobrak says: Ah. right.

Cobrak laughs at Desim.

Desim says: In any case. I bring this to your attention because this is a larger threat than we... ANDY! shoo!

Desim shoos Andy away. Be gone pest!

Leyujin looks pensive. "Be dis place secure?"

Cobrak lifts his leg, wary of the bombling.

Desim says: Secure enough. I'm the only one with the key to the lock and i've rarely left it... AS it stands the only things of value to this organization are laid before you.

Leyujin looks at Andy. "'ow, e' so cute!" He then snorts and looks back to Desim.

Cobrak says: This 'ole keeps gittin' deeper... hmm...

Leyujin looks between Cobrak and Desim. "As we all be in dis togethah, seems-like, ah've got ma own tale ta tell."

Desim listens intently to you.

Leyujin says: Da Grim intercepted an Alliance raid on a Wreave production facility, in Zul'Gurub. Ah tell dis wi' no deception.

Leyujin says: At da time, we tought Wreave wuz solely an Alliance problem, an' tought we could make use o' da substance ta furthah sabotage der interests.

Desim says: ...If it was just an issue in Alliance towns I wouldn't really care. Unfortunately that's not the case.

Leyujin says: Aye.

Leyujin puts his finger next to his nose. "Da Alliance wuz able ta destroy da materials used ta make Wreave, as well as makin' off wit' prisonahs an' addicts."

Leyujin says: Howevah, we successfully secured da machinery used ta make da substance. As well, we found... da bound spirit o' Hakkar, on site.

Leyujin says: It apparently wuz bein' used as a catalyst o' sum type ta powah da Wreave production.

Desim says: Hakkar's Spirit?

Cobrak says: Hakkar?

Cobrak says: Tha fuck izzat?

Desim says: Troll god... Winged serpent whose essence was bound to the Sunken Temple in the Swamp of Sorrows.

You nod at Desim.

Leyujin says: An' aftahwahds, summoned ba da Gurubashi in da centah o' Zul'Gurub.

Cobrak says: Ah....right.

Desim says: ...Which didn't work out well for them when he broke free.

Leyujin grins wickedly. "Aye, bet dey regretted DAT."

Leyujin says: Wut we learned be dis group dat be producin' Wreave, be experimentin' wit' spells dat kin bind spirits o' all kinds ta da material realm.

Cobrak shakes his head, "Trolls... an' land's sakes I'm marryin' one... *sigh*" He shakes his head, "But aye, so's I wonder 'ow's they manage that... wait... any type o' spirits?

You take one look at Cobrak and let out a guffaw!

Leyujin says: Oh, boyo, joo gettin' a load o' trouble!

Cobrak says: Like jus' wanderin' souls? Or like shamany spirirts?

Cobrak says: Bah! I know it, but now ain't tha time.

Desim says: There are too many tribes of trolls to say. Besides different tribes have different practices... And yes, what sort of spirits aside from Hakkar's?

Leyujin sobers up. "Spirits, gods, da big stuff. Any inhabitant o' da Ethereal plane, but tings like da Loa, Night Elf Gods, Accalia fo' example."

Desim says: Powerful spirits to bind to the material plane again. Powerful and dangerous.

Cobrak scratches his chin, his eye narrowing. "Fuck."

Leyujin says: Joo bot' sed it.

Desim says: So they're using shades to curse... Bless... Infuse the wreave with something.

Leyujin says: Aye. Dey wuz usin' Hakkar's blood fo' makin' da Wreave.

Desim says: But that doesn't explain its effects. Last I checked Hakkar was bloodthirsty... Not a demon.

Desim says: Unless that's the type of essence the fel needs to bind to.

Leyujin says: Yah. We donna know anyting mo' den dat.

Cobrak says: Hmm...

Cobrak says: wut if they's sumhow infused these spirits wit fel magic?

Desim says: Fel corrupts creatures in unknown ways. It's possible that it might seep into their essence so that they might be controlled?

