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[A] (Cerestal) Cerestal Falah'serrar

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Full Name: Cerestal Falah'serrar

Nicknames: Falsar - a bastardisation of his surname

Date of Birth: Unknown - early Autumn-ish

Age: Unknown

Race: Night elf

Gender: Male

Hair: Blue

Skin: Purple

Eyes: Amber (left), Orange (right)

Height: 7' 1"

Weight: > 300lb

Place of residence: Winterspring

Place of Birth: Ashenvale

Known Relatives: None. Unknown parents.

Religion/Philosophy: Warrior

Occupation: Also warrior

Group/Guild affiliation: None

Guild Rank: N/A

Enemies: The one trading blows with him. Otherwise usually impartial, though he dislikes Forsaken. Also demons - the old enemy.

Likes: Fighting, training to fight, his girlfriend, fellow warriors.

Favorite Foods: Steak

Favorite Drinks: Mead or wine

Favorite Colors: Blue

Weapons of Choice: Various

Dislikes: Archers. Anybody who fights cold-blooded or doesn't fight fair ie rogues.

Hobbies: Fighting, sparring, training, building muscle, reading poetry (epics about heroic fights).

Physical Features: After years living in the cold permafrost, Cerestal's face is lined and weathered. His midnight blue hair falls past his shoulders and he keeps a long beard. His right eye is a dull orange due to an old injury, giving him a mismatched stare. He is incredibly strong and physically powerful, rivalling a tauren warrior in strength.

Special Abilities: Close-quarter fighting. He has a natural affinity for melee weapons of all kinds, especially anything that plays to his raw strength.

Positive Personality Traits: Friendly, loyal, polite around women

Negative Personality Traits: Slow learner, trusting, prideful, violent when angered, socially awkward at times

Misc. Quirks: Introverted, often simple-minded with views and easily confused by rhetoric.

History: Cerestal Falah'serrar was born a warrior. His early childhood was spent a misfit, fighting other children and rebelling against his parents. His father was rarely around, a druid who slept in the Emerald Dream and his mother made salves, poultices and other remedies. He was pressed into druid training but quickly dropped out. As soon as he hit adolescence he stole a sword and ran away, eventually finding his way to Winterspring. He grew up a nomad, hunting, fishing, trading with the furbolgs and training to be a warrior, sometimes trading hospitality for combat with Sentinels. The immortal mindset of a night elf granted him immeasurable patience, spending hundreds of years training, sparring and hunting.

After quite some time (About thirty furbolg generations is his closest guess), the Demons arrived and the Third War began for him. Cerestal's moment had arrived. He helped the Sentinels and Winterfall furbolgs fight the Burning Legion in Winterspring, scoring his first kill in single combat against a fearsome wrathguard. He accompanied the night elves to Mount Hyjal and battled the Legion there.

He joined the Alliance shortly afterwards, travelling around Azeroth over the years, including six gruelling months in Alterac Valley, twelve in Wintergrasp, six in Tol Barad and attaining the rank of Sergeant. He suddenly quit soldiering (presumed dead) and vanished for over a year, before resurfacing back home in Winterspring. He rejoined the Alliance in the Draenor Campaign, fighting for twelve months and returning home again.

He currently resides in Winterspring.

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