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Razz Blastwhizzle

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Full Name: Razz Blastwhizzle

Nicknames: Razzy, Razzle Dazzle

Date of Birth: May 21

Age: 22

Race: Goblin

Gender: Female

Hair: Blonde

Skin: Green

Eyes: Blue

Height: 2’10”

Weight: 45 lbs

Physical Features: Very curvy, with blonde hair, blue eyes, and smooth skin. She has several piercings in her nose and ears. Along with her jewelry, her clothes and equipment are all the finest that money can buy. Not a visible scar or callous or any other sign she’s ever known hard work.

Place of residence:Bilgewater Harbor

Place of Birth: Kezan

Known Relatives: Rekkit Blastwhizzle (half-brother), Whazat Blastwhizzle (half-brother, deceased), Lyzzi Blastwhizzle (mother, deceased)

Religion/Philosophy: Time is money!

Occupation: Former loan shark

Group/Guild affiliation: Borrowed Time

Enemies: Venture Company Cartel, Deathwing and black dragons

Likes: Comfort, luxury, security

Favorite Foods: Baked goods, cheese

Favorite Drinks: Warm drinks—coffee, tea, cider

Favorite Colors: Gold and silver

Weapons of Choice: A squadron of bruisers. She often carries bladed weapons on her for show, but she isn’t very good at using them.

Dislikes: Physical work, discomfort.

Hobbies: Sunbathing, sipping cocktails, counting gold.

Positive Personality Traits: Flirty and fun when she gets her own way. Generous to her employees and contractors who please her.

Negative Personality Traits: Pouty and miserable when she doesn’t get her own way. Willing to go to extreme measures to get what she wants (which usually means hiring someone to go to extreme measures to get her what she wants). Mood swings.

Misc. Quirks: Often twirls her hair, especially when nervous or lying. Frequent visitor to the barber shop.

History: Razz was born in Kezan to Lyzzi Blastwhizzle, who was highly regarded by Trade Prince Gallywix. Growing up, Razz grew accustomed to luxury and getting everything she wanted. When Deathwing destroyed Kezan, Lyzzi was killed, and everything changed. Razz and her brothers were separated in the chaos. Razz managed to escape Kezan on Gallywix’s personal ship with much of her mother’s wealth. She eventually made it to Bilgewater Harbor where she recruited some muscle and became a loan shark.

For a few years, she lived in comfort, loaning out gold and sending her bruisers to collect at a high interest rate. Her apartment was one of the largest in Bilgewater, and she frequently had it redecorated anytime she decided she needed more luxurious furnishings. She had many suitors, and she favored the ones who lavished her with the most expensive gifts.

That life came to an abrupt end when some thugs from the Venture Company tracked her down and tried to get her to repay them for the money her brother, Whazat, had embezzled from them a few years before his death. After they killed her bruisers and bodyguards and threatened to get physical with Razz if she didn’t give them all her own wealth, she was forced to run. She tracked down her brother in Borrowed Time, where she signed on for security reasons.

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"Aha! My sister, she has grown soft in her civilian lifestyle!" Rekkit stomps around, smoking his cigar, standing before a massive Horde flag in full military regalia. "In time, I will mold her into a capable fighting force worthy to be within our ranks! AHHHH-TEEEEN HUT!" Rekkit salutes theatrically before the Horde symbol, one of the nearby grunts waving it half-assed for dramatic effect.

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