You shrug. Who knows?

Cobrak says: Dunno.

Leyujin says: Unfortunate-like, we canna answah dat. Da Commandah ordered Hakkar's shade ta be destroyed on da spot.

Desim says: Good.

Cobrak says: Good.

You nod.

Cobrak takes one look at Desim and lets out a guffaw!

Cobrak says: Should takka double glance ovah fer fel taint o' tha place, they mighta 'ad clues.

Desim says: So we've hit a wall then... When you found the Wreave production facility did you happen to find what they were doing with the prisoners?

You eye Cobrak up and down.

Leyujin says: Joo'll hafta talk wit' da Commandah, but we kin take joo to da site. We 'ave it secured an' guarded. Heavily.

Leyujin looks to Desim.

You tell Desim NO. Not going to happen.

Leyujin says: Nope. Da Alliance made away wit' all o' dem.

Desim 's ears stand erect with indignation. "Fuckers..."

Leyujin says: Yah, das' wut ah tought.

Leyujin says: Lissen. We need ta fin' an antidote ta Wreave, as wuz dun wit' Hollowrot.

Desim says: Antidote?

You nod at Desim.

Cobrak looks at his green skin, "Not so much cure fer demon taint."

Desim looks hopeful.

Desim says: Then perhaps the prisoners can be saved.

Leyujin says: Mebbe so, Cobrak. Joo'd know bettah den ah.

Leyujin says: Howevah, da possibility o' findin' 'un canna be dismissed outta 'and.

Cobrak nods.

Desim says: In any case. That's all that I had to offer. They're using creatures with a subtle influence to round up wreave addicts... The drug itself seems to contain some sort of mutagen or corruptive essence. Though i'm not sure if it's imperfect or if I just bagged this one before he was finished changing.

You nod at Desim.

Leyujin says: Dat be a 'ell o' a lot ta offah, sistah.

Cobrak nods.

Desim says: There were three others but they all seemed at the same stage. Anyway, I would recommend you warn your respective groups of this. They feel a stomach flutter from a stranger they'd best get cynical.

Desim says: … And don't take any drinks they offer

You chuckle at Desim.

Cobrak says: Aye, I'll spread word round.

Leyujin says: Ah kin tell dat be from personal experience.

Desim zips the bodybags back up and sets them back onto the hooks.

Desim kneels down.

Leyujin starts to pace back and forth.

Cobrak folds his arms, puffing his pipe as he thinks.

Leyujin halts.

Leyujin says: Desim. Da Grim will be settin' up a facility ta research da effects o' Wreave, at our guild 'all. It be fortified, well enuff ta keep any direct assault out.

Leyujin says: Ah request one o' yo' bodies, so dat we mey furthah study da effects o' Wreave, in search o' eithah a cure o' a countahmeasure.

Desim says: I see.... Though I may be able to do you one better.

Desim digs into her pocket and produces a vial. She gives it one small shake, making the red liquid inside fizz.

Leyujin looks at the vial with intense interest.

Cobrak cocks an eyebrow, "Izzat?"

Desim says: The wreave that's been getting passed around Azshara. Yes.

Leyujin opens his eyes wide. "Now 'ow joo got dat lil' ting oughtta be a story."

Desim says: One vial is a story...

Desim pulls another vial out of her pocket “Two is a tale.”

Leyujin says: Gud grief.

Cobrak says: Bloody 'ell.

Desim says: I was approached several weeks ago when I was in the midst of my recovery

Desim says: Was a lot to take in and I found myself confronted by an orc who just wanted to help... Gave me a vial of this thing for free.

Leyujin says: Hrmmm.

Desim says: Anyone with a lick of business sense knows that you only give away free things like this to get people hooked.

You nod at Desim.

Cobrak says: Aye, a taste so ya's come back fer more.

Leyujin says: An' where wuz dis gud samaritan, mey ah ask?

Desim says: So I took a sip... Supposed to snort it but it gave enough of an effect... The man claimed it was non-addictive. I called bullshit but after a taste I realized this shit would sell like mad.

Desim says: The Drag, in Orgrimmar...

Desim says: I gave a few other workers a taste... Figured that I might be able to make some good coin when the market began booming. Around my second meeting with the dealer I realized that i'd made a terrible mistake. He was charging too little for the drug, and while he claimed that there were no lingering effects it feels like ants in my veins....

Desim says: He talked a bit more and gave me several vials to dish out... I sent the remainder of the first bottle to our Ex-CEO and kept the rest. I can't let more of this shit flood the streets but I fear I'm not the only packmule they have recruited.

Leyujin says: O' course in da Drag.

You spit on the ground.

Desim says: I have a feeling that once they've established a foothold in Orgrimmar, they're going to move on to Undercity.

Cobrak says: Er Silvermoon.

You nod at Cobrak.

Desim says: The man claimed that this drug was made especially for the undead.

Leyujin says: Huh.

Leyujin says: Now *dat* be disturbin' infohmation.

Cobrak says: ...'Old on a tick....onna me agents confirmed a slight conspiracy in Undercity.

Desim says: Shit.

Cobrak says: A buncha magisters bein' rubbed out, "accidents" ta be replaced a few days later.

Desim says: ... Nothing in politics happens in days.

Cobrak says: Aye.

Leyujin says: Great. So da conspiracy be spreadin' fastah den we feared.

Cobrak says: But now wit this...it makes sense why all this be 'appenin'.

Leyujin says: Aye.

Cobrak says: Iffin they be ovin' ta Undercity, they'd be findin' lil' red tape slowin' em down.

Desim says: ...And if they're controlling the government in Undercity, that means they have a new facility with easy shipping points to Silvermoon and Ogrimmar.

Cobrak says: Aye, an' tha whole o' tha Lordaeron front.

You nod.

Leyujin says: Ah woulda tought da Royal Apothecary Society woulda slowed dem down sum...

Leyujin says: But dis be serious.

Desim says: ...Have you ever MET the RAS?

Leyujin says: Ah've 'ad a few run-ins wit' dem.

Desim says: They're a bunch of idiots only interested in the science of the matter. They'd probably find the idea of a transforming drug absolutely fascinating.

Leyujin says: Dey mad, but dey hav sum gud brains among all da kooks.

Desim says: You've greater faith in them than I then.

You chuckle at Desim.

Leyujin says: Not all o' dem. Only sum.

Leyujin says: Still.

Cobrak says: Hmm.

Leyujin looks to Cobrak.

Leyujin says: Wut joo be tinkin', mon?

Desim folds her arms "Undercity is a key piece in all of this but the lines are going everywhere."

You nod at Desim.

Cobrak says: I be thinkin' that we need ta watch tha zeppelin cargos o' Undercity.

Leyujin grins at Cobrak. "Ah like 'ow joo tinkin', Cobrak."

Desim says: How?

Desim says: We don't have the authorization or the clout to pause and search every zeppelin before it leaves .

Cobrak says: Thass tha 'ard part.

Desim says: Unless you want to be an Air hobo and hide in the bay to rifle through things while it's in the air.

Cobrak says: ...it means we hafta work wit Alliance er pirates.

Desim says: Alliance air pirates...?

Cobrak says: Alliance OR pirates.

Leyujin says: Ah'll take da pirates, tank ya verra much.

Cobrak says: Me too.

Cobrak says: We pay off sum Bloodsail raiders, see bout Zeppelin traffic from Org an' git tradin' routes ta Undercity.

Desim says: If we can get a privateer group around Booty Bay we might be able to catch a few of the boats leaving with the prisoners... I know the group that 001 rounded up aren't the only wretches in the city.

Cobrak nods at Desim.

Leyujin raises an eyebrow at Cobrak. "Brotha, joo tink Borrowed Time will be able ta orchestrate dat? In da meantime, we kin devote our resources ta researchin' da drug."

Cobrak says: Aye, Xara's in wit summa tha Bloodsail... s'long as they know not ta kill tha pilots.

You nod at Cobrak.

Leyujin says: Ah've got ta git back. Bin away too long. Desim, joo fine wit' us takin' a sample?

Desim holds out one of the vials. "Would you prefer the succubi or the mutant?"

Leyujin says: Da mutant. Bettah we research da mutation process in progress, if we wish ta fin' a way ta prevent o' reverse it.

Cobrak says: Oi, I fink tha Grim should take tha demon...ya got a shit ton o' locks at yer disposal..an' we gots more medics an' researchers.

Desim pulls the '002' bag off of the hook. Then at Cobrak's interjection she pulls the '001' bag off of it and looks at the two with a bag over each shoulder

Leyujin nods. "Dat makes gud sense, Cobrak. Preferably we'd hav access ta bot'."

Cobrak says: Aye... hmm...

Leyujin says: Findin' mo' samples kin be our top priority.

Cobrak says: Aye, we take wut we need from each cadaver, an' then hand tha otha off ta tha other group in bout a week?

You nod at Cobrak.

Cobrak says: Right, we'll take tha demon firs' then... dibs an' all.

Cobrak lets out a hearty chuckle.

Desim looks between the two and shifts the cadavers on her shoulders. "You want fries with that," she asks flatly.

Leyujin grins and spits on his hand, extending it to Cobrak.

Leyujin says: Nah tanks, laydee. <he snorts>

Cobrak takes the hand and shakes it, "Heh, I dun fink thass a good time fer snacks..."

Leyujin takes the bag with the succubus' body and heaves it over his shoulder.

Desim says: Right... The demon goes to Borrowed Time. The mutant goes to the Grim. I have a sample of Wreave for you each to take if you wish it.

You bow down graciously.

Desim says: Or... Yeah. Whatever.

Leyujin says: Joo hav' yo' own samples o' Wreave still, yah?

Cobrak grabs his own bag and hefts it up.

Desim says: I do.

You nod at Desim.

Desim says: Though with Selris taken I fear that the Bioscience division is like a chicken without a head.

Leyujin says: Den we'll take a sample each. Should 'elp expedite da process. We Grim kin produce our own, given time, but dis will giv' us a headstaht.

Cobrak says: Aye.

Desim hands a vial to each of them "... Do NOT sample this."

Leyujin narrows his eyes and nods gravely at Desim.

Cobrak says: I'd ratha gargle lava.

You take one look at Cobrak and let out a guffaw!

Leyujin says: Tank joo, Desim. If we fin' any leads on Selris's whereaboots, we will pass dem along.

Desim says: I wish you the best of luck. If there's any more help that Coldstar can offer do not hesitate to ask... I think I might be able to do some more good for us all if I snoop around Booty Bay some more.

Leyujin says: Aye. Be safe.

Cobrak says: Same lass.

Desim says: Make yourselves at home. Enjoy our accommodations.

Leyujin says: Ah would, but...

Desim says: Watch your backs.

Desim nods.

Leyujin hefts the sack. "Gotta git dis back."

Leyujin nods to the Orc. "Cya around, Cobrak."

Cobrak nods, "Aye, tha missus will start ta wonder where I be...Heh!" He grins back at Ley, "Aye, Ley."

You salute Cobrak with respect.

Desim says: Best of luck then. The guards outside won't give you any trouble

You salute Desim with respect.

Desim stands at attention and salutes.

Cobrak nods.

Cobrak nods at Desim.

Leyujin says: Latah den.

Desim says: Be safe.

Cobrak says: Aye, night, an' thanks fer yer help.

Desim nods.

Leyujin begins hearthing to the guild hall.

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